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I know there are Bigfoot researchers and others that cringe when this is brought up...but, fact is there has been numerous reports of bigfoot and bigfoot-like creatures seen entering and leaving a landed UFO. It has been reported for decades all over the world. We have had numerous reports of this right here in Wisconsin as well.
So the question is, are these bigfoot all the same? Is the connection only with certain ones? And what could be the idea or agenda behind this if these reports are true?
I recall reading were the American indians believed that bigfoot was brought here by people from the sky.

The Collective, Cryptozoology.com 30 Comments [10/1/2012 7:12:07 AM]
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Greater Good

Bigfoot vs Martians! Take your bets, folks!

10/1/2012 9:04:36 AM

Leighton Buzzard

A UFO flown by Bigfeet caused 9/11!!!!

10/1/2012 9:18:23 AM

Leighton Buzzard

Is anybody else thinking Chewbacca here?

10/1/2012 9:19:02 AM

Doom Nugget

Of course, it all makes so much sense now! Bigfoot is really an alien come to earth looking for our beef jerky*! And the crop circles are just the aliens walking around trying to find where the jerky-trees are hidden!

*For those who are confused, look up Jack Link brand jerky's commercials called "Messin' with Sasquatch"

10/1/2012 9:26:14 AM


"The Six Million Dollar Man" was not a documentary.

(Context: they did a couple of episodes where Bigfoot had been given bionic limbs by [IIRC] space aliens. Andre the Giant starred as Bigfoot.)

10/1/2012 10:41:40 AM


as if cryptozoology needed more nuts to decredibilize it... i want to believe as well, but as far as cryptids go, i'll stick with the giant flying fox, hugeass (tm) butterfly, and rat-eating venus rat-trap. (ok, that one's cryptobotany...)

you know, plausible critters that are friggin' rare and/or unseen. not jetpack-bigfoot

10/1/2012 12:28:05 PM

J. James

Why does it make total sense that cryptozoologists inhabit Wisconsin?

10/1/2012 12:28:32 PM



That explains literally everything...

Said the guy from Chicago. So maybe I have a subtle bias.

But I agree with you J.James, it makes perfect sense in every way, especially if he's from rural Wisconsin.

Also, to the OP, name ONE Native American tribe that has a myth about anything resembling Bigfoot. Go ahead, take your time, I'll wait.

10/1/2012 2:08:57 PM



10/1/2012 3:52:21 PM


@Greater Good

You just reminded me of Banzai!

Bigfoot vs Martians!

Place your bets now!

10/1/2012 5:03:02 PM

The Face of Rove

Bigfoot and the Hendersons was conditioning us to accept our alien masters into our homes all along. Who knew?

10/1/2012 5:56:07 PM


Ah, Wisconsin.

That makes sense.

10/2/2012 4:07:11 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Yep, just look at him flying around with his human captives!

10/2/2012 4:16:18 AM


At least that doesn't sound very dangerous - although if these search parties are made up of vry hairy guys…

10/2/2012 5:50:01 AM

Doubting Thomas

So... Bigfoot is really Chewbacca?

10/2/2012 6:58:54 AM


Wow, two kinds of crazy in one comment.

10/2/2012 9:34:50 AM


Okay, I hang out in some of the weirder areas of the Internet now and then, and I've never seen any stories of Bigfoot entering/leaving any UFOs.

I feel cheated.

10/2/2012 9:55:09 AM


They really need to rename their site "Cryptonutcase.com."

10/2/2012 11:45:19 AM


Researchers with big feet are not uncommon.

10/2/2012 12:54:47 PM


Sasquatches from space! That sounds like a title from a really cheesy and low budget sci-fi B movie.

10/2/2012 1:39:24 PM


I guess its easier to keep track of your lunacy if you combine it all into one conspiracy.

Will bigfoot be meeting with the NWO any time soon.

10/2/2012 11:19:06 PM



As a fellow Wisconsinite to The Collective, I believe I am best equipped to answer this question. No, he will not, because (And this is common knowledge in Wisconsin) he is the leader of the NWO; as well as the Anti-Christ, having usurped both roles from the co-leadership of Elvis and the Chupacabra some time in the mid 2000s.

10/2/2012 11:24:24 PM



It's because lots of people have caught glimpses of apes and bears and let their imagination run away with them.

10/3/2012 9:07:56 AM

Dee Jay


10/3/2012 10:48:13 AM


so when bigfoot isn't starring in grainy home movies and trying to scare hikers he hangs out with members of a race so indescribably advanced that they're capable of interstellar travel. or he might actually is a member of that race. neat.

10/3/2012 12:53:30 PM

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