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One problem. Hitler was a Rothschild. therefore your claim that he somehow outsmarted the banks etc to achieve his "great designs" is false. The Rothschild's were made aware of hitlers designs and bankrolled him.

Hitlers grandmother was a servant of Baron Rothschild, in Vienna. When she became with child, She returned home to her village is Austria where Alois Hitler was born.

and as we all know.. the Rothschild and the Illuminati have many children out of wedlock because of their rituals.

LoonyConservative, Above Top Secret  23 Comments [6/2/2012 10:10:01 AM]
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Submitted By: tmhector

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at least he's aptly named!

wtf doesn't even begin to cover this level of crazy!

6/2/2012 10:34:21 AM


To the OP's defense, I must say the last sentence is one of the claims in Fritz Springmeier's Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

Yeah, I have strange interests :)

6/2/2012 11:19:26 AM


Above top secret...beyond trite...beneath contempt.

6/2/2012 1:39:47 PM

Brendan Rizzo

I feel sorry for anyone with the surname Rothschild who isn't a descendent of ol' Mayer Amschel. Conspiracy theorists probably go out of their way to make their lives hell.

6/2/2012 3:19:46 PM


And your evidence for this claim is... what? You don't have any?

6/2/2012 5:18:23 PM


The Illuminati haven't existed in about three hundred years and were only powerful on a local level when they did.

If you have evidence of any of this, kindly present it to historians who would find it a fascinating contribution to our knowledge of the Hitler's background.

Otherwise, STFU.

6/2/2012 5:32:10 PM

Raised by Horses

Poe? Surely, the clue is in the user name.

6/2/2012 6:53:20 PM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

Well he lives up to his name, I'll give him that.

6/2/2012 8:11:49 PM

Doubting Thomas

Loony conservative is a most valid description.

6/2/2012 9:32:00 PM

As you all know, the president of the U.S. serves illuminati interests because of pizza pockets. They're warm and delicious, therefore Hitler. Since our president is half black, that means all black people are Nazis who serve the Freemasons their mystical peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that allow them to turn penicillin into AIDS.

6/2/2012 11:20:12 PM


Well then.

6/3/2012 8:21:19 AM


I forgot to ask: Where are the grey Merovingian space lizards?

6/3/2012 1:13:00 PM


@ #1409324

Go to Above Top Secret and post this. Seriously.

6/3/2012 2:31:37 PM

Tell me of these... sexy rituals.

6/3/2012 3:15:27 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

I'm eagerly awaiting more delicious insanity from this most-aptly named contributor!

6/5/2012 3:59:16 AM

Table Rock

And Obama's 2nd cousin, twice removed has a boyfriend that once changed planes in Austria. He may have had a child out of wedlock while there, but sources can neither confirm nor deny.

6/5/2012 5:07:02 AM


Well, you got the "loony" part correct.

6/5/2012 8:48:19 AM


Well, then, he'd be Adolf Illuminati Rothschild, wouldn't he? Godwin's Law would be moot, then.

6/5/2012 7:32:19 PM

Wait, so Hitler was Jewish now?

6/7/2012 12:18:27 AM



6/8/2012 12:46:08 AM


Ooooops! I accidentally got one of my servents pregnant. Time to send the meaningless worker drone back to her hole in the mud village.

6/15/2012 1:45:14 PM


Well, at least the username is honest.

6/16/2012 3:59:50 PM

Anon E Mouse

That's a pretty interesting argument you have there. One problem. LoonyConservative is a Rothschild.

Prove me wrong.

6/19/2012 6:24:06 AM

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