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Only thing is, imo - if things slowed down / stopped / reversed....would we ever again believe the time is near? Now, say it all stopped, then started up again 10 or more yrs. later. Wouldn't the watchers say....."yeah, right.... I remember many yrs. ago when Israel was completely surrounded by enemies wanting to wipe it off the map, the global encomony was ready to collapse, Israel was calling for their Messiah, the Christians were sure Jesus was at the door, the Islam religion thought their "mahdi" was on stage", etc.... I know I would have a hard time getting excited about it again many yrs. down the road. It is all set up so perfect now!

Why would God tell us what to watch for - set it up exactly that way - then, have it come to nothing?

Just think, if we did that one time with our own children waiting for Christmas; you know, putting up the tree, wrapping their presents, planning all the family get togethers - then call Christmas off, I doubt they would get too excited the next yr. So, maybe it's just me, but I think this is it. We are living in the very final days before we see it all, imo. God wouldn't call us to watch, then trick us. ysic MG

MaryGold, rapture ready 34 Comments [11/28/2012 8:31:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Tony

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Mary Mary Mary. If only you knew the long, long history of Christian eschatology and disappointed hopes. If only you knew how often before conditions have been "just right" for the apocalypse, and how long those conditions have been sustained. If only you knew the quantity of disapppointment and heartbreak that was immediately deftly subsumed into further wishful thinking.
Also, how creepy is rapture ready? A whole community of people acting like fucking ghouls and vultures, whose beliefs give them a direct interest in bad things happening in the world, so that when bad things happen in the world, they cheer up, almost like they're getting off on it.
Should we try and stop bad things happening in the world? Should we try and prevent the world from being destroyed? No, say the rapture-ites. If bad things happen, that's GOOD. If the world is on the brink of destruction, that's GOOD. It's sheer sadism and nihilism and schadenfreude tricked out in Christian gobbledygook.

11/29/2012 6:41:13 AM

Seeker Lancer

I have a better question, have you assholes ever believed the time WASN'T near?

11/29/2012 8:38:07 AM


I like to believe this is, infact, a very clever Poe; just poking them gently enough in the right direction to initiate some critical thought...

I live in hope...

11/29/2012 8:43:50 AM


The track record of still believing after the failure of end time predictions is sadly damn near 100 percent.

11/30/2012 10:48:20 AM

Uncle Steve

Jesus did teach of his eventual return, and encouraged us to not be 'caught with our pants down' when he does. The Bible teaches vigilance. It is not some sort of Christian 'crystal ball'. It does not describe a prophetic timeline. It is not an oracle. Christians who use it in that way are simply wrong. Look at all the failed predictions about Jesus' return. Everybody is shure we are living in the 'End Times', but nobody seems to be able to say why now, as opposed to some later time.
but it does make for good TV. (as well as a good cash flow).

10/14/2013 5:17:31 PM

rubber chicken

Maybe God is a cunt ?

10/14/2013 6:28:44 PM

Dr. Shrinker

Yes Mary, the end times will certainly take place in your lifetime because your god thinks you're so darn special.

Just remember, its atheists who have an inflated sense of self-importance.

10/14/2013 8:04:41 PM


Haven't we been living in the very final days for a couple of millennia now?

That's a very good parable, actually. Has the "real" Santa ever showed up on Christmas? Has anyone ever seen the reindeers or the sleigh for real? Parents wouldn't call the kids to watch, then trick them with a fake Santa, would they?

10/15/2013 12:36:44 AM


"when Israel was completely surrounded by enemies wanting to wipe it off the map, the global encomony was ready to collapse"


Egypt: Has full diplomatic relations with Israel.

Post-revolution Libya: Wants diplomatic relations with Israel; is an ally of France, Canada, UK and USA.

Qatar: Is an ally of the USA.

Oman: Is an ally of the UK & USA.

UAE: Is an ally of the USA.

Azerbaijan: Has full diplomatic relations with Israel, despite being the only other Muslim country - like Iran - that is mainly Shia.

Jordan: Not only has full diplomatic relations with Israel, it sees that Jewish state as a valuable ally in that region.

Even taking into account how things are still fragile, economy-wise, around the world, and the politico-fiscal pass your country's in right now; not taking into account the 'Arab Spring' taking things into a new dimension, I'd start questioning your so-called 'eSCATology', re. the so-called 'End Times' if I were you, o Ruptured Retards.

Seems ol' Scratch is even deceiving God. >:D

10/15/2013 6:13:50 AM

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