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The way i understand evolution is that out of nothing some kind of single celled organisim sprang and then that evolved into a two celled organism then that eventually turned into a fish, the fish turned into a lizard the lizard branched off and turned into a bird and a mammal and then from that we get monkeys and they turned into people. If that is true wouldnt it be possible to take something that already functions such as a wristwatch and send it off to a distant planet that resembles the conditions here on earth and have some kind of mars rover put it in the dirt and over millions of years shouldnt it turn into something? No it will still be a wristwatch in the dirt.

deciple, Atheist Forums 54 Comments [4/28/2012 4:42:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Doubting Thomas

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*sings* one of these things is not like the others... can you guess which one it is kids?

Wristwatch = non biological non changing entity
Human being/animals/cells = biological adaptive changing entities

Hmm... that was fun! Let's do it again sometime, deciple. Next we can play with puzzle blocks, G.I. Joe, and coloring books cuz I wouldn't want you to hurt your brain with all this science talk. ;3

6/8/2012 1:58:12 PM


No, because wristwatches don't reproduce.

9/3/2012 1:33:37 PM

you need a wristwatch that reproduces and maybe a mate for it to breed with. Food, breathable air or whatever environment watches live in too.

9/3/2012 4:44:04 PM

A. Square

Timex watches are not remotely similar to a human. Sure, we both take a licking and keep on ticking, but that's about it. So of course it'll stay a wristwatch.

10/4/2014 10:33:23 AM

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