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A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House.

“It was preposterous to the people I knew then to think Obama was going to keep his gay life secret,” said Kevin DuJan, who was a gossip columnist in Chicago for various blogs when Obama was living in the city as a community organizer and later a state senator.

“Nobody who knew Obama in the gay bar scene thought he could possibly be president,” said DuJan.

DuJan, founder and editor of the Hillary Clinton-supporting website HillBuzz.org, told WND he has first-hand information from two different sources that “Obama was personally involved in the gay bar scene.”


WND also spoke with a member of the East Bank Club in Chicago, who confirmed Obama was a member there and was known to be a homosexual. The upscale fitness club, which has some 10,000 members, is not a “gay” facility. But it’s one of a number of places identified by the Chicago homosexual community as a “gay gym,” where homosexuals meet and engage in sexual activity.

In April, WND reported a federal judge dismissed a libel case against Larry Sinclair, a homosexual who claimed Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign had paid to rig a polygraph test regarding Sinclair’s sensational charge that he had sex and used cocaine twice with Obama while Obama was an Illinois state senator. Sinclair tells his story in “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder.”

WND also reported former radical activist John Drew has said that when he met Obama when Obama was a student at Occidental College, he thought Obama and his then-Pakistani roommate were “gay” lovers.

In addition, rumors have swirled around Obama’s relationship with his personal aide and former “body man,” Reggie Love, who resurfaced on the eve of the Republican National Convention to support his old boss. Love resigned from the White House in November 2011 after compromising photographs of him as a college student received wide circulation.

WND also has documented in two separate articles, here and here, that Obama wore a gold band on his wedding ring finger from the time he attended Occidental College through his student days at Harvard Law School.

DuJan said that during Obama’s first presidential campaign, “there was fear in the gay community” about talking openly about Obama being homosexual, particularly after the murder in December 2007 of Donald Young, the openly gay choir director at Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, who was known to be a close friend of Obama.

“People did not want to talk openly about Obama being gay,” he said.

“Then, when we saw how Larry Sinclair was demonized, anybody who would expose Obama worried they would be silenced if they dared to speak the truth about Obama’s gay life,” DuJan said.

Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily 34 Comments [10/5/2012 3:42:56 AM]
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I can't tell for sure, but I think these people may be lying sacks of shit.

10/5/2012 4:09:38 AM


Even if Barack were gay, what does it matter? The Constitution does not ban homosexuals from office.

10/5/2012 4:29:29 AM

Oh My Dog!


Yes...yes, I get it; Obama is Gay on top of being a Satanic atheistic Muslim commie-nazi. He's still going to win though.


These people must think that accusing someone of being gay is the worst insult possible, and that being Gay is the most horrible thing to be. Well no it's definitely not, on both counts.

Either that or they are so deep in the closet that they don't even realize that they themselves are Gay.

10/5/2012 4:36:40 AM

Leighton Buzzard

All of which goes to show that Rush Limbaugh doesn't hate Obama one half as much as Hillary Clinton does.

10/5/2012 5:04:34 AM

Filin De Blanc

I've also heard that he kills puppies as an offering to Nyaralotep.

10/5/2012 5:42:41 AM

Dr. Razark

And your point is what, exactly?

10/5/2012 6:39:43 AM


So we're back to this old chestnut again.

10/5/2012 7:32:18 AM

J. James

These people are fucking sickening. They are so focused on Obama being gay, acting like that's such a horrible thing, THEY NEGLECT AN ACCUSATION OF MURDER TO A LITTLE BLURB AT THE END!!

10/5/2012 9:20:01 AM



No seriously, why do we give a damn? You haven't proven a damn thing, and even if you did, all you would prove is that people can't be themselves if they want to run for office, especially if they are homosexual.

Which is something I think we all already knew.

10/5/2012 9:24:09 AM


Which doesn't fucking matter anyhow, since around 60% of the country would be ok with it, 20 don't generally give a fuck and the twenty that would have a problem with it most probably have problem with him being black.

When you claim the aliens took you hostage and made experiments with you to make you able to visit them after your upcoming death, you get thrown into an mental facitlity. But when you claim the President is gay, a socialist, a nazi, a muslim and an atheist THAT'S just a political opinon and might get you even a staff writing job at one of these "newspapers".

10/5/2012 10:16:00 AM


Not this shit again!

He's not gay. I wish he was because he's a good looking guy but he isn't. This is just unfounded attempts to smear him.

10/5/2012 12:34:11 PM


Waay too long, not wackaloon enough to justify the use of space.

10/5/2012 2:00:42 PM

J. James

"Which doesn't fucking matter anyhow, since around 60% of the country would be ok with it, 20 don't generally give a fuck and the twenty that would have a problem with it most probably have problem with him being black."

Seriously, does no one care that they're accusing him of murder in the first degree? The gay thing should be a minor background detail compared to murder!

10/5/2012 2:23:20 PM


And who excatly cares?

10/5/2012 2:45:27 PM


When WND "reported" on the alleged ring, it was trying to show that Obama was married - to a woman - before Michelle. Now it's evidence he's gay?

Corsi will say anything to feed his hatred of Obama. All he's proving is that you don't need to be honest or sane to get a Ph.D. from Harvard.

10/5/2012 2:49:43 PM


@ J. James: Apparently being gay is worse than killing somebody?

10/5/2012 3:46:55 PM


@Everyone else:

You see, politicians have people bumped off all the time, but rarely have gay sex.

And yes, they're seriously less concerned about Obama having a guy whacked than him whacking a guy off.

10/5/2012 5:27:52 PM


What is up with World Nut Daily making up all these lurid stories about Obama being gay lately? Has the site been taken over by rabid slash fangirls or something?

10/5/2012 6:12:21 PM

J. James



10/5/2012 6:13:55 PM

The Anonymous

Looks like the most psychotic on the right are tired of the same old "commie", "nazi," "Muslim," "Atheist," etc., so now we get a long article that in the end says the same thing a 12-year old on Xbox Live says: "ur a fag!" Brilliant, guys, just brilliant.

10/5/2012 10:12:33 PM


He also had polio as a child and is really a cripple.

No wait, that's just one of America's most badass presidents ever.

Gay or not, we should stop focusing on things that DO NOT EFFECT THEIR POLICIES. He could have a Freaking HAREM of MEN AND WOMEN, and as long as their consenting adults I wouldn't care.

It doesn't effect policies they make and isn't hurting anyone? Why should we care?

10/5/2012 10:24:25 PM

Raised by Horses

“People did not want to talk openly about Obama being gay.”

And the reason is... (drumroll please)

10/5/2012 10:58:32 PM


Taking news from World Nut Daily seriously? What is this? "Gay men in black"?

10/6/2012 12:53:31 PM


So lets get this straight, he's a gay, nazi, marxist, communist, muslim, atheist, satanic, left wing ni.............
He's still better than the last guy. At least he's not a fucking retard.

10/6/2012 5:37:31 PM

Doubting Thomas

First of all, why is it that nobody has any proof whatsoever, I mean, not even a photograph of him in one of these clubs?

Secondly, even if it were true, who cares? There's no heterosexuality requirement to be president.

10/7/2012 8:02:06 AM

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