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Yes, get rid of all those Homo erectus fossils. Burn 'em or something. Re-bury them! Cremate them! After all, they are just the dusty remains of some poor neo-Darwinst 'species' in Asia that was originally obliterated when superior Homo sapiens marched out of Africa and replaced those old erect Homos by driving them into mass graves and final extinction. The modern Out of Africa Model is the perfect solution for getting rid of a whole species of humans even if they do leave some fossil evidence of their 1.5 million year existance on the planet before those sapiens got invented.

john crawford, Christian Forums 14 Comments [12/21/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Darth Wang


12/22/2005 1:24:44 AM


... I just have no idea what's going on here. And I went back and read part of the original thread too. If I'm not mistaken, he's saying:

--Neanderthals are descendents of Noah
--Therefore all modern humans are descendents of Neanderthals
--The current, widely accepted idea that humans are all one race (H. sapiens sapiens), and that worldwide distribution of the species occurred when some humans migrated out of Africa, is somehow racist
--all theories of human evolution--sorry, I mean, all scientific, non-crackpot theories of human evolution--are also somehow inherently racist

12/22/2005 1:52:37 AM


Some more quotes from him later in the thread, which I think are good enough to go on FSTDT in their own right:

[another poster]:
Crawford science:

1: Concoct an idea with plenty of emotional buzzwords such as \"neo-darwinist racism\"

2: Destroy any evidence which falsifies said idea.


[john crawford]:
Better to destroy evidence which supports a genocidal theory of mass extinction and replacement of the world's population by an African species of Homo sapiens who would one day rule the world of science in the name of neo-Darwinism, than to have imagined and theorized such a spectre of human annhilation in the first place. If I could just get my hands on some of those pesky Homo erectus fossils, I'd rattle their bones good.

[another poster]:
But weren't you recently decrying the theory that all humans emerged from African hominids as \"racist\"?

[john crawford]:
Yes. It is racist to call African people hominids.

[other poster]:
And now you yourself are supporting a theory which gives all humans as descending from Mediterranean Neanderthals. Doesn't that make you racist as well?

[john crawford]:
How? Neanderthals were real people who descended from Noah. They certainly weren't African hominids who shared a common ancestry with African monkeys and apes like neo-Darwinist race theorists would say of their ancestors.

[more john crawford]:
The gist of it is that neo-Darwinist race theorists have obliterated and replaced Oriental and Caucasian ancestry from erect Neanderthal and Heildleberg Man in Eurasia with a theoretical breed of superior African Homo sapiens who replaced all former indigenous populations throughout Eurasia and gradually assumed Eurasian racial features and appearances. It's such a ridiculous racial scenario that I can't imagine how anyone can believe it.

My interpretation:

Waaah, I didn't descend from apes! Or black people! You're racist for saying so!

12/22/2005 1:59:28 AM


What. The. Hell.

12/22/2005 4:00:30 AM


Can crawford go even more insane?

12/22/2005 10:33:22 AM

The Last Conformist

He's, arguably, less crazy than the guy at my high school who believed he was a vampire. I mean, Neanderthals at least existed.

12/22/2005 11:56:37 AM


This guy needs some sort of lifetime award.

12/22/2005 3:58:16 PM

King Spirula

Ahhh! The old \"Homo sapien final solution for Homo erectus problem\"...the Homo on Homo holocaust. I never thought I would see a fundie use \"erect Homos\" in an evolution argument. Freudian slip? BTW, anyone here know who \"invented\" the sapiens? Did they get a patent?

12/22/2005 5:28:33 PM

If they exist, they exist. Burning them doesn´t solve the problem.

8/8/2009 4:54:39 AM


Ah yes, another candidate for 1984's Ministry of Truth.

11/22/2009 9:26:10 AM


This IS sarcasm, right? Right? (whimper) Somebody please reassure me that this is sarcasm ...

8/8/2011 5:23:01 AM

Crimson Lizard

lol, "erect Homos"

4/4/2012 7:50:06 AM


It doesn't correlate to my view of the world, which is based on a book written by Bronze Age people and smeared with massive amounts of something I pulled out of my ass, so we must destroy it and pretend it never existed? Why, hel-lo there, Mr. Orwell...
@/CanadianBroad: Nope, he's serious. Now, now. *pats on back* Here's a handkerchief, it's almost clean.

4/4/2012 10:06:08 AM


I propose that we give Johnny here a "Vandalism for Jesus" award!

9/1/2012 10:08:14 AM

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