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"They're saying that the Ten Commandments have been taken out of the court houses and out of the school houses lest we offend the atheists. Let me be very clear: This country was not built for atheists nor by atheists. It was built by Christian people who believed in the word of God.

To the atheist watching this telecast, if our belief in God offends you, move. {Applause.}

There are planes leaving every hour on the hour, going every place on planet Earth. Get on one. We don't want you and we won't miss you. I promise you.

Our coins say in God We Trust. President Obama, you recently told the foreign media that America is not a Christian nation. You're absolutely wrong. We were, we are, and always shall be a Bible-reading, praying, Christian people. {Applause and standing ovation.}

Several years ago, witchcraft and satanism were officially approved by the U.S. Military at the direction of the U.S. Congress. We have officially chosen to recognize another god. I call upon the members of Congress to outlaw the practice of witchcraft and satanism in the U.S. Military lest we offend the God of Heaven. I don't care about the atheist."

John Hagee, God Discussion 70 Comments [6/13/2012 3:44:04 PM]
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What does he mean satanism and witchcraft were approved by the military? Can anyone clarify that?

And separation of church and state is less about appeasing atheist's as it is about appeasing the hundreds of christian denominations and other religions, there are far more non-christian faiths in the US than there are non-believers.

6/13/2012 3:55:26 PM


@motobreath137: I suspect he means that (gasps and clutches pearls) the military must allow people to declare Paganism and Satanism, as well as Atheism as their preferred belief system AND symbols of those beliefs (or none, for atheists) are allowed on gravestones in military cemeteries.

6/13/2012 4:00:24 PM


@ Dawn:That's what I thought, but constitutionally, our so called "christian" founders have always intended for that. He makes it sound like the military just instituted a mandatory satanist/paganist faith system. I feel like Bill O'rielly and others of his ilk would have already impeached Obama over this.

6/13/2012 4:21:53 PM


Yet another moron who can't read the constitution. Oh well, his kids will be morons and my kids will out-compete them for jobs.

6/13/2012 4:23:35 PM


I just wish our elected officials were further from his beliefs.

6/13/2012 4:42:08 PM


"They're saying that the Ten Commandments have been taken out of the court houses and out of the school houses lest we offend the atheists.

No, they're not worrying about the feelings of atheists. They're saying that the Ten Commandments have been taken out of the court houses and out of the school houses because it represents a government endorsement of your particular religion. The Constitution forbids the government to endorse your particular religion. It doesn't say "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion unless a bunch of Bible-reading, praying, Christian people agree with it" - it says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". Period.

If our belief in the Constitution offends you, why don't you try to revoke the First Amendment. All you have to do is get 2/3 of both houses of Congress and the legislatures of 38 states to agree with you.

6/13/2012 4:59:31 PM

Brendan Rizzo

It depresses me that he received so much applause. The only people who approve of his ideas are people who want a theocracy, such as Iran. No Western nation except the USA has people like this in large numbers.

And of course, Treaty of Tripoli... bitch!

6/13/2012 5:10:32 PM


What annoys me so much about this one is that the man knows full well that the Founders never intended a Christian country for Christians only and said so many times. He's just plain and consciously lying.

6/13/2012 5:15:33 PM

Thinking Allowed

Two words: First Amendment

6/13/2012 5:20:06 PM


Obviously, Hagee has never read nor understood what the Founding Fathers had to say on this subject. Those guys were pretty good at saying what they meant and, had they meant to establish a theocracy, they would have said so.

Of course. It's also possible that Hagee is just lying for Jebus.

6/13/2012 5:24:01 PM

J. James

Freedom of religion is freedom from religion.

First amendment, BITCH. You don't like it, YOU can fucking leave. Maybe you'll like a theocracy like Iran or Uganda.

6/13/2012 5:32:44 PM

Oh no! People believing differently from you fighting for our freedom! And their beliefs are to be recognised by the FIRST AMENDMENT! And while you're at it, read the Treaty of Tripoli. Maybe you can move to Iran if you want a theocracy

6/13/2012 5:38:10 PM


Why can't we have a religion-and-government debate like the ones involving our first four presidents? All four felt that religious expressions should be verboten. The debate was between those who felt that presidential proclamations of a day of thanksgiving were wrong (like Jefferson and Madison felt) or that such proclamations (if completely a-religious) were the most we could do (like Washington and Adams).

Madison actually stated that his biggest mistake as president was bowing to pressure to call for a National Day of Prayer during some of the darkest days of the War of 1812.

6/13/2012 5:46:29 PM


Here it is Mr. Hagee...

Why not make yourself official and tear it up?

6/13/2012 6:07:57 PM


Freedom of religion, first amendment. Does any of these stuff get taught at Sunday School. Oh wait of course not. Sunday school is to facts as Ebola is to people.

6/13/2012 6:08:22 PM


John, you remind me of Lewis Prothero. Or of the so-called clergyman also found in *V for Vendetta*. Both of these guys are total bullshit artists, and it is the simple fact that we lack a revenge-driven terrorist that keeps mouth-breathers like you alive to lie and lie again.

