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The homosexual lobby wants to outlaw Christianity. This is the real meaning behind the uproar over Chick-fil-A. The chicken sandwich franchise has become a lightning rod for the culture war. Liberals despise it; conservatives back it. Supporters of gay marriage want to prevent the Atlanta-based chain from expanding, demanding new restaurant permits be denied. The left’s goal is to reduce Christians to permanent second-class citizens. Now they are coming for our freedom of speech. This is Christophobia — the dominant bigotry of our time. Christians unite, before it’s too late.

Jeffrey Kuhner, Joe. My. God. 40 Comments [8/13/2012 3:35:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Aspergus

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First, it's wrong to actively deny a business permit to any business that otherwise meets the standards for running the business. So the bluster of politicians who say "no thank you" to a hate-filled place like Chick Fil-A coming to town is just that: bluster. Kind of like your preachers' right to talk about how unnatural teh geyz are.

Second, Their food tastes awful. Go get KFC or Roy Rogers if you must get over processed fast food "chicken".

Third, please tell me exactly where Jesus talked about homosexuality.

Fourth, wtf is "Christophobia"? Your persecution complex is showing.

8/13/2012 3:43:31 AM


You have to be very good at self deception and have an uncanny inability to think for yourself to get from people wanting the same opportunities to pursue happiness that you and I have to the nonsense that spewed from your mind.

8/13/2012 3:47:34 AM

Persephone 66

I think denying them building permits was wrong.

Haven't Christians been treating homosexuals like second class citizens for, well, who knows how long? Aren't they pretty much the reason why same-sex marriage is not allowed?

8/13/2012 4:03:09 AM

Voice of Humanity

I don't get why everyone's saying that its somehow wrong to ban them. Doesn't the fact they throw mass amounts of money at hate groups call their ability to follow anti-discrimination laws into serious question? I think some states already have sexual orientation as a protected status.

8/13/2012 4:12:06 AM

Filin De Blanc

While Kuhner is a whiny jackass, I do think denying permits to Chick-fil-a because of the owner's views comes dangerously close to a negation of free speech - the government shouldn't have the power to effectively screw over a business because they don't like what the owner does with the money he gets from it.

8/13/2012 4:21:25 AM

Doubting Thomas

Oh give me a fucking break. Nobody's trying to outlaw Christianity or make Christians second-class citizens.

However, if they were, then how does it feel to be on the receiving end of what you've been dishing out for generations?

8/13/2012 5:18:15 AM


Even if I were to grant your bizarre proposition, isn't that just turn-about, which is fair play? So why are you complaining?
Or are you confessing what's obvious to every honest person, that your treatment of gays has always been evil?

8/13/2012 5:38:04 AM


So people deciding to eat there based on their stated values is the free market in action but people deciding not to eat there based on those same values is an assault on religious freedom. Got it.

8/13/2012 5:42:49 AM


The states refusing franchise outlets over this issue are wrong,,,and know what? They'll lose on that issue big-time. The opinions of the owner are his right and these decisions aren't going to stand.

This really has little to do with Christianity as many against him are Christians and many against Gay-Marriage aren't. You can bet the other chicken francises are against Chick-fil-A for entirely other reasons.

8/13/2012 6:38:48 AM


You know, these sorts of comments piss me off. Around here, liquor licenses get bought up by churches to keep restaurants who could use the extra money from getting them. A metaphysical store a town over had to work on they sly out of a house as an 'online business' because they couldn't get a proper permit, and then basically got ran out of town. Another Pagan business here in my town got viciously harassed by someone throwing bricks through the front glass door and window.

These people can kiss my ass. They have no idea what it's like to endure real bigotry.

8/13/2012 6:41:12 AM


Look, Mr. Cumming Cannibal Guy, we have no problem with Mr. Cathy's personal opinion (as stupid & bigoted as it is). We have an issue with his GIVING MONEY TO HATE GROUPS...INCLUDING ONES THAT SUPPORT THE SAUGHTER OF GAYS IN UGANDA!

"This is Christophobia..."
I am NOT afraid of Christ! Christianity is not under attack! We are fearing & attacking PURITAN FUNDAMENTALISM!

Jesus was cool. Normal non-Fundy churches are fine. IT'S THE FUNDIES POLLUTING IT we take issue with, dumbo!

8/13/2012 6:46:16 AM


"The homosexual lobby wants to outlaw Christianity"

So only right-wing fundies will eat at Chick(tract)fil-A, eh? Enjoy your lost profits.

Now you know why the likes of Pepsico alienate the Pink Pound/Dollar/Euro/(*insert currency of your choice here*) at their peril. Even the most fundie of shareholders will become the most pro-LGBT people, when it comes to the returns on their investment; they worship Mammon more than your 'God', Jeffy-boy.

"Christophobia — the dominant bigotry of our time"

And Homophobia was the dominant (and still is, amongst you fundies) the hyper-dominant bigotry. Your point? Otherwise, you wouldn't be homophobic in the first place, and - like Pepsico - Chick(tract)-fil-A would be (at worst) religiously neutral, and fund LGBT groups. Destroyed your own argument, much?

...and even if 'twere the case, Mr. Kuhnter, that 'The homosexual lobby wants to outlaw Christianity', speaking as a pro-LGBT, left-wing Atheist...:

8/13/2012 6:48:37 AM


"The homosexual lobby wants to outlaw Christianity."

