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Nobody wants to hear this, but the author is right. Simple minded atheists are going to flock to every article in the 'belief' section and try to peddle their monkey minded nothingness. Guess what. Atheists are nothing new. You've been around since before Jesus. No joke. Just 500 years ago Atheists were setting fire to churches, and killing priests, claiming allegiance to various hethan lords pagans or witches. Whatever . Setting fire they still wish they could do. And many 'Atheists' believe in 'vibes' and all kinds of pagan monkey business. Anyway, hate and violence is a disease. And the biggest atheists of the Modern era were some of the sickets. Pol Pot, banned religion. Killed 2 million in concentration camps. Mao tried to ban religion, Stalin tried to ban religion, Hitler etc. All started off as Religious people, who grew to hate religion, tried to ban it, and ultimately became mass murderers on the scale of millions – in Pol Pot and Hitlers case, killing especially those who opposed their brand of Atheist and in Hitler's case slightly mystic pagan 'beliefs'. So I don't want to hear about the crusades, where like 489 people were killed. Give it a rest pagans. Yours is the true evil, by count.

Men of science are men of science. God and science are not mutually exclusive. Unless there is one among you that can cure cancer, or outlive the sun? Let's go ahead and keep science, science. And leave religion to the unknown.

Of course, unless you are a monkey. Then by all means, believe in nothing but the dirt you eat.

Nick Ricci, CNN "Belief" Blog 43 Comments [10/5/2012 3:42:06 AM]
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Thinking Allowed

Just because there are people who don't believe in the christian god mean they're automatically atheists. There are other religions out there who believe in different gods than you do.

10/5/2012 10:38:39 AM

Thinking Allowed

On a side note, Hitler was christian.

10/5/2012 10:39:29 AM


500 years ago your kind killed Pagans, atheists, the wrong kind of Christians, etc. You fail history so hard David Barton envies your fail

10/5/2012 10:44:19 AM


Hitler etc

Hitler was a Christian who banned the teaching of evolution.

The rest is just complete lies and DARVO.

10/5/2012 12:08:48 PM



How about the Battle of The Horns of Hattin in the Third Crusade? Close to 20,000 casualties.

10/5/2012 12:38:36 PM


Socrates was convicted of "not believing in the gods of the state."
Wikipedia has a fairly interesting entry on the history of Atheism, though overly brief, of course. We've been here all along.

10/5/2012 1:58:49 PM

Old Viking

Nick is a full professor of World History and English Grammar at Liberty University.

10/5/2012 2:05:24 PM


"Pol Pot, banned religion. Killed 2 million in concentration camps. Mao tried to ban religion, Stalin tried to ban religion, Hitler etc."

I like nonstampcollector's take on this:

10/5/2012 2:35:40 PM


@Osiris: 1512, unless you're from 2112, like that Rush album.

10/5/2012 2:57:28 PM


I'm sorry but what mammal eats dirt??? No wonder you can't understand biology, you think monkey's eat DIRT! I can't even imagine what new kinds of stupid would come from you attempting to explain novel genes arising in bacterium!

10/5/2012 3:00:11 PM


10/5/2012 3:35:19 PM


"...believe in nothing but the dirt you eat."

But, it's you Bible-thumpers who claim to believe you were made from dirt.

10/5/2012 5:29:38 PM

Oh My Dog!

Just 500 years ago Atheists were setting fire to churches, and killing priests

The Church was actually doing all the fire setting back in the day, and it's you guys who want everyone to burn (in Hell).

claiming allegiance to various hethan lords pagans or witches

Citation seriously needed here.

Atheists' believe in 'vibes' and all kinds of pagan monkey business.

Why? Are they "darksided"?


500 years ago it was mainly Christians killing other Christians. There were very few atheists running around, and pagans, or heathens were probably almost non-existent. Those that did still exist believed a syncretic blend of Christianity and paganism.

Pol Pot, banned religion. Killed 2 million in concentration camps. Mao tried to ban religion, Stalin tried to ban religion

Dictators and despots hate competition, religion is competition. Hitler was probably nominally Catholic with a smidgen of that loopy Aryan mysticism tacked on. He wasn't an atheist.

So I don't want to hear about the crusades, where like 489 people were killed.

Massive history fail, the Siege of Antioch disagrees.


According to the article between 1,200 and 1,500 of Antioch's defenders died. That was just during the First Crusade, there were eight other Crusades.

Atheist = no gods.
Heathen/Pagan = polytheistic and /or pantheistic.

10/5/2012 7:33:15 PM

Fawful has seen God has a vagina on top of his penis

Pol Pot was a Theravada Buddhist: he didn't believe in any god, but he believed the heavens/fate sent him to restore order to Cambodia.

10/5/2012 8:55:50 PM


Sidenote: The Inquisition took it's brutal turn when it was handed from the Papacy to Secular Governments because the Papacy was being too light about it. How was the Papacy doing it? Teaching them why the heretics theology was wrong. Secular Governments? BURN THE HERETICS!

Crusades were stupid, but the Fourth One has a very special place in the stupidity of it all. Did give us that Kurd that took over Egypt and that awesome English Guy.

Atheism itself was not one to gain ground until the 1700s-1800s in the form of the Enlightenment spreading the concept of religious tolerance to a degree, even though it wouldn't be fully start to be taken to heart until during the 1800s. Also because science was taken more seriously as a discipline. Afterall, the original scientists were called "natural philosophers," Not Scientists. There were a number that were alchemists who grew dissatisfied with the results of their psuedo-science. Newton himself used science as a mean to try to advance his Alchemy. Kinda crazy.

I don't believe Theism and Science are exclusive either, but Theism shouldn't deny science. Theism deals in things science is not equipped to explain or handle while Science deals in the Physical world that is measurable or will be measurable. String Theory is just philosophy at the moment, but sometime in the future it may be measurable or have laws that allow it to be science and why it's not dealt with in Theism.

I use Theism because it can refer to Monotheism or Polytheism, which can be anything of higher belief.

I feel like I should try to regrow Zoroastrianism.

Heretic tends to refer to those of the same type of Belief (Christian as example) but with conflicting understandings (Catholic Versus Orthodox).

Heathen tends to the word used for those of completely different types of beliefs (Christian to Pagan) but can get muddy when you compare similar, yet incompatible beliefs like conservative Christianity and Islam.

10/5/2012 10:11:10 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

500 years ago?

Bloody hell, it's not just science education that's in trouble!

10/6/2012 5:54:25 AM

Pule Thamex

"And many 'Atheists' believe in 'vibes'..."

Yes I do, because I've actually seen and heard vibes, see an example at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vibes_(percussion).

I'm going to believe in Bible God too, just as soon as I've seen sufficient evidence for Him. Until then I'll stick to eating babies, burning churches and not being insane.

10/6/2012 11:05:02 AM

Raised by Horses


Dumber and more belligerent. Not a good combination.

Also, the OP really needs a Hitch-slap or two.

10/7/2012 12:27:38 AM

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