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Q. Isn't science a religion?
Think about it. Have you ever seen air, atoms, molecules, or evolution? No. FACT.

Science requires just as much faith (if not more) than religion. FACT.

Christian Conservative Patriet, Yahoo|Answers 69 Comments [10/8/2012 3:46:18 AM]
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Depends what you mean by fundie. Some of the most scientifically brilliant people I've ever met were religiously active (mostly Catholics and especially Jesuits) in their private lives. On the other hand, if you mean fundie in the sense of people like this, they're idiots practically by definition.

10/8/2012 9:40:33 AM

Thinking Allowed

Fact: Atoms, molecules and evolution are seen. As for air, we see the effects it has on other objects.

10/8/2012 9:42:36 AM


Every time you look into the sky, you're looking at air, dumbass. Scientists have indeed observed evolution taking place when they artificially induced speciation in fruit flies in a lab. And yes, we can see atoms.

Congratulations! You're a moron.

10/8/2012 9:43:06 AM


You do realize that there are other ways to sense and measure things than just eyesight, right? Have you ever seen the smell of a rose? Or the stench of the shit you shovel?

10/8/2012 9:44:59 AM

Joe Mama

Have I ever seen air? Sure have:

Anyone else laugh at fundies who talk about faith being a great thing, and then claim that it takes more faith to believe in science or be an atheist?

10/8/2012 9:58:41 AM


People who know they're talking shit always put the word "FACT" after assertions that they know are bullshit.

10/8/2012 10:06:56 AM


The blue of the sky is Rayleigh scattering caused by the atmosphere, so even those of us who don't have the marginal infrared sensitivity that causes us to see hot air rising on a blistering summer day, have seen air. Both molecules and atoms have been detected through electron microscopes, and anyone who has bred dogs, cats, or goldfish to meet a fancy has seen evolution on a small scale.

10/8/2012 10:10:42 AM

Filin De Blanc

I call Poe - the denying of the existence of air plus the misspelling in the (very stereotypical) username seal it for me.

10/8/2012 10:13:37 AM


JSS, you can, in fact, watch water turn into wine. First you add concentrated grape juice, then Karo syrup, then yeast, and then...

10/8/2012 10:15:10 AM


The difference between science and religion is the fact science allows for the replication of events requested. Though most people do take the word of science that the Mass Media puts out as fact. I know I did for a while until I took a more skeptical... but not cyncial, mindset.

However, it takes an educated mind to really understand science well enough to be able to believe it beyond 'faith' as you state it, or just straight replication in front of you or by you.

Religion is, however, a completely different subject from Science. religion is organized spirituality, and spirituality can range from Atheism (Or classify it as a philosophy), Monotheism, polytheism, and plenty others. Spirituality should stay purely in the philosophy of morality and what higher powers there are. Not... what the physical, proveable world is doing.

10/8/2012 10:39:12 AM


Hallelujah, we've identified the one true religion!

10/8/2012 10:43:31 AM


Oh its FACT? Ok then fuck science and air and shit.

10/8/2012 11:19:16 AM

at least I can read

What is parody? These guys don't get it.

10/8/2012 11:32:55 AM


Have you seen nylon or polyester thread? You've seen longchain polymeric molecules.

On November 11, 1989, Don Eigler and colleagues at IBM not only imaged atoms but wrote with them, writing the IBM company logo with 35 xenon atoms on a background of copper atoms using a scanning tunneling electron microscope.

Seeing air: we can and do, provided there's enough of it to interact with light passing through it. Why do you think the sky appears blue when you look up or out through several miles worth of air?

Seeing evolution: we can and we have. All evolution is , after all, is change in the genetic composition of a populations over generations. We see this hapening pretty much all the time--how did you think antibiotic resistant bacteria arise?

10/8/2012 11:34:00 AM


Have I ever seen atoms and molecules? Funny you should mention that.


10/8/2012 12:30:50 PM

Old Viking

Nuclear energy is produced by faith.

10/8/2012 2:32:22 PM



I meant magically, like Jesus (supposedly) did.

10/8/2012 2:48:05 PM

Felix Wilde

@Dr. Shrinker: Not so sure. That's the only answer, to which the asker responded by rating one star and commenting simply "Wrong."

Seems too much though, as I have (and I assume 'Patriet' has also) personally seen, heard and felt air. When it moves, we call it wind. You may as well deny sunshine.

But Poe's law works in the inverse as well... No parody can ever out-crazy genuine fundies. Someone out there would swallow it.

But even if science were a religion (which it is in the same way that soft is a colour), great. Government protection in the US, and surely the religion that can actually consistently perform 'miracles' (space travel, TV, computers, smartphones, even raising the dead if they've just died and are physically intact enough) would be the one everyone else would follow. Especially if its religious rituals and services - like 'medicine' and 'technology' - were restricted to members of the religion. I mean, I don't run into a Catholic mass and demand confession so my sns can be absolved; as a Scientismist, I wouldn't expect Christians or other theists to rush into, say, a hospital and demand some antibiotics. I also believe that gives scientists the right to cry persecution any time anyone disagrees with them too, if I understand fundie logic correctly.

10/8/2012 3:09:42 PM


yahoo answers... NEXT!

10/8/2012 3:20:41 PM


You can't see air but you can weigh it and feel the pressure of it, and in other ways it can be demonstrated to exist.
As for the other things, once you grasp the principles of inference and induction, (which shouldn't be hard, because we all use them in our everyday life all the time) then you'll realise that no faith is involved.

10/8/2012 3:21:46 PM


Seen it, seen it, seen it, and seen it. Next.

10/8/2012 7:35:55 PM

We can see atoms move around.



10/8/2012 8:38:13 PM


I know for a fact this guy is a poe.

10/8/2012 10:10:16 PM


heheheheheheheheh, whewww.

10/8/2012 10:18:26 PM

@ Dr.Shrinker

And look at the rating he gave it. I seriously doubt he is a poe.

10/9/2012 4:00:47 AM

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