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Quote# 8858

[Coming from the guy who believes <a href="http://www.fstdt.com/comments.asp?id=7751" target="_blank">water on Mars proves the global Flood</a>]

Long after evolution is an eternal laughingstock, and lesson, how delusional men can become.
It is so far more than just physical science, it should bring a tear to your eye!

dad, 123 Christian Forums 10 Comments [1/4/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
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Darth Wang

What an idiot.

1/4/2006 9:00:43 PM

Just Rick

Is this guy suggesting that Noahs flood was so bad here it reached Mars?

1/4/2006 9:50:56 PM


I can't even parse that.

1/4/2006 9:58:59 PM



Says it all, really.

1/4/2006 11:55:14 PM

The Last Conformist

Is he actually saying something, or just stringing up words and phrases after one another randomly?

1/5/2006 12:06:27 AM


dad; the christian counterpart to Gene Ray.

1/5/2006 12:25:25 AM


\"It is so far more than just physical science, it should bring a tear to your eye!\"

Yes, it does, dad. I'm cracking ribs from laughing so hard.

1/5/2006 2:03:55 AM


Dad, you just brought a tear to baby Jesus's eye.

12/9/2006 9:06:47 PM

Rapax Pringer

"water on Mars proves the global Flood"

Yeah, on Mars.

8/16/2010 11:16:53 AM


Creationism is a joke, not evolution. You're delusional.

4/2/2013 2:21:08 AM