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Most “independent women” are welfare parasites. They “don’t need men”, to be sure, but do they ever need all the welfare handouts the state collects from men and sends them to provide for their “independence”. And they’re the most vocal and shrill in their demands – demands! – that the money they feel entitled to should keep flowing and coming their way.

To be honest, even women who don’t do welfare, child support, alimony or any other such little female independence booster are an iffy proposition as respectable: if she supports herself with a job she got as a result of affirmative action policies then she, too, is a parasite, only slightly less obviously so.

JHJ, The Spearhead 37 Comments [10/5/2012 3:42:15 AM]
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Oh My Dog!

if she supports herself with a job she got as a result of affirmative action policies then she, too, is a parasite, only slightly less obviously so.

Let me guess, you think the same thing about blacks too. Do you know a certain Mr. Sweaty Manboobs by chance?


10/5/2012 4:03:08 AM


Last time I looked, humans were a social animal, which entails looking out for the welfare of other members of the species. If early hominids had been so fucking tight arsed as you we'd be extinct by now!

10/5/2012 4:08:25 AM


And the next step is that if she marries a man and becomes a fulltime housewife, she's still a parasite. If you hate someone, they'll never please you, no matter what they do.

10/5/2012 4:15:44 AM

Leighton Buzzard

Ten gets you five this denizen of The Bell-End is on welfare.

10/5/2012 4:59:56 AM

Mister Spak

The dickhead strikes again.

10/5/2012 5:23:33 AM

Filin De Blanc

"child support, alimony"

I think the Spearhead is basically a website for men who are bitter that their ex-wife had a good divorce lawyer. Pay up, you grasping bastards.

10/5/2012 5:47:17 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Go & eat a shotgun you whining sack of shit.

10/5/2012 6:02:48 AM


Rough translation; 'I have to pay money to my ex wife in order to support my children, even though she left me because she realised what a whinging, sexually inadequite misogynist I am, and now I can't afford hookers any more'.

10/5/2012 6:07:08 AM


Someone got fired because he couldn't compete against a smarter and more innovative woman.

10/5/2012 6:15:16 AM

The Shithead has to be the bigest collection of whiny little bitches I have ever come accross online, you have to wonder just how many women they have gotten rejected by to be this bitter.

10/5/2012 6:15:48 AM


You try raising a child by yourself while making an average of 75% of what men make for the exact same job. Hell yeah single mothers need child support, alimony and (if they are sufficiently impoverished) welfare. What, would you have the child die of starvation?

To be honest, even women who don’t do welfare, child support, alimony or any other such little female independence booster are an iffy proposition as respectable

So basically, according to your insane logic a woman just can't win.

if she supports herself with a job she got as a result of affirmative action policies then she, too, is a parasite, only slightly less obviously so

First of all, affirmative action is there to prevent every job from becoming a "good ol' boys" club that excludes women, black people, latinos, Muslims and Pagans. Yes, such a law is a bit unfair to equally qualified members of the majority and shouldn't exist but it exists for a reason and that is that if you give people the chance to discriminate they take it. Especially in areas where bigotry is still rampant. Second, affirmative action or not that woman is working for her own livelihood so she is no parasite. Third, what of the women that got their jobs entirely through their own merits or started their own businesses? Are they also parasites somehow in your twisted worldview?

10/5/2012 6:17:15 AM


double post

10/5/2012 6:22:57 AM


I just love the way he goes "demands - demands!" in this disbelieving, horrified way, about a situation he just hallucinated. Citation, citation, citation. And to suggest that women only ever get jobs as a result of affirmative action, is, frankly, mental.
What a sad, lonely little ne'er-do-well.

10/5/2012 6:23:32 AM


A lot of those single women who are collecting, welfare, child support and/or alimony have to do so because they left abusive men.

Know what I mean JHJ et al?

10/5/2012 6:41:01 AM


In what bizzaro world does none of the tax money collected from women go to men?

10/5/2012 6:48:35 AM


I am sick of these idiotic misogyny quotes. They are so stupid and factually wrong that they are literally not worth responding to.

10/5/2012 7:19:53 AM


"Most “independent women” are welfare parasites."

Uh, I need a credible citation to support your broad brush.

"To be honest,..."

As opposed to what you usually spew? Oh, wait, the rest of that paragraph is a steaming pile as well.

10/5/2012 8:36:26 AM


"Independent women" are welfare parasites? If they're on welfare, how are they independent? Sheesh!

10/5/2012 8:45:54 AM


At one of my former jobs, the affirmative action was at one point to employ men, as we had way too many pretty young women who didn't want to get themselves dirty. A bad position if you work at McDonald's, where you're bound to get really sticky from time to time, and sometimes a bit icky too, on Saturday nights or at children's parties, when someone has had a leetle too much of something... If you catch my drift.

I pay just as many percent in taxes as my husband does, I make almost as much as he does, even though he's an engineer and I'm in freight forwarding. We both give monthly to the Red Cross, Amnesty and child protection organizations, who help both men, women and children who are in need. I need my husband just as much as he needs me; one of us could not afford the house we live in, for example.

I don't "do" welfare, child support, alimony, and I got my present job because I have studied freight forwarding and the people working in that department liked me.

10/5/2012 8:58:57 AM


Not sure if misogynist, or just really stupid and greedy.

10/5/2012 9:29:34 AM


"Not sure if misogynist, or just really stupid and greedy."

Aren't those the same thing?

10/5/2012 9:59:02 AM

Thinking Allowed

As a woman, I would like to say a few things.

1. I am independent.
2. I am not on welfare.
3. I am respected.
4. I have my job because I'm good at what I do.

I work my ass off to get where I am at. I make enough money to live to the end of the month with money to put into a savings account. I have both men and women who respect me for what I do. As for my job, I work hard averaging 50+ hours a week and politics have nothing to do with it.

So JHJ, crawl back into mommy's basement and read over that stash of Playboy magazines you have in the corner from 1962.

10/5/2012 10:32:19 AM


Independent means they wouldn't be on welfare you failure

10/5/2012 10:37:37 AM


So...if she's on welfare, she's a parasite. If she's working, she's a parasite, because she "clearly" got the job to meet a quota, and not because, you know, she can do the job. And finally, if she's at home, cleaning house, depending on the man to bring home the bacon, so she can tell him how big and strong he is, she's...a respecable human being, clearly better than the above (NOT saying that a stay at home Mom is inferior to a working mother, just pointing out the flaw to this person's logic.)

Also, you are aware thatmost single parents aren't that way because it's what all the cool girls do, right? It's because of a death of a spouse, or domestic troubles, but not just because going out and fighting tooth and nail to raise a child on their own is so totally awesome it must be done. It's done out of necessity, not pleasure.

10/5/2012 10:52:05 AM


I can't decide if the sexism overrules the classism with this one.

10/5/2012 12:06:32 PM

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