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Now, heres the kicker. A flag with a GOLD FRINGE, the gold stripe, around it signified Admiralty and Maritime law. A ship with a gold stripe around its flag was saying "we are operating under Admiralty and Maritime Law, no laws, but we come from this country."

The banks, every single bank on Earth, operates under Admiralty and Maritime Law. Every single bank in the world, go look, has that gold fringe around its flag. The very word bank, I mean where else do you hear the word bank? A river bank, right, the river bank guides the flow of the current...and therefore the banks control the flow of the currency, they even use the names to show you, the banks run under the Law of the Water, which means that they run under no law! They can do whatever they want, despite what the constitution or anything else says, simply because they have that gold fringe around the damn flag, which symbolizes the fact that they indeed run under the Law of the Water, therefore, cannot be touched by any Laws of any Land.


LightWorker13, Above Top Secret 33 Comments [6/21/2012 7:48:07 AM]
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Argle Bargle

The word "bank" came from the Italian word "banco", meaning bench,where the moneychangers would ply their trade in Renaissance Italy. It has nothing to do with the English word "bank".

6/21/2012 7:57:17 AM


Riiight! Now please be a good boy and take your medicines.

6/21/2012 8:36:54 AM

Power Skunk

More Admiralty Law and sovereign citizen nonsense from the league leaders. Is there some kind of trading stamp, point system or rating scale? At the end of the year, does the guy with the most retarded conspiracy theory attend some banquet and receive gold plated tinfoil hat trophy to take home and proudly displat upon the mantle, later to look up with a smile on his face and a profoundly confused cat in his arms, saying, ''Look, Mittens. I was a winner once. So lonely.' Then he cries into the cat's belly, only to blame the resulting 'Put me down, Fucker!' scratches on his face and neck on the president's ACORN/FEMA thugs, and cower in the bathtub for a week, living off of MREs and his own piss. (Slow day at work. Bored out of my ass.)

6/21/2012 8:43:10 AM


Apparently, nobody ever explained the difference between "proof" and "insignificant linguistic similarity" to LightWorker.

6/21/2012 9:00:29 AM


It's true that U.S. courts, which have admiralty jurisdiction, display flags with gold fringe. You know why? It means they're federal enclaves! That's right! Federal courts are federal enclaves, and that means they hear federal cases, which include admiralty! Be afraid! Be very afraid!

6/21/2012 9:10:50 AM

I don't care what flag you're flying, if you happen to be in my country, you abide by our rules. If I go to the USA and jaywalk, I can't get away with it by holding up a Union flag and saying it's not illegal in my country. If you happen to be arrested walking down the Mall in London with a firearm, prepare for a police shitstorm. Likewise, you won't be let off because you were flying the Stars and Stripes at the time.

TL;DR: Flags mean dick in the eyes of the law.

Edit: Thanks, Brendan. I was actually unaware they were two names for two different flags - I thought it was just a colloquialism. :)

6/21/2012 9:18:58 AM


Also, there's a surrey with a fringe on top. I'm not claiming it's a boat but it has a fringe.

6/21/2012 9:31:47 AM


It's actually the river that shapes the banks, not the other way around. We call this process erosion. So, yanno, you're wrong on that simple fact too.

6/21/2012 9:42:16 AM


My grandma's curtains had a golden fringe. Never noticed the Admiralty hanging around, but then I was just a kid. Come to think of it, there WAS a plastic boat by the bath tub.

6/21/2012 10:15:23 AM


My belly dance students routinely have gold fringes around their hips.

6/21/2012 10:17:54 AM

Brendan Rizzo

I am pretty sure that navies are not above their country's laws, nor are banks subject to maritime law. Americans will go to any length to avoid the realization that the problem is deregulation.

@ #1415241:

I think you mean the Stars and Stripes (though for some reason I don't think the OP would have a problem with the Stars and Bars being flown.)

