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The problem is that E=mc2 does not meaning anythimg that makes sense. Anyone is welcome to try to explain it here. Eating a pound of cake does not cause one's energy to increase by the speed of light squared.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 103 Comments [4/23/2012 3:00:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar

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Actually, he's accidentally (sort of) correct. It's Delta E = Delta MC^2.

4/23/2012 3:05:59 PM


The problem is that E=mc2 does not meaning anythimg that makes sense.

Fortunately, the rest of human race who need PET scans aren't dependent on ignorant people like you.

If you put an electron and a positron together, they annihilate each other and turn into two or more gamma rays whose energy equals the mass of the electrons according to Einstein's formula plus the kinetic energy (momentum) of the electrons as they collide. The mass of the electron and positron disappear (photons have no rest mass) and the mass is converted to pure light energy.

4/23/2012 4:14:24 PM

You know I can get someone being willfully ignorant enough to where they can pretend they don't understand evolution, I really can. It's a theory that doesn't see much practical application in everyday use and most of what it describes exists beyond the scope of the human experience. But denying Einstein's equation for nuclear energy goes beyond willful ignorance and into the realm of clinical insanity.

First of all you would have to deny the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because the nuclear bombs dropped on them would not have been possible without E=MC2. Then you would have to deny the 40 years of paranoia that America experienced over Russians having nuclear weapons, which Andy Schlafly grew up with. Today he would have to deny the current made up paranoia over Iran building nuclear weapons as well as the real paranoia over North Korea building them as well. Why last year he would have had to have not watched any major news network or else he would have seen that story about the Fukishima nuclear power plant nearly melting down.

4/23/2012 5:25:59 PM


"The problem is that E=mc2 does not meaning anythimg that makes sense."

No, the problem is that you think you're qualified to make that judgement.

"Eating a pound of cake does not cause one's energy to increase by the speed of light squared."

True, but utterly irrelevant.

4/23/2012 6:29:12 PM


"Cake"? The hell?

4/23/2012 7:11:01 PM


Then please, by all means, feel free to fully explain radioactive decay and nuclear fission/fusion to us without resorting to Einstein's theory of mass-energy equivalence.

We'll wait.

4/23/2012 8:02:33 PM


I have an equation of sorts of my own: Albert Einstein > Andy Schlafly.

4/23/2012 8:02:33 PM


Since energy's equal to mass
times light squared, as I learned in class,
does that mean Andy's
mass will be increased
by the speed his head's shoved up his ass?

4/23/2012 9:27:18 PM

Night Jaguar

"The problem is that E=mc2 does not meaning anythimg that makes sense."

Oh Andy, you're priceless.
_ _ _

"I have an equation of sorts of my own: Albert Einstein > Andy Schlafly."

That's not an equation; that's an inequality. :P

4/23/2012 9:47:28 PM


Ok Andy, you're a fucking engineer. That means you have to have passed through high school. Did you just whistle to yourself during physics classes?

Crazy or poe.

4/23/2012 10:06:30 PM


ultimate astronomical scientific fail.

4/24/2012 1:05:15 AM


How do you expect anyone to take you seriously at this point?

4/24/2012 1:34:07 AM


whoanelly, I think you'll find that Einstein=Schlafly^1928395034804938406

4/24/2012 2:20:21 AM

I can't believe he got a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and a certificate in Engineering Physics from Princeton University.

4/24/2012 2:33:49 AM

Philbert McAdamia

@ Agahnim
Giving you a broken jaw does not decrease the mosquito population. That is not to say that either one is a bad thing.

Assuming you mean breaking Andy's jaw, not handing him a different one, nice reference to the jaw bone of an ass.

4/24/2012 3:15:35 AM


Andy, that formula is for converting mass into energy.
The speed of light (c in the equation) equals about 300000000 meters per second. If you convert 1 gram of matter into energy, you get about 1 * 300000000 * 300000000 joules or about 90 terra joules of energy.

You eating a cake turns exactly no mass into energy. Any energy you gain is through chemistry, not nuclear physics, you incredible retard.

4/24/2012 4:30:04 AM


Wow. I can't believe even Andy Shitfly is this fucking stupid.

4/24/2012 5:40:33 AM


Since atomic energy and the atomic bomb work Schlafly obviously is wrong. But lets go through the basics shall we for poor Andy.

The basic equation is E=M or Energy equals Mass. Since that is a basic physical principle that Energy and Mass are different forms of the fundamental building blocks of the Universe it is obvious that E=M. This also goes with the principle that energy is nether lost nor destroyed but simply changes form. c is the speed of light, because you now "light" tends to move at that speed. (Light in this case includes visible and invisible, to us, light.) the 2 is the squared property of that which happens when you release the potential energy of a given amount of Mass. Thus the equation is that a given amount of mass times the speed of light times itself equals a truly large amount of energy.

Now Andy I'm no physics geek yet I knew this. Now why don't you go and learn before you spout off.

4/24/2012 6:23:27 AM

Sentry Gun

I guess converting the whole food mass to energy would leave some pretty bad burns in your stomach. Let's stick with the biochemical energy alone.

4/24/2012 8:43:05 AM

Jeff D.

I cannot WTF this hard enough.

4/24/2012 9:00:42 AM


Andy, your a retard.

4/24/2012 9:04:28 AM


That's an awful lot like looking at E = ½mv² and trying to form an opinion on the thoroughly debunked Newtonian physics.

4/24/2012 9:47:44 AM


In the event of a zombie pandemic, Andy would be safe!

4/24/2012 9:52:41 AM


Eating a pound of cake does not cause one's energy to increase by the speed of light squared.

No, because you would need that fission thingie first. Last time I checked, stomach =/= nuclear reactor.

4/24/2012 11:46:18 AM

Joe Mama

Hey Andy, the Mr. Fusion was just a prop in the Back to the Future movies.

4/24/2012 1:33:49 PM

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