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Site/Off-topic discussion thread 2   2016 Fundie of the Year Nominations (soon!)

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I believe in "aliens." I believe they are still here on this planet somewhere. I believe they have abducted people. I believe they have experimented on people. And, I believe they have created hybrid beings. When this occurred? I do not know. How this occurred? I do not know. But, I believe there is a reason for some human beings having extraordinary abilities unlike others. And there is a reason why some people are geniuses. Including, some who were not even considered to be very smart (Einstein).

There is a reason why ancient civilizations were able to create structures that we cannot replicate with machinery today. The drawings of things that did not exist (Da Vinci), is just one example. This was knowledge that technically he should not have known about. Now, either we as human beings did not originate on this planet, and were somehow made to forget what we are capable of doing. Or, there had to be an alien influence somewhere. Have you ever watched, "Ancient Aliens?"

thelovedovefor1, Answerology 16 Comments [7/29/2012 6:00:43 PM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Karana
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J. James

If you don't know when, and you don't know how, then WHY, OH WHY, do you believe it at all? Admitting that you have absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe something does not give you an excuse to keep on believing it!

7/29/2012 6:12:41 PM


If someone is smarter than me, ALENS.
We can create structures that they have created(Pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter island heads, etc. hurr hurr). Ever thought that da Vinci inspired the designs of modern machines, most of his inventions never left the planning stages and some wouldn't work. Ancient Aliens, you mean that pseudo science show?

7/29/2012 6:43:13 PM

Raised by Horses

7/29/2012 11:30:40 PM

Deus ex Populo

"I believe there is a reason for some human beings having extraordinary abilities unlike others. And there is a reason why some people are geniuses."

Because all humans are born with the exact same genetic blueprints, cultural backgrounds, upbringings, etc., and the only explanation for some people having different abilities from others is aliens, right?

7/30/2012 1:54:03 AM


I don't know seems to be a pretty good answer these days for everything. If you want to believe in aliens, don't you think you should at least know something about these things before you believe in them? Makes little sense.

7/30/2012 2:38:32 AM


Ancient Aliens? Please. That show intentionally lies about its findings in order to make it more 'mysterious'. I know one 'strange undersea city' is actually just the remains of a geological event. They even went beyond merely misquoting the non-english speaking geologist.. they *misstranslated* what he said.

7/30/2012 3:42:01 AM

Doubting Thomas

And there is a reason why some people are geniuses. Including, some who were not even considered to be very smart

Tell me more about these stupid geniuses...

7/30/2012 5:34:57 AM

Street Sharks

He had me until 'Have you ever watched, "Ancient Aliens?"'


7/30/2012 6:19:36 AM


As a kid I drew lots of things that didn't exist.

7/30/2012 6:35:44 AM


I believe in stuff. Why? I do not know. I saw it on TV so I believe it.

And please give Da Vinci more credit. And Einstein.

7/30/2012 8:16:07 AM


"Have you ever watched, "Ancient Aliens?"

Never miss it - it's hilarious.
...oh wait, he's serious!

7/31/2012 3:34:40 AM


Have you ever watched, "Ancient Aliens?"

Yes. It makes for a good laugh sometimes.

7/31/2012 11:26:54 AM


Futurama is not to be taken as a documentary about Leonardo Da Vinci's life!

7/31/2012 9:40:40 PM

David F Mayer

Engineer are constantly drawing pictures of things that do not exist. Then these pictures are used to construct the things, and POOF, they come into existence.

When it comes to inventions, the picture always precedes the object.

David F Mayer

12/23/2012 8:22:06 PM

Time to again listen to Hayseed Dixie's 'Alien Abduction Probe'

yup, '...this crap is getting old...'

1/3/2013 2:44:43 AM


I would call Poe if I wouldn’t know someone like that in RL. Not so long ago and after a few beers I had a long and heated discussion about (amongst others) the building of the pyramids, the rise of the Babylonian civilization etc. His explanation for everything was “aliensdidit”.

When I presented him with scientific explanations for everything he brought up and debunked all his arguments, his only refuge was to state: “Kuno, this is my worldview and I do not need evidence for it and you will not change it.”

How are you supposed to argue against something like that?

1/7/2013 8:38:10 AM