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Any form of male assertion has now been defined as “abuse”. I noticed this on my own blog recently. Anything a woman or a mangina might dislike is now abusive, apparently.

From a Catholic perspective, we speak of “crosses” to bear in life. For some, it is work problems, for others problems with children, others have health problems, others have difficult or disappointing marriages. I suspect these women just won’t accept that their life is not perfect, that their marriage is a bit blah. They have no endurance. No guts. They are cowards, in a word.

From an Australian perspective, this is where the “pursuit of happiness” leads. To people with no stoicism.

David Collard, Dalrock 65 Comments [4/5/2012 3:32:07 AM]
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Submitted By: Balthazar The Wise

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You do not speak for me as an Australian, you misogynistic prick! (Not that he'd accept my opinion, as a *gasp* woman.) And there is a HUGE difference between assertive behaviour and abuse.

4/5/2012 3:44:17 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Manginas, cowards, evil feminists, how DARE you call me abusive...

4/5/2012 3:55:04 AM

Leighton Buzzard

An Aussie, whingeing? Quelle surprise.

4/5/2012 4:16:26 AM


"Anything a woman or a mangina might dislike is now abusive, apparently."

Yes. That's generally how it works. If someone does things that you don't like to you against your will, that's abuse.

4/5/2012 4:24:44 AM


There's a difference from being assertive (such as honking at someone that isn't paying attention to the fact that a red stoplight turned green) and being abusive (getting out of the car and beating up the person at the stoplight).

4/5/2012 4:35:36 AM


I have a whole field of collards. They shut up and turn green. Go thou and do likewise.

4/5/2012 4:41:02 AM

Mister Spak

Any form of female assertion has now been defined as "deviance". Anything a fundie or mental patient might dislike is now devient apparently.

This is where "freedom of religion" leads. To people with delusions of persecution.

4/5/2012 5:25:23 AM

Doubting Thomas

So let me get this straight. You're saying that for women the "pursuit of happiness" leads to being chained in the kitchen and occasionally being beaten?

4/5/2012 5:51:15 AM


Oh boy, unexamined privilege and persecution complex. How droll and uninspired.

4/5/2012 5:53:03 AM


Stop whining, bitch.

4/5/2012 6:36:35 AM


"From an Australian perspective, this is where the “pursuit of happiness” leads. To people with no stoicism."

Says the whiner.

4/5/2012 6:39:18 AM


Any form of male assertion has now been defined as “abuse”.

I know what you mean. If I were to try to assert my fists into your face it would be considered a "crime". Don't these governments know that the only way to be a man is to solve all problems with your fists?

4/5/2012 7:00:48 AM


'Blah'-ness in a relationship means it has become stale and boring and needs mutual effort and maybe a book of blush-inducing suggestions - not something which requires courageous endurance. That would mean there's abuse.

4/5/2012 7:21:00 AM


The last time I met an Australian woman was around a decade ago, when my friend met me at Victoria Station in London, as he had a relative who was about to drive him to his home in Surrey (thus saving me the cost of a connecting coach to that location); meanwhile, he had to go to the office where his editorial department of the magazine he worked for as a correspondent was - "Jane's Defence Weekly".

Arriving there (where he had to drop off some papers etc), we met the assistant editor of another periodical based in the same building, who was a close contact of my friend; said aforementioned Australian. To say she was tall would be an understatement. She must have been at least 6' 5" - and that's before one took into account the heels she was wearing.

An imposing - but friendly - presence indeed; and clearly not someone to be taken lightly by her typically Aussie 'up-frontedness', and no nonsense attitude. And strong too, considering her grip when we shook hands!

'Mangina'? Methinks this magnificent lady had the balls of this misogynistic cunt Collar(e)d. She certainly would have, literally, such for breakfast, if she met you, Dave. >:D

@Leighton Buzzard

"An Aussie, whingeing? Quelle surprise."

Here at least, from the viewpoint of this 'ere Brit, is one Aussie who has forfeited in perpetuity the right to use the phrase 'Whingeing Pom'.

4/5/2012 7:34:10 AM

What'd I Do

It takes far, far more courage to recognize an abusive relationship and walk away from it than it does to just grin and say "Well, them's the breaks."

The fact that you don't understand this is a classic case of DARVO.

4/5/2012 7:34:55 AM


If anyone says no, and you do anyway IT'S FUCKIBG ABUSE. Dipshitted abuser.

4/5/2012 7:53:29 AM


Australians very much inherited whinging from the poms.

We've got it going on compared to the rest of the world at the moment, cost of living pressures easing in real terms, lower unemployment than most of the world, no recession, few religious nuts and a strong dollar.

But you sure as shoot wouldn't know it talking to the average voting Aussie.

4/5/2012 7:54:00 AM

Yes, they should just lie down and take the physical and verbal abuse, and if they don't they're just cowards. </sarcasm>
Seriously, go fuck yourself with a cactus.

4/5/2012 7:58:37 AM


Women have greater physical endurance than men on average, ignoramus. And that's the least of what's wrong with your comment.

4/5/2012 8:52:10 AM


Yeah, your (unfortunate) woman may not like it, but are you actually being punished by the law if you don't actually physically harm her?

You are repulsive.

4/5/2012 9:38:27 AM


It's not apparent to me. What is apparent is that you're a misogynistic a**hat whose form of "male assertion" probably ranges from assault to battery with a mix of psychological and financial manipulation thrown in.

4/5/2012 9:41:00 AM

Translation: Bear with my abuse, 'cuz GOD wants you to, 'cuz yer a thing, a thing that God made for my pleasure, now obey God bitch, or else...

Go suck off a syphilitic wallaby, you stupid, misogynistic asshole.

4/5/2012 10:06:11 AM


this is a lie. i had a 20 minute long debate with a feminist over whether or not modern society could be defined as a patriarchy. i argued that women have been given many rights, and are for all intents and purposes equal, but it will take time for the male community to trust them in power positions, if for no other reason than because women have only been in the workplace for less than a century.

4/5/2012 10:54:55 AM


You can take your misogynist Catholic perspective and shove it up your arse. If you get your relationship advice from Bronze Age Middle Eastern patriarchal tribesmen you deserve it when women call you an asshole.

4/5/2012 10:59:07 AM


"From a Catholic perspective, we speak of “crosses” to bear in life."

Being married to David Collard would indeed be a cross to bear. Luckily his wife is probably imaginary.

4/5/2012 11:00:23 AM

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