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ive gotten quite good at ignoring pics on tobacco packets.i dont want to see those pics on my favourite interweb page.
science still hasnt proven any link between smoking and illness, so i want some hoax tags.

lacrimosa, Above Top Secret 15 Comments [4/26/2012 3:36:54 AM]
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yes science has proven those correlations. can you run a mile without being winded? neither can i. that'll be the tar in your lungs shrinking their capacity.

my o my, haven't we been having a lot of pro-smoking conspiracy smoke (c wut i did thar?) lately?

4/26/2012 4:37:42 AM

Leighton Buzzard

What are hoax tags, some kind of nicotine patch?

(Being fair, I can't run a mile at all, and I've never smoked in my life).

4/26/2012 4:46:11 AM


My favourite type of deluded, deliberately ignorant imbecile is someone who treats science as some sort of homogenous, nebulous organisation ("science has proven"/"science hasn't proven") while both utterly failing to understand how the process of science actually works (because science is a verb, not a noun) nor bothering to perform any research into the matter (you know, the first bloody stage of any science).

4/26/2012 4:58:37 AM

Doubting Thomas

Keep on puffing away, then, so we won't have to have your ilk infecting the internet any more.

4/26/2012 7:00:31 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Congratulations, you've only been living under a rock for a third as long as the creationists!

4/26/2012 7:31:14 AM


Are you wearing some kind of special glasses that make evidence invisible?

4/26/2012 11:40:06 AM


Science has proven those correlations a hundred times over.
And I say that as a smoker who enjoys smoking and has no intention of quitting.

4/26/2012 4:07:07 PM


Science hasn't only showed the strong correlation between smoking and illness, it also determined several of the exact processes going on.

My favourite example: Your white bloodcells continuously secrete digestive enzymes collectively known as trypsin. Living tissue resists it, while dead tissue breaks down and leaves room for healthy cells to rebuild.
Now, one of the immediate effects of cigarette smoke is to damage the blood protein that allows to block those enzymes. White bloodcells still secrete them, they can't help it, so they begin to digest your lungs. Elastin fibers break, damaged lungs get infected more easily, infection attracts more white bloodcells, and the next thing you know, you have emphysema.

Every step of the process is well known. Biochemistry and statistics say the same thing. Science established the link from more than one front.

4/26/2012 6:07:51 PM


This has got to be satire.

4/27/2012 3:34:01 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Well then, by all means, please continue smoking. You won't be missed.

4/27/2012 9:27:05 AM


Good for you! Keep smoking. In fact, I recommend you add at least a pack a day to your current level.

What are hoax tags? Skin tags in your imagination? Mislabeled baggage?

4/27/2012 10:33:59 AM


I was going to say, "Wow, this person has an extremely high standard for how much evidence they must see before accepting something."

But, they're on Above Top Secret, so... they're probably just fucking stupid.

4/27/2012 2:24:19 PM


Your name will be lacrimosa, all right, the day and hour you sit, as I did, holding your dying mother's hand and knowing you could have had her years longer if only anyone had taken the warnings seriously.

4/27/2012 3:45:33 PM

Doctors study. Incredibly famous, fairly old, so conclusive it was concluded and published early due to the danger to public health a delay in publication would bring.

Tl;dr: you failed research for ever.

4/27/2012 6:10:48 PM


I smoke but I have never been able to understand smokers who whine about their rights being infringed. Boohoo you can no longer smoke in restaurants and bars and force other people to inhale your habit. Boohoo you can't smoke in the public park where people come to relax and might not want to smell the stink of your cigarettes. We all have every right to smoke and die from it but we don't have the right to make others sick or bring them along with us.

I need to quit.

4/28/2012 4:28:10 AM

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