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[Chabad posts on its website a letter from a Catholic nun, who was in a relationship with a Jewish woman.]

Beware of the dangers of tragic stories

We want to be compassionate kind human beings and that sometimes can gradually lead to too much toleration.

Personalized heart-breaking stories can lead or manipulate more and more good people to making long-term incremental changes that eventually harm their own community. First comes recognition of the ‘pain’ of others with our empathy and sympathy, then some measure toleration, then more toleration and acceptance, and finally Laws are amended.

The politically-correct liberalization of Judaism in America with Jews re-writing the Laws to fit their modern social and political values and placate their egos has created a Holocaust of Assimilation and brought great damage to our families.

Publishing such a story pushes for some limited degree of emotional acceptance for homosexual couples and interfaith marriages. This is a line that should not have been breached.

Anonymous, NYC, Chabad 52 Comments [5/24/2012 3:47:09 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch

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Wykked Wytch

@Lizuka - I put this in FSTDT and not RSTDT because the opposition to same-sex relationships and intermarriage are based on religious reasons, not racial reasons. Judaism is not really limited to any particular race. There are in fact quite a few Jews of color but unfortunately they tend to be marginalized.

As a child of an interfaith marriage myself (my mother is Jewish and my father is an ex-Catholic), I've gotten the "cold shoulder" or the "pity treatment" from more religious Jews a few times. They tend to look down on me because my family isn't as authentically Jewish as they are. Most of them aren't like that, of course, but there are some real arrogant schmucks out there.

5/25/2012 9:46:58 PM


I think the overall point that tragic stories can manipulate people into bad decisions, purely because people want to be compassionate kind human beings, is a good one.

I mean, look at the MMR scare. Whenever it was reported, it was always through tragic stories of individual children who had supposedly suffered because of it, which ignored the thousands of children who didn't suffer the illnesses that they were safely vaccinated against. Looking at the facts, not only was there no danger but even if there had been the level of danger proposed, the government would still have had no choice but to push vaccination, because otherwise there would have been all these tragic stories of children dead from measles.

Or look at immigration. One side uses tragic stories of no room in the hospital or the school to push for no immigration at all. The other side uses tragic stories of immigrants who just want a better life, and of course our instinct is to let that particular person or family in, but we can't actually let everyone with a tragic story in. We need a nuanced position, based on facts, and tragic stories stop that.

Even though he mentioned the Holocaust, I won't Godwin myself, but do remember that Tragic Stories can be use to push for any emotional position, and cause us to disregard our basic principles.

6/5/2012 7:49:38 AM

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