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Let's make a deal.
If I agree to keep my religion (Christianity) from our the public school system will you agree to keep your religion (Evolution/Atheism) out of the public school system.

What could be fairer than that?

theot58, Wired 44 Comments [10/1/2012 1:36:44 AM]
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Not again! Evolution is not a religion. It is a fact backed by facts from most disciplines of Science. Atheism is not a religion. It is simply a lack of belief in any Gods and other variants of the supernatural.

10/1/2012 1:47:02 AM


Superstition and mythology with no basis in fact vs scientific method and knowledge? Nothing doing.

You suggest a false equivalence between Evolution and Atheism. Not all those who accept Evolution are atheists. Even the Roman Catholic Mother Church of Western Christianity acklowledges that much of the Bible has been shown to be allegorical, and some of it downright wrong. Of course it took them 400 years to apologise to Galileo. But at least they have moved forward in grudgingly recognising that science is enlightening.

In America, however, the constitution (1st Amendment) makes a clear distinction between the State and religion - of any kind. Public schools, finded by public money cannot legally bring religion, as a subject, into their curricula.

You missed a comma after 'system', btw.

10/1/2012 1:56:03 AM


The fact that you think evolution is a religion is itself evidence that the current school system does not work.

10/1/2012 1:56:14 AM


Wehpudicabok wrote

"The fact that you think evolution is a religion is itself evidence that the current school system does not work."

Isn't it more likely that all these people were home schooled.

10/1/2012 2:13:53 AM


"Bald is a hair color" award

10/1/2012 2:15:15 AM


Reality is not a religion.

10/1/2012 2:15:27 AM

Sentry Gun

Evolution is not a religion, it's the logical conclusion most of people come to after carefully observe reality.

I'm sorry the real world contradicts your beliefs, but sticking to bronze age tales won't make them truer.

10/1/2012 2:28:01 AM

Which would leave the children with... what, exactly?

10/1/2012 2:41:29 AM


I've an idea: let's not teach anything in school!

//much less logic... reality... critical thinking...

10/1/2012 2:43:09 AM


Let's not. Let's teach both and let the kids make up their mind whether to believe bronze age fairytales or evidence based, peer reviewed application of logic and observation.

10/1/2012 2:46:33 AM


Doesn't matter what we agree on, it's all up to the school boards anyway. And all you're doing is proving why, more than ever, evolution needs to be taught.

10/1/2012 3:29:56 AM


'If I agree to keep my religion (Christianity) from our the operating theater will you agree to keep your religion (anesthetic) out of the operating theater.'

Makes about as much sense

10/1/2012 3:34:47 AM



O ...er, mighty Nothing In Particular, ..um, we humbly ask that you grant us, ...er, everlasting life and ...er, other ... um, similar things which are equally nonexistent.

O ...er, great Nebulosity in Chief, we beseech you to make us worthy of thy ...er, vagueness and lo, where we do kneel before thy mighty ethereality.

Let us raise our voices, yea, even past the confines of the ceiling, that the world may hear the joyous out-pouring of our hearts as we praise the ...er, mighty Evolution, for ...er, something or the other.

Anyway, ...

Amen and Awomen too.

10/1/2012 3:36:47 AM

rubber chicken

You keep praying out of schools, we'll keep thinking out of churches.

10/1/2012 3:37:39 AM


And while we're at it let's keep that superstition gravity out of schools too.

10/1/2012 4:19:07 AM


Religion =/= science.

10/1/2012 4:20:46 AM


Evolution is not the same thing as atheism. And no-one is teaching atheism. Trying to keep religion out of the classroom is not the same thing as teaching children to be atheists.

10/1/2012 4:22:12 AM

D Laurier

Fine theot58. But theres just one problem... I dont have any such religion.
There is no religion called "Evolution/Atheism". It does not exist.
OTOH there is a biological process called "evolution".... but not "Evolution/Atheism".
There is also a philosophical stance WRT religions as a whole, called "atheism"... but again no religion called "Evolution/Atheism".

It is perfectly fair that we educate our children, and you get to see your children grow up better than you did.
We will teach science in the science class, and religion in the religion class.

10/1/2012 4:40:47 AM

So, if we keep out all religions out of school and, just for the sake of it, define Atheism as religion (which, I think made me dumber just typing it) - what is the teacher supposed to say? He isn't, by your idea, allowed to say anything that is (Theism) or isn't (Atheism) related to religion. That's well thought, kill education under the banner of idiotic (and false) fairness.

10/1/2012 5:12:55 AM

Doubting Thomas

Too bad evolution is a scientific theory and not a religion. I'd be willing to keep atheism out of schools as long as teachers teach students how to think, not what to think. If teachers teach students critical thinking, then atheism is a logical conclusion.

Too bad they just can't reconcile religion and evolution. If I were religious I'd just believe that evolution was God's way of bringing life about. But then I always thought a lot of the stories in the bible were silly anyway and never took it totally seriously.

10/1/2012 5:32:43 AM

Mister Spak

If I agree to keep my facts (evolution) out of your church will you agree to keep your religion (Creationism) out of Americas schools.

What could be fairer than that?

10/1/2012 5:49:47 AM


Christianity and creationism (no, they are not the same thing) are systems which depend on an assumption of a supernatural entity. The theory of evolution was conceived and developed through observations of the natural world.

Systematic assumptions of the supernatural = religion
Observations of the natural world = science

What could be fairer than that?

10/1/2012 6:14:38 AM


Atheism IS out of schools. There is no official curriculum of teaching atheism in any public school. Evolution has nothing to do with atheism. Catholics officially support ToE and Raelians (who are a type of creationists who are atheistic) denounce ToE. Evolution is also a science and needs to be taught in science class. Just as the Civil War is taught in any American history class.

10/1/2012 6:45:57 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Gee-it's a shame that atheism & evolution are not religions. Better luck next time.

10/1/2012 7:02:43 AM

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