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We just had one in Montana, Georgia, Colorado & not to mention all the ones in California. I don't know but I just have been getting confirmations of the Rapture. I asked the Lord if he was really coming within this month suddenly I saw a sign (small billboard) that said plan your wedding, then immediatly in my mind I said was that a confirmation then I saw a sign said Target. I guess he is coming to get your final preparations for the Wedding cause he is right on Target.

cchristnme, rapture in the air now 39 Comments [7/11/2012 3:05:22 AM]
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Submitted By: wiggles

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Yess first. Oh good the rupture...sorry rapture is coming again and again. When are you going to get in your thick skull it's not going to happen. You only have one life so live it and enjoy it.

7/11/2012 4:00:02 AM


Wonder what would have happened if instead he/she saw a 'Do not disturb' sign...

7/11/2012 4:04:15 AM


Pathetic. That's all I can say.

7/11/2012 4:11:13 AM

get used to a lifetime of disappointment.

7/11/2012 4:22:35 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

See you in August!

7/11/2012 4:26:04 AM

Mister Spak

The same thing happened to me. I saw a billboard that said to buy a bedroom set at Bobs Furniture they have rock bottom prices. It was obviously a sign that the rapture is coming soon.

7/11/2012 4:36:39 AM


I saw a billboard saying :
"Take your trash with you!"

7/11/2012 4:41:52 AM

Sentry Gun

That's it, no more Usual Suspects for you before bedtime.

7/11/2012 5:27:55 AM

Bad Wolf

Earthquakes are pretty common in Montana and Colorado. Georgia is slightly less common, but still nothing to be surprised at. USGS has been keeping records of earthquakes for over 100 years, and they list a *bunch* of quakes in Georgia.
Nothing to see here, move along.

The last 3/4 of the post could be used as a textbook example of confirmation bias. (I have to wonder how many signs this person passed before they saw the Target sign - and isn't Target a tool of the AC, since they are at war with Christmas?)

7/11/2012 6:09:51 AM


I once asked God if I should abstain from sex until marriage and I saw a sign for Jiffy Lube and a Slip N' Slide.

7/11/2012 6:16:46 AM

Brendan Rizzo

If the OP has not been diagnosed with schizophrenia, I will lose all my remaining faith that humans can be made rational.

7/11/2012 6:25:30 AM


I saw a traffic sign that pointed to a church, and then I saw another traffic sign that said "occasionally foggy". What does that tell you?

7/11/2012 6:42:53 AM

Doubting Thomas

That's interesting, because I just saw a sign that said "STOP." So God is saying that he's tired of these idiot fundies running around hoping for the rapture.

7/11/2012 6:47:01 AM


@Brendan: Come now. Hating America is enough for one guy without misanthropy too.

7/11/2012 7:02:38 AM


How would you have reacted if you'd seen a sign for McDonalds?

7/11/2012 7:53:21 AM

Raised by Horses

This is like one of those epiphany scenes from a Hollywood treasure hunt movie. "Wedding plans... Target... On time... What could it mean? How do the pieces fit together? (pause, snaps fingers). Eureka! Plan wedding because He's right on Target!"

7/11/2012 8:01:33 AM


The posts about the rapture always make me kind of sad.

I think most of these people are actually suffering from depression, but instead of thinking about suicide they channel their desire to stop living into thoughts about the rapture.

7/11/2012 8:31:37 AM


This person's entry immediately reminded me of the following immortal quote:

Commissioner Gordon: It could be any one of them... But which one? Which ones?
Batman: Pretty *fishy* what happened to me on that ladder...
Commissioner Gordon: You mean where there's a fish there could be a Penguin?
Robin: But wait! It happened at sea... Sea. C for Catwoman!
Batman: Yet, an exploding shark *was* pulling my leg...
Commissioner Gordon: The Joker!
Chief O'Hara: All adds up to a sinister riddle... Riddle-R. Riddler!
Commissioner Gordon: A thought strikes me... So dreadful I scarcely dare give it utterance...
Batman: The four of them... Their forces combined...
Robin: Holy nightmare!

7/11/2012 8:39:56 AM


Wow, you idiots see signs of the Rapture in random billboard ads. You really should get back on your meds.

7/11/2012 8:50:35 AM

Lady Evil

Or maybe God was saying "Nah, not for awhile. So, why don't you plan for the future since it looks like you'll have one? Maybe you should get married. There's a gift registry at Target."

Or maybe it's all bullshit and you just saw random advertisements.

7/11/2012 8:57:36 AM


ALL MORTAL REDEMPTION NOW 50% OFF, ONLY AT TARGET! Proudly sponsored by our Lord.

7/11/2012 9:05:41 AM


Rapture? Target? LOL

Here is how I view you and your rapturds:

7/11/2012 10:06:36 AM


Oh, great. Nationwide mass masturbators with delusions of reference!

7/11/2012 10:12:14 AM


I once thought to myself "could the rapture possibly *not* be complete bollocks?", then I saw a sign that said "50% Off Sale". I then thought to myself "well that didn't seem very relevant", then I looked at another sign, which said "Of course not, if I *actually* wanted to give you a sign it'd be in plain english, dummy. I'm a supreme being after all.", so that settled it.

7/11/2012 10:27:08 AM


If your god communicates to you through billboard signs, why bother with the bible?

Silly question. Fundies don't read their bibles.

7/11/2012 10:42:52 AM

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