6/21/2012 11:10:41 AM

J. James

Soooo... What exactly are the implications of this? Are you saying that if I fly a gold-fringed flag on, say, my prized '89 Mitsubishi Eclipse, I can use it to go marauding and attack passing Chevy Suburbans as a commerce raider? Does that make my '80s Japanese sports car a privateer ship? Should I head down to the DMV and get issued a Letter of Marque?

Why am I getting the feeling that the law doesn't work that way?

6/21/2012 11:28:13 AM

Jeff Weskamp

This isn't the craziest theory I've heard from the so-called "Sovereign Citizen" movement.

The craziest one is the claim that no laws passed in Washington DC have any validity in the rest of the United States because the Beltway that surrounds Washington is shaped like Satan's head!

I swear I'm not making that up, folks. :-)

6/21/2012 2:22:38 PM


He's gonna be pissed when he gets out of electroshock therapy and realizes that gold just tends to be a symbol for wealth, which most banks would want to put out because financial prosperity is good for their business if they're normal banks.

6/21/2012 2:28:42 PM

Raised by Horses

They do what they want because they control the flow of money in today's economies.

Any time you want to find out the reasons for seemingly conspiratorial behaviour, just think "money". It's not the International Joo Conspiramacy or Xenu hiding under your bed. It's about money, laziness, greed, and cutting corners to shore up your bottom line. That's it.

6/21/2012 6:36:28 PM


whats the conspiracist version of a poe? I call that

6/22/2012 5:24:54 AM


@Brendon Rizzo

I enjoy pointing out and lampooning the stupidities of my country(US)as much as greats like Mencken and Twain did in there time. But i would like to point out that while the financial systems are deregulated to a degree, the government never lets the largest of these institutions fail from there poor policies. So the companies with money to spend on lobbyists can run a muck while they impose regulations on those that cant payoff the legislators.

Just wanted to say it's a nuanced issue and despite the loud voice of the collective lunatics repeating each others talking points, Many American's are not that stupid and there are enough rational, very intelligent people in this country to keep our heads above the water.

6/22/2012 5:38:07 AM

Doubting Thomas

I thought this was just standard conspiracy theory crazy until he started talking about river banks. Psychologically speaking it's very interesting because it is a clear example of how conspiracy theorists love to make connections where no real connection exists.

The gold fringe is just a decoration, nothing more. I'm guessing it's very hard to find an indoor presentation flag without it.

And even though ships were often under "the law of the sea," these days they're still subject to the laws of the country the ship is flagged under when in international waters. So there is no such thing as "cannot be touched by any Laws of any Land." This is why ships used to broadcast unlicensed pirate radio stations were shut down by the British government in the North Sea in the 60's, and a US-flagged ship still has to follow FCC rules even when in international waters.

6/22/2012 6:40:50 AM


Right, if you would just come this way now and take your meds...

6/22/2012 6:47:22 AM


Now here's the kicker: You're a loony.

6/22/2012 7:22:43 AM


That is some impressive mental gymnastics to get to a point that means absolutely nothing.

6/22/2012 7:34:07 AM


1) Constitutional law applies to the GOVERNMENT. Just the government (she said wearily).

2) "Maritime law" is LAW, not "no law". Ever hear of those people called "pirates"? They were breaking the law. Surprise!

3) There is a substantial body of law governing conduct in international waters, and cases are routinely heard at the court in The Hague. Surprise #2!

4) Also - exactly as 1415241 said.

5) You are a loonie. Kindly collect your tin foil hat at Customer Service, sit down and shut up.

(@ J. James: That is awesome! The mental picture of someone "boarding" a Suburban made me LoL. Thanks so much, I needed that today.)

6/22/2012 11:03:53 AM


Dale Gribble tried to make the same case. It didn't work.

6/22/2012 12:28:25 PM


So that would explain why they keep sinking, eh?

6/23/2012 6:28:36 AM

Leighton Buzzard

Well, fuck. I just saw a whole shedload of Royal Navy ships in Portsmouth, and there wasn't a one of them flying a flag with a gold fringe. Come to think of it, neither does the local branch of my bank. (It ought to fly a Spanish flag with 'we're fucked' on it, but that's a whole different story).

6/23/2012 6:52:46 AM

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