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The problem is the core of Islam. This is what it teaches and to say that this is a small number of people—no, the small number of people are the ones that are peaceful in Islam and they’re apostates, they aren’t true believers. But those are the ones that our elites are used to doing business with, those are the ones that the businessmen in the West, they’re dealing with the apostates; our politicians, our ambassadors are dealing with the apostates. Look at Christopher Stevens, the ambassador that was killed, he was probably a homosexual. Many of the diplomats, the State Department diplomats that I meet with in the Middle East when I go are homosexuals. When I went to the Jordanian embassy a few years ago the ambassador took the group of us that were there on a fact-finding mission and he wanted a picture of us with him in front of a rainbow colored flag, not the US flag. We send people there and they deal with people on an elite level that aren’t really truly Muslims, we send nutcases over there who are dealing with apostate Muslims and then they report back that this is Islam. This is not Islam. What Islam teaches is what is being dealt in the streets.

William Murray, Right Wing Watch 29 Comments [9/24/2012 3:20:23 AM]
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Darwin's Bullfrog

Wow, this guy's just itching with Jihad Envy isn't he? You can almost smell it. I really think that he'd be much happier out on the streets smashing shit up with all the Muslim fundies he professes to hate.

9/24/2012 4:35:33 AM

Filin De Blanc


9/24/2012 4:38:46 AM

What Islam teaches is very similar to what Christianity teaches, stupid.

What does it matter whether the ambassador was gay or not? He's there to represent a country, not a sexual orientation. His orientations is just as valid as whether he's into sports or music.

The ones in the streets are mostly common thugs and vandals; they can be found in every country in the world, and don't really care why they are smashing, harming and killing, as long as they can go on doing it.

9/24/2012 4:58:05 AM


Doesn't sound like you've ever met a Muslim, really. There's plenty where I live and they're as peaceful as you could imagine, especially as they're rarely raging drunk at 3 in the morning. Unfortunately, it seems the only Muslims you can imagine are either terrorists or ambassadors. You're a loony.

9/24/2012 5:30:57 AM

Doubting Thomas

I really went WTF? at the suggestion that all diplomats are gay.

9/24/2012 5:41:15 AM

Mister Spak

Is this like the people who murder doctors and church congregations aren't really christians?

Or is it the Faux News talking heads who say these people aren't christians who aren't really christians?

9/24/2012 5:42:11 AM


No True Scotsman fallacy + confabulation.

9/24/2012 6:14:51 AM

Street Sharks

This is the same William Murray who got mandatory prayer taken out of school......oh how the mighty have fallen :(

9/24/2012 6:18:26 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Did he just state that Christopher Stevens was gay?

I was unaware that the middle east was swarming with gay folk.

9/24/2012 6:48:52 AM


Odd that the people in charge are all peaceful but they are the apostates. Storytelling with no logic.

9/24/2012 6:59:45 AM


So, the problem with Islam is that Mr. Cranky doesn't like homosexuals?

9/24/2012 7:17:09 AM

Arctic Knight

I had no idea that Shirley Temple* was gay. I'm sure her husband would have been really surprised to know he had married a lesbian who bore his children. [/sarcasm]

I'm pretty sure that William is pulling all of that out of his ass, and if there is any truth to his story, the flag you posed in front of could have been that country's flag, some countries have very colorful flags.

*Shirley temple, the famous child movie star has served as ambassador to both Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

9/24/2012 7:21:36 AM


I call jihad envy.

9/24/2012 8:28:04 AM


You ARE aware of how Muslims see homosexuality? Also a long time friend and one of my closest friends is Muslim. He is very peaceful and moderate. In Maryland and DC there are Mosques. And guess what! No major problems! Finally the Qu'aran is very similar to Old Testament

9/24/2012 9:16:10 AM


Ahhh that's some fine vintage batshit right there.....

9/24/2012 10:57:41 AM


What possible business could this turd have going to our embassies overseas?
And why should we pay attention to someone who couldn't be bothered to notice that Stevens had a wife and two children, all visible during the funeral coverage?

9/24/2012 11:19:08 AM


The core of Christianity:

Peaceful, apostate Christian, not a true believer:

9/24/2012 11:36:21 AM

Old Viking

What the hell is the subject of this diatribe?

9/24/2012 1:15:04 PM


Who the fuck is this moron?

9/24/2012 4:11:16 PM


Many diplomats are homosexuals? How odd. I didn't notice any homosexuals while I was growing up among diplomats overseas. (I noticed a lot of heavy drinking, but that's another story.)

9/24/2012 8:20:56 PM


What does the sexual orientation of diplomats have to do with the core teachings of Islam?

9/25/2012 1:11:45 AM



9/25/2012 3:40:03 AM

Sharon Young

I... thoroughly don't get... what's going on.

9/25/2012 4:00:43 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

What is this guy babbling about? It's incoherent nonsense to me.

9/25/2012 10:30:51 AM

jesus-face tortilla

sooo king abdullah al saud and the aga khan aren't real muslims?

9/25/2012 12:31:40 PM

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