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Sasquatch - Could it be spiritual deception?

In 1974 & 1985 - we encountered the creature in the Princeton, B.C. area.
During the 74 sighting, I actually stood in the prints of something that was
left in a fine filtering of snow. Each encounter, there was one other witness.

My serious question is - can Satan have played this game (sasquatch) all
these years, this just another example of deception on his part? It would have
to be large in scale, as the devil can not procreate...but he can manipulate.

There are many unanswered questions in the phenomenon, and I'm applying
for knowledge to what is possible to this. Jesus was whisked away and
tempted, Job was taunted, and it is possible for Lucifer to disguise himself as
an angel of light. You can also entertain strangers.

This is a very touchy subject. Could man be fooled in such a large way?

lookoutman7, Christian Forums 11 Comments [12/28/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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I don't get it. Is he saying that the Debbel is supposed to be deceiving people into believing that Sasquatch exists, or that it doesn't exist?

And what's with \"you can also entertain strangers\"? WTF does THAT mean?

This one just confuses me, clearly.

12/28/2005 3:56:08 PM


What the....?

12/28/2005 3:58:55 PM

David D.G.

Between human error, overly imaginative interpretations, and deliberate (human) hoaxes, cryptozoology is far enough out on the fringe without invoking Satan as part of the package. Why do these people feel such a need to overcomplicate things, especially when they're already overcomplicated?

This is a good one. He should hook up with that guy who wants to \"discover\" that dinosaur in Africa that he already \"knows\" exists; it's probably just Satan in a Barney suit.

~David D.G.

12/28/2005 4:05:41 PM


\"Could man be fooled in such a large way?\"

Yep. But not in the way you think, my friend. I'd prefer not to talk about it, though. It's a very touchy subject; trying to tell a Christian they're deluding themselves.

12/28/2005 4:15:28 PM

Darth Wang

Wait, so bigfoot is the devil?

12/28/2005 6:11:04 PM


And here I was thinking Bigfoot was Possibly just one of a group of smart Hominid species inhabiting the Continent.I'm not saying there are (Napes) aside from Homo Sapiens,I just have an open mind. I don't have a mind so open that I believe the \"Debbil\" is the cause of all these Bigfoot sightings,footprints,etc.

12/28/2005 8:04:33 PM


\"This is a very touchy subject. Could man be fooled in such a large way?\"

I fail to see how a few sporadic sightings of a furry critter will alter the course of humanity...

Satan sure is a smart one.

12/28/2005 10:59:31 PM


Manibeaux: As for the \"entertaining strangers\" thing, I think it's a reference to a part in the Bible (possibly more than one, actually) where someone welcomes strangers into their home, treats them well, and it turns out they're angels.

...So is he saying that maybe Satan is behind the Bigfoot thing, or maybe, on the other hand, it's angels?

... Hm.

12/28/2005 11:27:15 PM


<<< Could man be fooled in such a large way? >>>

Well, if you are any indication, yes.

12/29/2005 12:16:06 AM


Well, Bigfoot might be a satanic deception, but the Loch Ness Monster is a good buddy of Jesus'

12/29/2005 3:20:26 AM

Quantum Mechanic


12/21/2014 3:28:04 PM

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