Even if they did want this, so what? It can't happen you idiot.

"This is the real meaning behind the uproar over Chick-fil-A."

No, I'm pretty sure that the whole thing is because their CEO is a bigoted moron who doesn't know enough to keep his mouth shut rather than publicly declaring that he's a bigoted moron.

"The left’s goal is to reduce Christians to permanent second-class citizens."

You seem confused about who wants what.

"Now they are coming for our freedom of speech."

I think not. If you, or anyone else, wants to shout from the top of your lungs and prove your a moron, go for it. Just expect to be criticized for it when we exercise our freedom of speech.

"This is Christophobia — the dominant bigotry of our time."

Oh, yes. You poor, persecuted bastards. How ever do you make it through the day, what with your Christian radio, Christian churches on every corner, Christian TV stations, Christian Megachurches, Christian bookstores, Christian movies, Biblical references embedded in our language, Bibles for sale everywhere, and iconography of your religion worn by just about everyone?

Seriously, I don't know how you're even brave enough to keep your blog online where you express such subversive ideas as your religious beliefs.

"Christians unite, before it’s too late."

Yeah, gather together the fragmented and dispersed rabble of what's left of your shattered religion. Try one of your Megachurches.


8/13/2012 7:00:45 AM


The left’s goal is to reduce Christians to permanent second-class citizens.

Even if that were true (which it's definitely not), you deserve it and you'll find little sympathy from me and other people who are sick of you and your bigotry. I almost wish this WAS true because then you'd be getting a taste of your own bitter medicine. The fact that this is nothing but DARVO makes you deserve that fate all the more.

8/13/2012 7:07:36 AM


Geez, it's times like these that I'm glad we don't gives two shits about what owners of fast food restaurants say. I give less than that about your whiny tantrum OP.

8/13/2012 7:44:25 AM


I'm not sure that I'm the first one saying this, but DARVO!

8/13/2012 8:01:07 AM


"Christophobia — the dominant bigotry of our time"

I laughed so hard it hurts.

8/13/2012 8:42:47 AM

rubber chicken

"Christians unite"

Yeah, good luck with that.

8/13/2012 8:48:08 AM


This Chickfilla has become a lightning rod for hatred, bigotry and discrimination.

Supporters of the right to marry your consenting adult loved one, want to make it absolutely clear that Cathy is monetarily supporting hate-groups.

The Left? Ha, you don't have a left! You have an ultra-ultra right, an ultra right and a right. Most of the ordinary right people are Christians, they don't want to reduce themselves to second-class citizens, you dolt!

You have the right to spout whatever hatred, misogyny and racism you want. But in spouting, you have agreed that your opponent has the exact same right to oppose you every step of the way. If you don't want to grant him/her that right, why should YOU be granted that right?

It's not Christophobia, it's anti-hatred; ergo love, stupid.

8/13/2012 8:51:32 AM

Raised by Horses

'Won't someone please think of the poor, persecuted majority?', part googolplex.

8/13/2012 8:59:44 AM

Joe Mama

So you think a minority of people will be able to outlaw something that around 80% of the people in this country participate in?

I mean, I know you Christians have a track record of doing just that, but I don't think that gay people will be able to ban any religion, mainly due to that First Amendment thingy.

8/13/2012 9:25:10 AM

Jamaican Castle

@Voice of Humanity:

Because it is wrong to ban them. They're allowed to donate money to whoever they like, as long as they aren't on some kind of FBI watchlist or similar. That's part of free speech.

If they are engaging in discriminatory hiring practices (which I have no trouble believing, but would still need to have definitive proof), they can be fined for that - someone more informed on corporate law might be able to tell you whether they could lose their licenses, but I kind of doubt it. But they can't be banned for what people think they might be doing, only what they can be proven to have done.

8/13/2012 9:35:54 AM

Voice of Humanity

@ Jamaican Castle
I'm not gonna pretend I'm an expert on Corporate law stuff, but yeah I agree with you that definitive proof is needed, but I'm surprised they can't just ask other states for their files before they let them in. I'd have a problem with a fast food place with sparkling swastikas on it just going around setting up shop too.

Edit: Note to self, form death metal band and name it Sparkling Swastika

8/13/2012 10:02:46 AM


Ahh, where's that 'Persecuted/Not Persecuted' image when ya need it?

Listen- as has been stated previously, if Cathy had kept his homophobia to simple opinion and left it at that, nobody'd have a problem. (Well, he'd still be a bigot, but nobody should be condemned for merely thinking something.) Hell, even if it were his own money being diverted to these anti-gay lobbies, there'd be nothing to be said on the matter. But he's funneling company funds toward the denial of gay marriage, and putting anti-gay-marriage messages on the packaging, and in so doing has tainted the restaurant chain with the same bigotry he harbours.

MAN am I glad there's no Chick-Fil-A in Canada. If I want some chicken, I can go to Popeye's, who at least have the sense to keep their beaks shut on the matter (pun intended).

8/13/2012 10:44:21 AM

"reduce Christians to permanent second-class citizens."

You mean do to Christians what Christians have done to other groups every time they have gained power in a region? That would be a bad thing...

I can see that you understand that making any group into second-class citizens is a bad thing, so how about you try some of that "love your neighbour" stuff that Jesus spoke about and STOP DOING IT TO OTHERS!!!

8/13/2012 10:45:18 AM

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