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OSLO, Norway — With a defiant closed-fist salute, a right-wing fanatic admitted Monday to a bomb-and-shooting massacre that killed 77 people in Norway but pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, saying he was acting in self-defense.

On the first day of his long-awaited trial, Anders Behring Breivik rejected the authority of the court as it sought to assign responsibility for the July 22 attacks that shocked Norway and jolted the image of terrorism in Europe.

Dressed in a dark suit and sporting a thin beard, Breivik smiled as a guard removed his handcuffs in the crowded court room. The 33-year-old then flashed his salute before shaking hands with prosecutors and court officials.

"I don't recognize Norwegian courts because you get your mandate from the Norwegian political parties who support multiculturalism," Breivik said in his first comments to the court.

Eight people were killed in Breivik's July 22 bombing of Oslo's government district and 69 others were slain in his shooting massacre at the left-leaning Labor Party's youth camp on Utoya island outside the capital. Breivik has said the attacks were necessary to protect Norway from being taken over by Muslims.

"I admit to the acts, but not criminal guilt," he told the court, insisting he had acted in self-defense.

The key issue to be resolved during the 10-week trial is the state of Breivik's mental health, which will decide whether he is sent to prison or into psychiatric care. Anxious to prove he is not insane, Brevik will call right-wing extremists and radical Islamists to testify during the trial, to show that others also share his view of clashing civilizations.

Norway's NRK television was broadcasting parts of the trial live but was not allowed to show Breivik's testimony.

Anders Behring Breivik, Huffington Post 37 Comments [4/23/2012 2:37:19 AM]
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Submitted By: Brendan Rizzo

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Before anyone asks why this is fundie, have a look at the front page of Breivik's 'manifesto'.

That's the cross of the Knights Templar, he's a self-declared Christian crusader.

4/23/2012 2:49:43 AM

Leighton Buzzard

Throw. Away. The. Key.

4/23/2012 4:09:45 AM


hehe, the Templars.

To paraphrase one of their crusaders back in the day, "Destroy them all, God knows his own".

Wankers, the lot of them.

4/23/2012 4:16:11 AM

Desmond Miles

Looks like I'm off to Norway. I've got work to do.

4/23/2012 4:28:04 AM


"pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, saying he was acting in self-defense."

Yeah, those happy teenagers were a real threat to the armed man.

4/23/2012 4:47:17 AM

Brendan Rizzo

This is the ultimate DARVO.

4/23/2012 5:04:08 AM


This is beyond DARVO, Brendan. This is *infame*.

4/23/2012 5:12:37 AM

D Laurier

Slaughtering kids who are no threat to you, is NOT self defence.

4/23/2012 6:19:04 AM

Doubting Thomas

I've just never understood Breivik's motivation. It seems to be something like, "Let's protect Norway from crazy terrorists who want to kill innocent people by committing acts of terrorism and killing innocent people." Beating them to it is not going to keep terrorists out of your country.

4/23/2012 6:19:16 AM

Al (Not Bundy)

@ Doubting Thomas

Well he could have gone with the following logic (As quoted from a Finnish tv-show):

Johnsson. The terrorist are about to kill everyone. We can't let the terrorists win so you have to kill everyone before they do. Here is a shotgun. Start from downtown.

4/23/2012 6:47:32 AM


If there is any, ANY good whatsoever to come from this unprovoked slaughter of children, it is the slight possibility that Europeans, and the world over, will finally start examining their own religions with the same critical eye and disdain that they view Islam. Maybe we'll finally realise that the mentality of this monster and all those like him has nothing to do with Islam or Christianity, but from the very idea of religion itself, the means by which people can justify any action whatsoever because they believe they are acting on a holy mandate from their god itself, and that nothing they ever do could possibly be wrong. Maybe then we'll see religion for what it is, mythology and supposition presented as absolute truth, and then maybe, with a lot of time and luck, we as a species can finally make decisions on facts and reason, instead of prejudice, hatred and delusion as this monster did.

Doubtful and unlikely, but then I've never been very reasonable.

4/23/2012 7:04:25 AM


And the poor little rich boy tries to justify how his lack of worry & want in his pathetic life drove him to commit this atrocity.

As if the rise of 'Multiculturism' in Norway had ever personally affected him?

I notice that on the Tv Tropes page, there is no longer a list of Real Life references to 'Complete Monster'. Because what this inferior subhuman - and his (non)-justifications for such - has done goes way beyond mere 'Moral Event Horizon'.

