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I’ve been going to this gym in the Midlands for over a year now, and as time passes by I’ve noticed more ethnic ‘minorities’ turning up. Anyway, yesterday as I was undressing in the changing room I saw a white man talking enthusiastically to a black man, who had a foreign accent. On several other occasions in the past few months I have seen other white men talking to blacks in the changing room too. I’m not sure how these white men got to know these blacks or if they are work colleagues. No white men every say hello to myself, even those who recognise my face every week. Most whites, if strangers, in the changing room don’t talk and they tend to eye each other warily.

As I walked out of the changing room into the corridor towards the gym area I saw a white woman chatting with a smile on her face to a large light skinned black man. Up in the gym area, most of the gym members were whites. However quite often when a white woman walks past a burly black fitness instructor they smile and or say hello. On the other hand, despite going to this gym regularly I notice that few women rarely smile at me, and some of them have even frowned. I don’t see any rational reason for this.
What is it about our race that we seem to loathe ourselves, yet think that blacks are cooler or more interesting than us? I wondered if it ever occurred to the white morons in the gym, male and female alike, that the main reason these blacks are here is because their own nations are backward, corrupt, and impoverished.

I also think that Anglo-Saxons have a fondness for blacks which is not shared throughout the western world, especially in countries like Russia.
I suppose my frustration is that this constant pandering is occurring during a time of continued mass immigration into Britain which will utterly ruin the country. I don’t see any reason why these stupid whites should suck up and pander to uninvited non-white immigrants. I’m fed up of with living with traitors.

EntityO7, Stormfront 27 Comments [10/1/2012 6:55:26 AM]
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I'm sure it has nothing to do with your wretched attitude.

10/18/2012 5:16:00 PM


Guess what arsehat, the queen is Norman blood, not Anglo-Saxon. So GTFO of her country!

12/3/2014 3:26:56 AM

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