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What I mean is that ultimately because propositional communication was invented by God and in fact the persons of the Godhead have been communing with each other for an eternity with language, words and concepts have ultimate objective meanings. IOW, there is an objective definition and criteria of persons. This is irrespective of the arbitrary and false definitions of persons that various governments and ethicists may come up with. This is true of all language. This is why cursing is condemned by God. When you tell someone to "go to Hell" this is a very serious statement because there really is a hell and etc.

Ed, Internet Infidels 18 Comments [1/4/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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How do three equally omniscient aspects of the same being communicate? What the heck are they talking about? You'd think they would all know exactly what the other two would say.

1/4/2006 3:43:12 PM


Me, myself and I have come up with a very effective communication system that, according to Ed, may be used by all sentient beings within the next eternity.

1/4/2006 3:59:39 PM

David D.G.

If God is so hot with language, and the Bible is divinely inspired, you'd think that the translations would be more consistent.

~David D.G.

1/4/2006 4:01:03 PM


I wonder if they speak english too?

What about \"fuck\"? Is that \"very serious\" because its a real action?

1/4/2006 4:40:28 PM


...As a linguist, this makes me sad. And, ironically, almost speechless.

1/4/2006 6:02:02 PM

Darth Wang

Prove Hell exists.

1/4/2006 7:48:41 PM


\"... there really is a hell and etc\".

and etc?! So I have a choice between going to hell or opting for etc? Is that like giving up the washer and dryer for what's behind door number 3?

1/4/2006 10:10:39 PM


I agree with glyptodon. The very idea that language, words, and concepts have \"ultimate objective meanings\" kills some portion of my soul and vast parts of my psyche.

1/4/2006 11:47:46 PM


So saying \"Go to Hell\" is a sin because hell is a real place (I actually think there's a town in Norway named Hell, but that's beside the point), so does that mean it's a sin to say something like \"Go to New Jersey\" Because New Jersey's a real place?
Does anyone know what this man is talking about?

1/5/2006 12:34:32 AM


Cousin Ted, there's a Hell in Michigan, also.

This quote just isn't worth picking on until Ed tries to defend himself. It was pretty funny the last time.

1/5/2006 2:07:51 AM


TG: The way I read it, it looks a little like asking \"Cake or death?\"

Anyway, the whole Biblically-justified-period-of-black-nonpersonhood kind of contradicts his idea of an objective definition of \"person\", doesn't it? Then there's the bit about how, for quite some time, women were property to be bought and sold or used to form alliances between families. And don't forget the idea that individuals of other religions aren't people.


Were these definitions false? If that's the case, then might any current definition also be false? After all, there's apparently an objective definition, and we've gotten it wrong over and over in the past.


1/5/2006 4:33:49 PM


<<< Cousin Ted, there's a Hell in Michigan, also. >>>

There's also Paradise, Michigan. They're about 6 hours apart. Awfully short trip to get from one side of eternity to the other.

1/5/2006 4:51:05 PM


God doesn't do figurative language? So I guess that right after Jesus said \"I am the vine\" - *POOF*

1/8/2006 1:53:40 PM


Exactly, God doesn't do figurative speech, Jesus never used parables, there are no American tanks in Baghdad and Leverkusen will win this Bundesliga season.

7/11/2008 10:48:21 AM


When I say go to hell, it isn't serious, because I'm a real grown-up person, and I know they don't exist.

5/26/2017 9:16:59 PM


Nevertheless and for what it really means: "Go away forever"

Go to hell.

5/27/2017 4:52:45 AM


Hank Hill

"I think Hell is a place you should consider making a visit towards"

5/27/2017 4:57:26 AM


What I mean is that ultimately because propositional communication was invented by God and in fact the persons of the Godhead

Eddie the 'Ead:

When he's controlling Satan in the above album cover, therefore he is superior to your 'God'.

Up the Irons.

5/27/2017 7:49:45 AM

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