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“My church teaches creation, but it doesn’t deny evolution.”, YOU need to find a new church. If a “church” cannot get Genesis right then EVERYTHING else they “teach” is suspect.

US Navy Vet, Free Republic 34 Comments [9/4/2012 3:04:56 AM]
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Strange conclusion, but then everything churches teach is suspect anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

9/4/2012 3:24:06 AM


Genesis can't even get it right with itself. Chapter 2 contradicts Chapter 1

9/4/2012 3:49:31 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

LOL! The bible is nothing but contradiction after contradiction after contradiction. Not to mention, complete bullshit, as well.

9/4/2012 4:12:21 AM

The Bible can't get Genesis right; Chapter 1 and 2 are contradictory. YOU need to find a new Bible.

9/4/2012 4:13:43 AM

Uh, even the Catholic church has acknowledged evolution.

9/4/2012 4:24:08 AM


Your first sentence and your second sentence are at odds with each other unless by the "correct" teaching of Genesis you mean that it is taught it is an allegory and not an actual description of the beginning of our planet/universe.

9/4/2012 5:12:44 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

The thing is, people who believe in some kind of "god-directed" evolution are just a step above creationists on the intellectual scale — i.e., the former are morons while the latter are imbeciles*.

* definitions found here:

9/4/2012 5:23:57 AM

Doubting Thomas

"You're not worshiping my invisible friend right!"

9/4/2012 5:34:04 AM


The only way to get Genesis right is to ignore it and the rest of those fiction books.

9/4/2012 5:40:55 AM

Mister Spak

If you can't get observable reality right then everything else you "say" is "suspect".

9/4/2012 6:02:13 AM


If a “church” cannot get Genesis right then EVERYTHING else they “teach” is suspect.

I endorse your words but decry your meaning.

9/4/2012 6:29:38 AM


Or, I don't know, Genesis could be an allegory. You know, about the dangers of listening to a shady character (snake) and not listening to God. The talking snake kind of gives it away as a fable. And there was plenty of allegory in the Bible, I mean, that was the main way Jesus taught was in parable. And since you probably think Jesus is God then it makes sense for God to sprinkle the OT with parables when he supposedly dictated it to Moses. And this is all ignoring the much stronger possibility that the Bible is full of shit.

9/4/2012 6:40:48 AM


The only way to get Genesis right is to tear it out and use it to get the barbecue going. The rest of the bible can follow as and when needed.

9/4/2012 6:46:57 AM


When the post is long, it shows at least some intelligence (that is, if the author is literate). When the post is short and this apocalyptically stupid, then it's outright hilarious.

9/4/2012 7:20:38 AM


Worry less about the minutiae, and more about the philosophies taught in your respective churches, yes? Why is it so important that immediate creation be taught in lieu of theistic evolution? (To the rest of you, keep biblical accuracy out of this for the non. I'm more worried about their internal logic mechanisms. Even perfect truth gets warped by bad logic.) Is it just that immediate creation is somehow more glorious/awe-inspiring than theistic evolution? But why should glory be so important? What monstrous things would happen if God were to one day explicitly abjure glory-seeking?

9/4/2012 7:39:05 AM


I wonder what proportion of Christian churches in the world teach a literal interpretation of Genesis. A minority, I should think.

9/4/2012 7:52:53 AM


@Jezebel's Evil Sister

Thank you for calling me, a Wiccan & the majority of sane theistic people, who also think fundies are crazy, "Morons". (sarcasm)

9/4/2012 8:19:50 AM


The only part of the Bible worth any sort of respect are the 4 Gospels, everything else is only good for kindling, BBQ lighting, toilet paper & cat box filler!


9/4/2012 8:23:50 AM


Uncle Sam

To Shut

9/4/2012 8:23:57 AM

Pule Thamex

That's not fair. Using the most intelligent and highly trained of US Navy Vets to engage in debates on evolution. Scientists and educators don't have a chance. How are they supposed to answer such profound insights as that?

9/4/2012 8:37:01 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

That church is a good one. You are nothing but a brainwashed fool.

9/4/2012 8:54:33 AM

Thinking Allowed

9/4/2012 10:13:11 AM

Evolution doesn't rule out creation, it just rules out that instant type of creation.

9/4/2012 10:32:26 AM


"God has no place within these [school] walls, just as facts have no place within organized religion!"

9/4/2012 10:44:32 AM


Well so does the church that I used to belong to. They also have gay priests and women priests.

Guess they are not the right kinda church either, eh?

Man this is silly.

9/4/2012 10:49:17 AM

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