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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: You know, I'm sort of curious, we have only this snippet of [the tape of Mitt Romney], and I always want the whole thing so that I’m satisfied I can put it in context. But what's interesting is that what he said was in part, and I realize it's only part, “I think what we’re going to have to do is somehow resuscitate the notion that government actually can be effective at all.” In the last past four years has [Obama] resuscitated the notion that the government actually can be effective?

PAT BUCHANAN: No. Let's take one example. Food stamps. I grew up in D.C. 800,000 people here in D.C., born in the ’30s during the depression, grew up in the ’50s. Nobody in D.C. of those 800,000 was on food stamps. City’s now 600,000. One in every five people are on food stamps.

VAN SUSTEREN: What happened?

BUCHANAN: This is just it. The whole idea, we used to have, read FDR about, you know, relief being a narcotic – a subtle destroyer of the spirit. We got to get off this welfare is what he said. In that sense, if it's a narcotic, Barack Obama is a drug dealer of welfare. He wants permanent dependency, in my judgment, of all these folks on the federal, somehow getting benefits, benefits, benefits, and paying no taxes.

Now, I think you've got, Gov. Romney is the complete opposite. We believe in temporary help for anybody that's in trouble. You should have a floor of decency under any family. Unemployment should be temporary. Unemployment benefits should be. Food stamps should be temporary. What are we doing with 47 million people permanently have to be fed by the government?

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it's much easier to move people off food stamps and move them off unemployment if the economy is revved up and going, so they had some place to go.

BUCHANAN: It is indeed, but look at what we did in the ’90s, the Republicans and Bill Clinton did. They said, okay, two years on welfare and then off. You got to get Workfair. You got to go get a job. I mean, you cannot, look, the society cannot carry forever a huge, vast, and growing class of folks who are permanently dependent upon the government of the United States and state and local government while you are shrinking the number of people that are contributing and paying the taxes. When the tax consumers outnumber the taxpayers, it is all over for the GOP, and it is all over, I think, for this republic.

Pat Buchanan, Newsbusters 15 Comments [9/24/2012 3:34:21 AM]
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Leighton Buzzard

Not seeing the racist or indeed the darndest here. It's a bit douchey conservative, but not nuts. He appears to be advocating Workfair?

9/24/2012 4:44:50 AM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

Looks as if Pat Buchanan exchanged his racist dog whistle for a bullhorn.

9/24/2012 6:23:04 AM

Doubting Thomas

Um, Pat, the food stamp program didn't exist in the 1950's. That's why nobody was on them back then. It doesn't mean that nobody needed some sort of assistance.

And of that 47 million people on government assistance nonsense, 3/4 of them are retirees on Social Security. You know, people who worked all their lives and paid into the system, and are now getting their reward. It's not like half the country is on welfare.

it is all over for the GOP

We can only hope.

9/24/2012 6:47:01 AM

What the fuck is this doing in RSTDT? Am I missing something; where is race mentioned in this quote?

9/24/2012 7:48:11 AM


In other words, you want people to starve if they can't get a job.

9/24/2012 8:36:31 AM


Get Van Susteren and Ann Coulter together and the resulting bitch-fest would great entertainment. And old Pat would be rubbing one out the whole time.

9/24/2012 9:09:39 AM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

"What the fuck is this doing in RSTDT? Am I missing something; where is race mentioned in this quote?"

Probably the explicit racial stereotype of Obama as the "drug dealer of welfare" to people who "permanently have to be fed by the government."

If it matters at all, this is being stated by a White Nationalist.

9/24/2012 9:11:45 AM

@Rabbit of Caerbannog

That's a bit of a stretch surely? There aren't any explicit racial references in this, and you were the one who took "drug dealer" to be a racial slur.

And surely RSTDT is about quoting racist statements and not about quoting completely irrelevant stupid things said by racists?

9/24/2012 9:56:24 AM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

"That's a bit of a stretch surely? There aren't any explicit racial references in this, and you were the one who took "drug dealer" to be a racial slur."

No I don't think it's a stretch. White supremacists like Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh use coded language so that they can convey racial sentiments without explicitly using racial slurs. Words and phrases like "drug dealing", "food stamps", "ghettos", "welfare", etc. are often used to target people of color, like when Ronald Reagan used that made-up story about a black "welfare queen" who had multiple Social Security numbers and scammed the system. Or when Newt Gingrich referred to President Obama as the "Food Stamp President." Or when Limbaugh compared President Obama to Robert Mugabe, to suggest that Obama was going to confiscate white peoples' land. So yes, I do think this is the message that Buchanan was attempting to get across.

9/24/2012 10:07:51 AM


@Rabbit of Caerbannog - Thanks for explaining it to them for me. ;)

Racist politicians and office-holders these days rarely use overtly racist language like racial slurs and epithets. That's because political strategists like Lee Atwater intentionally invented a lexicon of code words and talking points for politicians to appeal to racist voters while not sounding openly racist. Nowadays we call that "dog-whistle racism".

A lot of the commentators here might not have understood that because people who are not of a racist mindset may not notice the racist intentions behind the language. Hence why it's "dog-whistle", it goes over the heads of a lot of non-racist people but racists hear it loud and clear. Minorities usually know the code pretty well so most of us almost always catch the hidden code and some white people used to dealing with white racists can see the code too.

9/24/2012 12:07:22 PM

Oh My Dog!

Barack Obama is a drug dealer


9/24/2012 1:21:38 PM

There is nothing racist about this.

9/24/2012 4:44:37 PM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

"There is nothing racist about this."

Well that's a compelling argument you make...

9/24/2012 4:57:51 PM

Raised by Horses


You've obviously never heard of dog whistles:

"Food stamps"
"Permanently dependent on the government"
"Drug dealer" (the implications of this term should be quite obvious)

And then there's the source of all this lovely and perfectly factual rhetoric, Mr. Buchanan himself, with whom I take it you are unacquainted.

9/24/2012 10:03:57 PM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

@Raised by Horses

Yes! Thank you!

9/25/2012 5:38:23 AM

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