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['YECreationism is no more than drivel. The butt of the joke is where it belongs.']

As opposed to being intellectually sodomised by proponents of Evolution?

Keep Sci-fi in the English lit classes and out of origins science.

Jnthn, Theology Web 20 Comments [12/19/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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I don't even know what to say to that...

12/20/2005 5:29:08 AM

The Last Conformist

More evidence of the anal fixation inherent in fundyism.

12/20/2005 6:35:32 AM

David D.G.

Uh.... One the one hand, he says to keep science FICTION out of origins SCIENCE; but on the other hand, he wants to promote creationism FICTION instead of evolution SCIENCE in origins SCIENCE? Tell this guy to please make up his mind!

Oh, but I would have loved having more sci-fi in the English literature classes! Where was this guy when they were making out the curriculum?

~David D.G.

12/20/2005 4:24:24 PM

King Spirula

\"Intellectually sodomized\"? Uh, too late Jnthn, it is obvious you have been.

12/20/2005 6:26:38 PM


I want to be intellectually sodomized. Then maybe I won't have to pay for lube all the time.

12/20/2005 8:18:14 PM

Darth Wang

These idiots can't even raise a good objection to evolution (not that there is one).

12/20/2005 10:27:30 PM


I'm going to try to use \"intellectually sodomised\" in a normal conversaton today.

12/21/2005 12:40:53 AM


Oooh.... Intellectually sodomised=cool.
And I wish we read Sci-Fi in English. It'd prolly be alot less depressing and alot more interesting than what we have to read... >_<

12/21/2005 3:10:26 AM


Yes, sci-fi in English class would be most excellent. I can count the number of interesting books I read in English in high school on one hand. The rest were absolute crap (and those were generally the \"classics\" - The Scarlet Letter, Death of a Salesman, A Streetcar Named Desire, etc.).

12/21/2005 4:38:18 PM


That's a good idea. We'll keep sci-fi out of origins science and you keep fantasy out of origins science. Agreed?

12/21/2005 6:30:17 PM

El Cubano

Oh! This is the fun part! He runs out of arguments and resorts to calling evolution \"intellectual sodomy\".

9/11/2006 4:00:59 AM


Intellecutal sodomy?

Where do I sign up? Do you have to bring your own handcuffs?

12/14/2008 11:17:25 AM


Never heard the term "origins science" before. If I had I would have assumed it was a cover title for: Evolution, Geographic development and Ducumented History.

Because no matter how you present it creationism is RELIGION and has NO place in science

12/14/2008 2:21:35 PM


The sad thing is this probably passes for wit among creationists.

9/15/2012 4:57:31 AM


You've been intellectually lobotomised.

9/16/2012 6:41:22 AM


Just because that's how religion was forced onto you doesn't mean that's how science works.

2/4/2013 10:44:17 PM


Okay keep the bible in theology and mythology classes.

11/25/2014 4:47:02 PM

rubber chicken

"Intellectual sodomy" ?

Well, it's a thought.

11/25/2014 6:20:24 PM

11/25/2014 11:32:04 PM


"Keep Sci-fi in the English lit classes and out of origins science."

Make us.

11/26/2014 9:15:25 AM

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