Right-wing Fundamentalist Christianity can now never justify it's existence. Ever. This is what your Christian Dominionism looks like, teabaggers. This is what Tv Tropes refers to as the 'Moral Event Horizon' - as in Timothy McVeigh, Eric Robert Rudolph, Scott Roeder et al - when they go beyond you mere 'Internet Tough Guys' out there, with your bluff, bluster and Bible bullshit.

I suggest you read what Friedrich Nietzsche says on this matter - as pointed out above - essentially doing Al-Qaeda's job for them; pre-emptive anti-West terrorism:

'He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby becomes a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.'

The quote by Pee-Wee Herman 'I know you are, but what am I?' was never so relevant. And the most Paul Reubens had ever done, was masturbate in a porn cinema.

4/23/2012 7:14:39 AM


Guys like this are why I'm still in favor of a death penalty.

4/23/2012 7:27:22 AM


Right, because people just standing there pose a threat to you and progressive = Muslim. Hm, the second one's a little too close to home for me, considering the right-wing extremists here in the US.

Edit: Actually, they both do. The first one too closely sounds like the "stand your ground" laws in some states, including the one that led to George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin, who was just standing there.

4/23/2012 7:42:56 AM



Templars you say?

4/23/2012 8:05:28 AM


Son of a bitch. You just stepped on your own agenda's throat. The whole world will see how batshit insane you are, look to their own, and wonder. Wonder about all the nationalist scum, all the fanatics, all the trash they've tolerated under the feeble excuses of "but they're for our country" and "the bloody left - wingers would destroy us". I hope those people have not died in vain.

4/23/2012 8:25:36 AM


I am genuinely torn between whether he should be declared insane or not. On one hand, to be considered insane not only ensures he could be locked up forever, it's also the worst insult to him and his beliefs he can think of. Just for the chance of making him realize how wrong and detached he is, it would be worth it to have him comitted to an insane asylum.

On the other hand, it needs to be abundantly clear this man was deliberately killing people for his belief and took his faith and political convictions to the extreme. People cannot afford to be complacent and think only the mentally ill can become fanatics. Anyone who holds their ideas and religion so strongly as to be willing to kill for it could be like Breivik.

4/23/2012 9:38:14 AM

If this guy isn't a Complete Monster, I don't know who is

4/23/2012 10:04:19 AM


Why exactly is this quote here? As far as I can tell, Breivik, while being a fundie, is much closer to the nazi-fundie, not religious nutjob-ness.

4/23/2012 10:41:02 AM


They should test experimental weapons on this guy.

4/23/2012 11:27:19 AM



Isn't this a bit... public of you? *rolling eyes*

Backing away from gamer geek references, is anyone else thinking the Islamist extremeists are smart enough to stay home and let this yutz crash and burn?

4/23/2012 12:39:35 PM


Isn't it interesting that the Huffington Post went out of its way to avoid any direct mention of Breivik's confessed and expressed fundamental Christian views and motivation?

Breivik made it very clear that what he did was done in the name of a nationalistic flavor of Christianity.

A nationalistic flavor of Christianity? Where have I heard that one before? Was it during the GOP primaries in the US?

4/23/2012 12:40:39 PM


Queues up "Imagine" by John Lennon, and contemplates those child remains going into the ground.

Justice. Another one of those big lies like freedom or God or Jesus, but those from whom you stole the children deserve it. Breivik, in a perfect world, you would be thrust naked into a room full of their mothers. No questions asked, and no more public expense. No more debate over whether or not the rabid filth you call a brain meets some arbitrary legal definition of "insane".

4/23/2012 2:01:50 PM


I believe that while he is clearly delusional and is a sociopath with no moral compass any human being could possibly comprehend he is still mentally fit to stand trial.

Consider the average stalker, (yeah, not exactly a comparable scale of crime, but bear with me,) Many have the unshakeable belief the object of their obsessions actively signal their returned desires or even begged with non-verbal cues for the stalker to claim them by force. They're considered sane enough to be tried, so why not the methodical mass-murdering racist?

4/23/2012 3:18:32 PM


"Why exactly is this quote here? As far as I can tell, Breivik, while being a fundie, is much closer to the nazi-fundie, not religious nutjob-ness."

Well, fundy doesn't always mean religious... something that has been mentioned enough on this site in the past.

4/23/2012 3:38:15 PM

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