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Have you heard, this new movie, the Batman movie -- what is it, the Dark Knight Lights Up or something? Whatever the name of it is. That's right, Dark Knight Rises, Lights Up, same thing. Do you know the name of the villain in this movie? Bane. The villain in the Dark Knight Rises is named Bane. B-A-N-E. What is the name of the venture capital firm that Romney ran, and around which there's now this make-believe controversy? Bain. The movie has been in the works for a long time, the release date's been known, summer 2012 for a long time. Do you think that it is accidental, that the name of the really vicious, fire-breathing, four-eyed, whatever-it-is villain in this movie is named Bane?


Anyway, so this evil villain in the new Batman movie is named Bane. And there's now discussion out there as to whether or not this was purposeful, and whether or not it will influence voters. It's going to have a lot of people. This movie, the audience is going to be huge, lot of people are going to see the movie. And it's a lot of brain-dead people, entertainment, the pop culture crowd. And they're going to hear "Bane" in the movie, and they are going to associate Bain. And the thought is that when they start paying attention to the campaign later in the year, and Obama and the Democrats keep talking about Bain, not Bain Capital, but Bain, Romney and Bain, that these people will think back to the Batman movie --"Oh yeah, I know who that is." There are some people who think it will work. There are some people think it will work. Others think -- "You're really underestimating the American people who think that will work."

Rush Limbaugh, Media Matters 25 Comments [7/24/2012 8:28:46 AM]
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I was just about to submit this quote but you beat me to it.

Limbaugh is completely batshit insane.

7/18/2012 12:53:31 AM


Fire-breathing...? The closest villain I can think of to that in the Batman oeuvre is Firefly, and he's fire-SHOOTING. (Note: They should consider a Batman film with Ferris Boyle as the Bigger Bad, developing Firefly as a defense-contract power armor and letting a psycho use it in order to get a free field test.)

7/24/2012 8:32:49 AM


Rush is off his meds again. Or is he on them? You can never tell with this guy.

7/24/2012 8:33:55 AM


Bane was invented by a comic-book writer nearly twenty years ago and he doesn't breathe fire.

7/24/2012 8:40:19 AM


Dark Knight Rises started filming in 2010. Romney began campaigning in 2011. The whole Bain Capital thing only began entering the news in 2012. The math might be a bit complicated here but I think the more astute readers may notice that, unless Warner Brothers had access to some form of time machine, they and their writers would not have known that Bane, a staple villain in the Batman franchise for decades, would have any name similarities to Romney's old firm.

7/24/2012 8:41:12 AM


I... seriously?

Oh, It's Rush. Fuck it, I'm not even going to bother.

7/24/2012 9:05:16 AM


Rush, you really are the stupidest asshole on the radio. Thirty seconds of research would have kept you from putting your foot in your mouth and looking like a fool (again) but you just couldn't be bothered.

No one is dumb enough to think that Romney is in any way connected to a Batman villain who has been around since the early 90s except you.

7/24/2012 9:06:28 AM


Rush Limbaugh, comic connoisseur.

7/24/2012 9:11:11 AM


I hope this one of the times he is being a sarcastic douche, if not well the quote speaks for itself.

7/24/2012 9:27:32 AM


I can't stop laughing. Rush, you're an absolute moron. Bane was created two decades ago, and is neither four-eyed nor fire-breathing. And the audience of these films isn't brain-dead by any measure. Superhero films aren't just for nerds anymore- they've finally been accepted as a legitimate form of art.

And what was with the "Lights Up" joke? That... didn't work at all.

7/24/2012 10:12:30 AM

"There are some people think it will work. Others think -- "You're really underestimating the American people who think that will work."

And then there's you... thinking (and saying) that the American people are fucking morons who will fall for that kind of shit.

7/24/2012 10:30:48 AM


Am I the only one here who wants to see Batman light up?

7/24/2012 11:05:13 AM


Well, Rush, since you inspired Mr. Holmes to do what he did when and where he did it, as opposed to perhaps some other time and place, you may now tout yourself as a truly stirring orator.

7/24/2012 1:02:25 PM


First, if people are actually stupid enough to mistake Bane for Bain, Romney deserves to lose the election, since he's obviously trying to become president of the wrong country.

Second, Bane as a Batman villain existed years before people gave a shit about Mitt Romney. The reason they used him in this movie is because next to R'as al Ghul or the Joker, he's probably the most dangerous villain in the Batman franchise for years now.

Third, who names a company for something that's a homonym for a curse and a burden? That's like being the proud owner of Payne Pharmaceuticals. You're asking for unfavourable comparisons.

7/24/2012 1:26:28 PM

Raised by Horses

To which the nurse replied that it was time for Messr. Limbaugh to take his medication, and that he was at risk of upsetting the other patients.

7/24/2012 6:17:01 PM


Well, Rush has a lot of experience with brain-dead people, even to the point of being one.

7/24/2012 9:16:45 PM

J. James

Rush Limbaugh is probably the only person in the entire world stupid enough to actually UNDERestimate the intelligence of his listeners. And insult their "intelligence" in the process, no less!

7/24/2012 11:35:36 PM

Doubting Thomas

a person or thing that ruins or spoils: Gambling was the bane of his existence.

a deadly poison (often used in combination, as in the names of poisonous plants): wolfsbane; henbane.
death; destruction; ruin.
Obsolete. that which causes death or destroys life: entrapped and drowned beneath the watery bane.

Ever think this is why they chose this for the villain's name?

7/25/2012 6:36:15 AM


Mr. Douche Limpdick is once again lying through his teeth, just like in every other time he opens his mouth.

7/25/2012 9:57:00 AM


"Do you think that it is accidental, that the name of the really vicious, fire-breathing, four-eyed, whatever-it-is villain in this movie is named Bane?"


7/26/2012 11:05:17 AM


It's clearly obvious that Rush is back using various over the counter drugs and possibly some street illegal drugs to divine truth again. Poor Rush, those rehabs don't really work, do they buddy?

7/26/2012 11:10:44 AM

But Bane first arrived on comics in, what, the nineties? There's even another Batman film with him in.

All my wtf. How can one man be this dense?

7/27/2012 4:12:27 AM


Your punishment must be more severe, Mr. Limbaugh.

7/30/2012 2:43:32 PM


Bane existed in the comics long before Mitt Romney even would have dreamed of running for president.

Anyway Rush, you suck huge gonorrhea-infested wiener. Fuck you and your delusional lying.

3/18/2013 3:52:43 AM


...I honestly thought this was a Poe until I saw the source.

9/19/2013 11:47:12 AM

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