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[Thread about there being too many Muslims in Britain]

In 1933 the Jewish population of Poland was an estimated 3 million, in 1950 that figure was put at 45,000. There are almost 3 million muslims in the UK today. Just a thought...

Thjodolfr, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 54 Comments [5/17/2012 2:40:20 AM]
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Often Partisan

The UK population is about 60m...Even if the 3m figure is true it's hardly that much of a "threat". You are more of teh fucking threat than teh vast majority of those Muslims asshole, being as what you are insinuating in this post.
92% of Britain's population is white people, is that anglo saxon enough for you?

5/17/2012 2:45:32 AM


Either you don't know why the Jewish population decreased so drastically, or you're a genocidal maniac. I really, really hope you are just that ignorant.

5/17/2012 2:56:13 AM

To argue that races or groups are inherently hostile, if consistently interpreted, is to argue for genocide. Worse than that, it fosters a frame of mind where aggression and genocide are viewed as self-defence. You cannot peacefully coexist with other races/nations/religions, because they will not coexist peacefully with you.
Some racists are just more straightforward than others.

5/17/2012 2:57:20 AM


"Hey guys, let's commit mass genocide on a group of people based on their religion."

And you don't see what's wrong with that?

"Just a thought"

People who say things like "just saying" or "just a thought" need a slap. Not gassed, just advised that their choice of phrase really annoys people.

5/17/2012 2:59:14 AM


So you want to be invaded by Germany?

5/17/2012 3:07:19 AM


Hey, this sounds exactly like the ideas our parliament "Representatives" from TrueFinns- party like to throw around...When put on the spot, their defence tends to be "I was trollin'LOL, besides I was drunk!"

5/17/2012 3:54:51 AM


A British person, a Pakistani, and Thjodolfr are sitting in a room waiting for dinner.

The British person gets served a typical roast dinner. Looking at it, he decides "nah, I hate this, there's too much of it in this country" and, to make a statement, drops it out of the window. Thjodolfr begins to hatch an idea.

Meanwhile, the hosts attempt to be considerate and serve the Pakistani a traditional Pakistani-style kebab. The Pakistani is unimpressed by the attempt to pander to his stereotypical tastes, declares "there's too much of this in my home country anyway" and decides to drop it out of the window too. Thjodolfr decides enough is enough and decides to carry out his idea.

Marching over to the Pakistani's seat, he declares "there's too many of these in our country" and, with a self-satisfied smirk on his face, drops the surprised Pakistani out of the window. By way of further justification, he makes the above statement.

Then a glowing, righteous angel descends from heaven and gives Thjodolfr a good, well-deserved bitch-slap right in the face, pointing him towards the commandment in the bible that says:

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

Thjodolfr is suitably cowed, apologises to the unhurt Pakistani, then everyone makes friends and lives happily ever after (except the British person, who lives cynically ever after because he's British).

5/17/2012 4:00:32 AM


Here's a thought:

Find a nice, solid wall, preferably brick. Apply your forehead to aforementioned wall. Continue until we don't have to deal with you anymore, you bigoted, uninformed, murderous shitstain on all that is sane.

5/17/2012 4:05:10 AM


Hadn't the Jewish population in Poland been living there, more or less peacefully coexisting with the Catholic Poles, for centuries?

How many of the UK populations are non-Muslims? That's an important factor, isn't it?
If there were 3 million Muslims in Sweden, which has a total population of about nine million, then one might say that there were quite a lot of Muslims in Sweden. But 2006 we had 25 000 practicing Muslims, according to Wikipedia. Just a thought...

5/17/2012 4:29:45 AM


You piece of shit.

You piece of shit.

The UK has historically had large amounts of immigration you wanker. I'm British, of English, Welsh, (and more distantly) Irish, Polish Jewish, and Dutch ancestry. I'm also currently dating a first generation immigrant Iraqi Muslim. OH THE HORROR. Just stop being a twat and learn to live with other people. Where do you stop? If you go around demanding purity of the British race then what? Where the fuck do I and the other 59,999,998 (apart from you and your sister-mother-wife-daughter) of us who aren't quite pure enough for you get thrown out to?

Also, you dog sucking wanker, the name you've chosen is Norwegian in origin. How Anglo-Saxon of you.

This man and his ilk make me inordinately angry. Its wankers like him that have scared the crap out of my girlfriend with their goddamned English "Defence" League crap near where she lives.

5/17/2012 4:31:01 AM

Another post from the same guy:


5/17/2012 4:34:43 AM

Leighton Buzzard

RSTDT, surely?

5/17/2012 4:43:00 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Of course, there is a reason for the dearth of Jews in Poland, one so horrid that no European government wants it repeated.

5/17/2012 4:54:39 AM

Rob aka Mediancat

Words fail.

5/17/2012 5:09:22 AM

Mister Spak

"Just a thought... "

Was that thought about digging Hitler up and turning him loose again?

5/17/2012 5:26:57 AM


I knnnnoooowwww what this jerk's implying:

Therefore, sir...might I kindly...from the bottom of my heart...with all heartfelt sincerity say....

Thank you.

(Shouldn't this quote be in RSTDTs, by the way?)

5/17/2012 5:41:59 AM

So... Germany's going to invade the United Kingdom because of the population density of a particular demographic?

I'm so confused I don't even

5/17/2012 6:02:38 AM


Because we all know it ended happily ever after for the Nazis. Oh wait, no, their empire crumbled to dust, their leader committed suicide when he knew the war was almost over, and Germany didn't fully recover until 50 years later and now the Nazis are a national embarrassment and villains there. Is that the route you want to take? Oh, and public anti-semitism went from a normal thing to a huge taboo after the Holocaust so unless you want to also make Muslims into sympathetic victims that gain public support and protection (which I think is the opposite of what you want) you may want to reconsider your plan anyway.

5/17/2012 6:28:40 AM


"Just a thought..."

Try again. That one seems defective.

5/17/2012 6:51:00 AM


There are at least as many Muslim immigrants/citizens in the US as there are in most of Europe (including the UK). Does that country have Sharia Law...?

...just a thought.

5/17/2012 7:13:38 AM


5/17/2012 7:38:50 AM

Doubting Thomas

Because everyone looks so favorably upon the Nazis today...

5/17/2012 7:45:28 AM

Thinking Allowed

Godwin by proxy?

5/17/2012 7:48:36 AM


Just a thought? What thought? Round them up, tell them they need a shower and then pump some Zyklon B into the room?

5/17/2012 7:49:56 AM


Is this fucking asshole advocating genocide? Should someone notify the authorities?

5/17/2012 9:08:45 AM

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