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Hitler was only killing the races that plague this world.
Gypsies, Jews, slavs, they are nothing but bad news.

Mass deportation and then separatism would have been a bit more humane, I agree.
But funny how people say Hitler is the bad guy when he was driving away all the pests that are currently infesting modern day Europe.

Now watch as all the bleeding heart liberals jump up and shout "MUH DIVERSITY" and "MUH TOLERANCE."
One day you will learn that there are some cultures and races that are truly scum.

I believe in nationalism. Each country for its own people, if gypsies and Jews didn't invade Germany, Hitler wouldn't have had to exterminate them.

Notary Public, Atheist Forums 31 Comments [10/7/2012 7:52:29 AM]
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@UHM - You're right. I concede my earlier hasty comment, I think I WILL leave it up to Germans in the future to make things complicated as fuck. XD

IMHO I think the reason the Nazis didn't see blacks/Africans as being as dangerous as Jews is because they believed Africans have inherently low intelligence and believed they couldn't possibly be smart enough to form a focuses nemesis to "Aryans". I think they, similar to most white racists, stereotype blacks as being violent and brutal but not too bright. I think they viewed Jews as such a threat because they viewed them as being both insidious AND highly-intelligent crafty (evil) geniuses.

10/10/2012 6:10:31 PM

The Anonymous

What about the medieval Germans invading the Slavic lands for centuries? Or more pressingly, what about white people invading the Americas?

You lost the war, Nazi troll, and you won't ever have another shot at it as long as sane humans are alive.

10/11/2012 3:01:01 PM


OK, I didn't know that about the Roma! Thanks.

10/16/2012 3:32:18 PM

Vet Emergency

Jesus H. Christ, and people wonder why I'm hesitant to say I'm an atheist. It isn't because of religious wignuts, it's because I don't want to get lumped in with people like you!

10/16/2012 5:29:47 PM


I wonder how he thinks deportation of gypsies, or for that matter of Jews prior to the creation of Israel, would actually work. When someone's "humane" solution is one they obviously put no thought into, that says quite a bit.

10/16/2012 7:02:59 PM

Slavs the plague of Europe?. They are the only chance for the ideology of that idiot to make a comeback.

10/29/2012 10:38:13 AM

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