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This is how they are going to activate Homeland Security against the American people, ladies and gentlemen. It is dastardly. It is wicked. It’s cold-blooded. It is New World Order MO, one-hundred and ten percent. They are now doing it. The government bombs Oklahoma City and they blame it on the right wing. They involve Iraqis and set-up that trail. When they bring it out that Iraq bombed Oklahoma City which they’ve already been doing in the national news, we need to point out: Well, why did you then seize the surveillance cameras, all 12 of them – the tapes, showing the Iraqis? Why would police arrest them to order their release? We need to start asking that question when they try to do this. That’s the most powerful tool we’ve got. Call every talk show now. Call every radio show. Call C-Span in the morning whenever they open those phones up. Call the White House. Call Congress and tell them: Hey, why did you grab those surveillance camera tapes then – that show the Islamics bombing the building, the Iraqis. Why didn’t you keep them in custody after they’d been arrested? Clinton, why did you order their release? Why did George Bush, Sr. bring 3,400 of them in after the Gulf War? Why? Why? Why? The answer is simple. This government is illegitimate and is behind the attacks. That is an absolute documented fact.

Alex Jones, Infowars.com 16 Comments [8/29/2012 5:40:48 AM]
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Huh? A couple of right-wing militia nutjobs bombed the Murrah Federal Building, not Iraqis. Methinks you are getting your conspiracy theories mixed up. Must be hard keeping them all straight in your addled head.

8/29/2012 6:03:20 AM



Did alex mix up two sheets of theories there?

8/29/2012 6:21:24 AM


This only deserves a "WTF?"

8/29/2012 6:21:47 AM

Leighton Buzzard

2002. Kinda old.

8/29/2012 6:55:10 AM

Doubting Thomas

Fucking Alex Jones. He never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like, and there's no wacko belief out there too crazy to spout off as fact.

The OKC bombing was 17 years ago, 9/11 was 11 years ago, and the government STILL hasn't declared martial law or even done anything to try to take away people's guns? Kinda pathetic timing for a plan to take away everyone's rights and install a totalitarian government, especially when you consider how many elections we've had since then.

8/29/2012 7:16:19 AM

Meanwhile, at the Infowars headquarters.

8/29/2012 9:48:28 AM


Ah, Alex, the shame of Austin. He's been blabbing the same conspiracies since the mid-90s, just switching up the players and the props a bit.

8/29/2012 9:54:29 AM


This government is illegitimate and is behind the attacks. That is an absolute documented fact.

[citation seriously fucking needed]

8/29/2012 10:57:42 AM


Also.. wasn't homeland security organized after 9/11 YEARS after oklahoma?

8/29/2012 1:03:50 PM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

As a reminder, people take this dolt seriously.

All hail the King of the Crackpots.

Truly, we humans should be embarrassed of ourselves.

8/29/2012 1:24:17 PM

Oh My Dog!

8/29/2012 4:11:01 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

That is an absolute documented fact.

Documented you say? Well then, surely you wouldn't mind presenting those documents for our scrutiny?

8/29/2012 4:19:49 PM

Raised by Horses

(looking at that gif with A.J. holding a gun)

Yes, that's pretty much how I feel whenever I see your show.

8/29/2012 10:39:24 PM


"That is an absolute documented fact."

Words have actual meanings Jones.

8/30/2012 3:34:57 AM


Was this guy put feet first through a grinder, stuck back together with meat glue, and then encouraged to start talking again? There can be no other explanation.

8/30/2012 12:42:29 PM


Why the hell do you care?! As far as you're concerned, we Americans are a bunch of wicked, potbellied, slothful, stupid pig-demon people! Make up your mind and if you hate America so much, get your hurt butt out and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

4/4/2013 11:20:32 AM

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