Your "belief" in God doesn't offend me in the slightest; your inability to accept plain, proven fact or tolerate others' belief in things you don't believe in PISSES ME OFF.

The coins and dollar bills didn't always say that. The fear of "other" that helped give ol' Tialgunner Joe far too much power put that tripe there, just like it added "Under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Satanism has always been a backlash against Christianity.

I don't believe for a moment you aren't prejudiced against atheists and those of other faiths to an equal extent. That's just how assholes like you are wired.

Clear or vague, you.. are.. a.. LIAR.

It doesn't matter how Christian the Founding Fathers were, this land was settled by people that got sick of being pushed around by your contemporaries of their time, and the numbers swelled by further importation of the opportunistic, the disavantaged, and the indentured.

When we broke away from Britain altogether, avoiding doctrinal discrimination was a *central tenet* of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and they remain so.

Patriots fought and died to ensure this.

You're a liar. John.

Some would say you're lying for Christ, but you aren't. At the end of the day, anyone doing your shit to this extent is lying for themselves, as I now accuse you of.

Stop lying for power.

Stop lying to divide us.

Stop lying for the sake of oppression.

Just stop lying, already.

6/13/2012 6:38:35 PM

Raised by Horses

"I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church. All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit."
-Thomas Paine

And I'm too lazy to go dig up more quotes right now. Educate yourself. We can't do all your thinking for you, after all.

6/13/2012 7:13:03 PM

Old Viking

Most citizens in colonial times were right-handed. Most of today's citizens are right-handed. We are a right-handed nation.

6/13/2012 7:15:00 PM

"To the atheist watching this telecast, if our belief in God offends you, move."

- If history is any indication, the minute we do you will start fighting amongst yourselves as to which one of you your god likes the best. You should be thanking your god every day for us, as your mutual hatred of us is the only thing that keep you from killing each other.

Wrap your head around that Hagee!

- signed, Dr. Shrinker

6/13/2012 7:17:37 PM


"This country was not built for atheists nor by atheists. It was built by Christian people who believed in the word of God."
-- John Hagee

I almost shudder at the thought of alluding to the most fatal example of the abuses of grief which the history of mankind has preserved -- the Cross. Consider what calamities that engine of grief has produced!
-- John Adams, letter to Thomas Jefferson

Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law.
-- Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Early in life I absented myself from Christian assemblies.
-- Benjamin Franklin, quoted from Victor J Stenger

I have generally been denominated a Deist, the reality of which I never disputed, being conscious I am no Christian, except mere infant baptism makes me one; and as to being a Deist, I know not strictly speaking, whether I am one or not.
-- Ethan Allen, Reason the Only Oracle of Man (1784)

6/13/2012 7:46:16 PM


I don't give a damn about the Ten Commandments one way or the other. What bothers me is the blatant unconstitutionality of their placement. That's why they're being taken down - because they're illegal. The only reason you're blaming this on atheists is because atheists (and the ACLU, God/FSM/Haruhi/Celestia/whatever bless them) are the only ones with the balls to do something about it.

It's called secularism, and it's the only reason that the various religious groups in the US can get along the way they do. We're saving your asses. And we'll continue to save your asses no matter how hard you spit in our faces, because we're better than you.

(By "we're better than you" I mean "secularists are better than theocrats," not "atheists are better than Christians." I want to make it clear that I have nothing against reasonable, secularist Christians. The fact that the phrase "secularist Christian" sounds so strange today is evidence of how horribly the fundies have twisted American politics.)

6/13/2012 9:19:10 PM


The first Pagan soldier to have the pentacle placed upon his headstone was later dishonored by a supercilious christian asshole like yourself, Mr. Hagee, who defaced it.

Fuck you and the very high horse you rode in on.

6/13/2012 10:20:35 PM


"They" are also saying you're a dick.

6/13/2012 10:23:30 PM


The real reason Hagee says this??
Atheists don't give money to John Hagee.

As the nonprofit organization's president, Hagee drew $540,000 in compensation, as well as an additional $302,005 in compensation for his position as president of Cornerstone Church, according to GETV's tax statements.

He also received $411,561 in benefits from GETV, including contributions to a retirement package for highly paid executives the IRS calls a "rabbi trust," so named because the first beneficiary of such an irrevocable trust was a rabbi.

The John Hagee Rabbi Trust includes a $2.1 million 7,969-acre ranch outside Brackettville, with five lodges, including a "main lodge" and a gun locker. It also includes a manager's house, a smokehouse, a skeet range and three barns.

Taken together, his payment package, $842,005 in compensation and $414,485 in benefits, was one of the highest, if not the highest, pay package for a nonprofit director in the San Antonio area in 2001.

6/13/2012 10:37:18 PM

I keep forgetting the constitution applies only to evangelicals.

6/14/2012 12:00:30 AM

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