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Homophobia is a mean, hateful term, intended to put anyone with traditional values on the defensive, as if objecting to homosexuality is a phobia, it’s not! It reflects common sense, good judgment, sound health and strong morality.

Linda Harvey, Right Wing Watch 49 Comments [4/20/2012 3:19:39 AM]
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It reflects common sense, good judgment, sound health and strong morality.

Yes, hating and persecuting people for the "horrible crime" of loving the wrong sex embodies all those things.

4/20/2012 3:30:30 AM


4/20/2012 4:05:01 AM

Mister Spak

Homophobia is a mean hateful term because it describes mean hateful people. Duh.

4/20/2012 5:02:12 AM


Right...because hating and (attempting to) oppressing people is just common sense, displays good judgement, healthy and also the most moral one can get.

4/20/2012 5:06:08 AM


It's still an apt and accurate term when applied to people like Linda as her level of fear and hate is unwarranted paranoia.

I and many other carry "traditional values" and realize that the rising visable homosexual community is no threat to "normal" folk. Indecency acts cover everything you people freak-out about when you start ranting on about immoral influence.

Tea-Party blustering and shits like Nugent and Palin getting airtime and followings: That's a total violation of traditional values, common sense, good judgment, sound health and strong morality.

4/20/2012 5:22:12 AM

Brendan Rizzo

You people freak out whenever the subject is even mentioned. That sounds like a phobia to me.

4/20/2012 5:24:29 AM


Aw, poor, persecuted Christian! That nasty homosexual majority has decided to do the worst thing imaginable and demand EQUAL TREATMENT! And worse yet, when you simply try to deny them equal treatment people call you names! Nobody has EVER been through worse treatment than American Christians, not even the Jews in Europe! You poor thing. When you don't even get the right to den other people rights that's a textbook example of persecution.

4/20/2012 6:06:19 AM


If you actually knew anything about the subject, you wouldn't be afraid anymore. Part of that would be getting to know some gay people as human beings, not as stereotypes. I am not saying you have to agree with them, just put aside your prejudices and try to understand them.

Or are you afraid to do so?

4/20/2012 6:08:19 AM


You homophobes think more, much more, about homosexuality and gay sex than even gay people do.
We neutral people realise that it does not affect our lives if someone else loves a person of the same gender.

Objecting to homosexuality is as futile as objecting to tall people.

4/20/2012 6:14:45 AM


@ Dr. Shrinker

Asking Linda Harvey to stop being homophobic is like asking water to stop being wet. This lady makes a living off of lying about and stirring up hatred of gay people. She is a hateful, reprehensible wench and the only time she will ever stop being homophobic is when she's dead, which, frankly, cannot happen soon enough.

4/20/2012 6:28:14 AM


Actually, I agree. Homophobia is an emotive word that I believe is misplaced. I dont think most people that do not like homosexuals are afraid of them. They just dont like gay people. And they will probably continue to not like gay people as long as they are called homophobic. It is a "label" that is pretty much used in a sense to be condescending to the recipient of the label. That being said, I dont agree with them on the usual reasons they dont like gay people. But that I guess, is their choice. But calling somebody "homophobic" accomplishes about as much as calling somebody a "fagot". If we could dispense with the name calling and insulting labels, perhaps we could start with a bit more understanding....and eventually get rid of the name calling and perhaps the animosity. I just dont think we will increase acceptance of gay people by name calling others homophobic. JMHO.

4/20/2012 6:38:03 AM


Yet another person who doesn't understand the use of phobia to denote prejudice rather than actual fear.

4/20/2012 6:48:16 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

No, it reflects bigotry, hatred, and ignorance. Linda, you are a homophobe. That means a person who has an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuals. Fits you and your ilk to a T.

4/20/2012 7:32:12 AM


I agree that calling the likes of Ms Harvey a homophobe isn't particularly helpful. 'Ignorant, Self-Righteous C**t' will do.

4/20/2012 7:41:09 AM


i could say i have lindaphobia (fear of the name) and you'd say i was prejudiced. two way street, bitch

4/20/2012 7:41:35 AM


Oh great, it's Linda Harvey again. No even going to pretend to be surprised.

A phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of an object or situation disproportional to any actual danger, prompting the sufferer to avoid the stimulus entirely or it will often interfere with their lives and actions. While I disagree with using the actual word "phobia", as it implies mental illness when the reality is nothing more than prejudicial bigotry, it isn't inaccurate to state that bigots in general are ultimately driven by irrational fears.

Also, calling someone names related to the stupid bullshit they're spouting isn't mean if they actually ARE spouting stupid bullshit, such as Harvey here. "Faggot" and "homophobe" have no similarity whatsoever, either in their history or use, and attempting to compare them is dishonest.

4/20/2012 7:46:44 AM

Doubting Thomas

I love how bigots so full of hate always hate it when others point out their hatred. But I do long for the day when this kind of attitude is totally marginalized, like racism of the past which was once widespread and tolerated, and now is mostly taboo.

And I think that constant, irrational fears of gay people being considered normal members of society, gays "recruiting" people into their lifestyle, and some secret "gay agenda" means that the term "homophobia" fits quite well.

4/20/2012 7:48:02 AM


Linda Harvey! Linda Harvey!
Linda Harvey the Wonder Bigot!
She doesn't think!
She doesn't feel!
She just runs around in her bigot wheel!
It's Linda Harvey! Linda Harvey!
Linda Harvey the Wonder Bigot!

(apologies to Weird Al)

4/20/2012 8:05:00 AM


I don't want gays in the medical field to save the lives of children. It's better that we focus on the sexuality of the doctors and make sure no gay filth comes near children, then actually giving quality medical care to children.

I oppose the Day of Silence, as gay teenagers have no right to free speech and shouldn't openly express sympathy to those struggling in the closet.

I support the mob justice in Uganda because they're committed to killing gay people.

I compare gays and lesbians to child molesters.

Oh, but please don't call me a homophobe, as that is mean and hateful.

4/20/2012 8:05:11 AM


"Morality" my right flaming tree socket. You're just creeped out by the thought of two men/women making out.

4/20/2012 8:32:23 AM

Mystik Spiral

ho·mo·pho·bi·a [hoh-muh-foh-bee-uh]
unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.

Dictionary.com, bitch.

4/20/2012 8:56:47 AM

Philbert McAdamia

"Morality" - used by largely the same people who endorse The Newt.
Makes me wonder if they understand the word any better than they understand "evolution".


Objecting to homosexuality is as futile as objecting to tall people.

Reminds me of Randy Newman's Short People song.

4/20/2012 9:06:07 AM


We should take all mean and hateful people and burn them at the stake!

Linda, you're up first.

4/20/2012 10:02:28 AM


Tradition alone is no excuse to stop change.

4/20/2012 10:43:12 AM


It's funny how your definition of "common sense, good judgment, sound health and strong morality" are a polar opposite of mine.
"Traditional values" to me has become a synomym for "I get my morality from a Bronze Age book."

4/20/2012 10:50:46 AM

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