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Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance of America issued the following statement:

“When Americans are suffering economically and millions need jobs, it’s shocking that the Administration is focused on its ultra-liberal militantly homosexualist agenda forcing the highlighting of homosexuals and homosexuality on an unwilling military. This is the equivalent of the spiritual rape of our military to satisfy the most extreme and selfish cadre of President Obama’s kooky coalition.

“We agree with Eileen Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness that this will hurt the cohesiveness of the military, cause many to leave the army, and dramatically lower the number of recruits, perhaps leading to the reinstatement of a compulsory draft.

“Thirteen months before 9/11, on the day New York City passed homosexual domestic partnership regulations, I joined a group of Rabbis at a City Hall prayer service, pleading with G-d not to visit disaster on the city of N.Y. We have seen the underground earthquake, tsunami, Katrina, and now Haiti. All this is in sync with a two thousand year old teaching in the Talmud that the practice of homosexuality is a spiritual cause of earthquakes. Once a disaster is unleashed, innocents are also victims just like in Chernobyl.

“We plead with saner heads in Congress and the Pentagon to stop sodomization of our military and our society. Enough is enough.”

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, ChristianNewsWire 52 Comments [10/8/2012 3:48:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 58
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J. James

It's been a year now since the DADT repeal occurred, and the military is experiencing exactly zero problems thus far.

10/8/2012 8:33:55 AM


forcing the highlighting of homosexuals and homosexuality on an unwilling military.

This would be amusing if it wasn't so sad. We're not "highlighting" gays, we're accepting them and giving them the same rights that straight comrades would have in the military. The right to actually talk about their personal lives in the same way that heterosexual soldiers do.

It's been one year since the DADT repeal. The net result? Two verifiable resignations. Two people chose to leave simply because of the DADT repeal. The best part? Both of them were chaplains, to which I say good riddance. Overall, there were no negative effects.

By the way, rape refers to the forcing of sex upon another, not some nasty buzzword to stamp on social policy you disagree with. Earthquakes aren't caused by homosexual domestic partnerships anymore than rain is caused by God crying. It's really a wonder how a "spiritual leader" has an understanding of the universe that would put a fifth grader to shame. Maybe you shouldn't get your science lessons from the 'Talmud' eh?

10/8/2012 8:53:54 AM


@ #1456103:

how does one sodomize society?

For starters, you might try taking society out for dinner and dancing.

10/8/2012 8:56:45 AM


If gay sex causes earthquakes, wouldn't there be multiple earthquakes all around the world every day then? Why aren't there any up here in Canada where homosexual marriage has been legal since 2005? Here's a thought: maybe it's because two organisms copulating has nothing to do with plate tectonics. Go learn about reality.

10/8/2012 9:02:03 AM


The Center for Military Readiness was "founded" by Eileen Donnelly specifically to oppress gays and women in the military. You won't find this "organization" complaining about anything having to do with logistics, payroll, living conditions on base, etc.

10/8/2012 9:21:35 AM

Thinking Allowed

Guess what rabbi, there were gay in the military before the repeal of "Don't ask, Don't tell".

10/8/2012 9:37:19 AM

Joe Mama

The military has been doing just fine with gays in their ranks for decades. I don't see why that should suddenly change now.

10/8/2012 9:45:48 AM

So... your god is letting innocents be hurt and/or killed? Bit of a complete fucking monster, isn't it?

10/8/2012 9:48:24 AM


Most of the civilized world allows gay people to serve openly in their military. Including my own England and we have notably not been bothered by earthquakes in years.

10/8/2012 10:04:06 AM


The last time the Rabbi had gay sex, the earth moved for him. He's speaking from personal experience.

10/8/2012 10:27:49 AM


Did anyone else read, Rebel Alliance of America instead of Rabbinical Alliance of America?

Probably just me...

10/8/2012 10:34:45 AM

So the gays in NYC caused the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the hurricanes in Haiti and New Orleans? Wow god really has shitty aim.

10/8/2012 10:34:58 AM


Did anyone else read, Rebel Alliance of America instead of Rabbinical Alliance of America?

Probably just me...

10/8/2012 10:35:18 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Then why hasn't your bearded lazy ass enlisted?

Fuck you & your talmud.

10/8/2012 11:31:36 AM


@The Crimson Ghost

No. We don't need any more chaplains trying to hawk their filth to our more vulnerable brothers and sisters in arms in the darkest periods of their lives and shaming them into their filth when what they need is real help.

10/8/2012 12:32:52 PM

Old Viking

Can you say Alexander the Great?

10/8/2012 2:10:19 PM


If anything has sodomised society it is religion.
If you read in your Talmud that Homosexuality causes earthquakes and didn't immediately call bullshit then you are clearly a moron.

I beseech the Rabbi to fuck off, come back and fuck off again.

10/8/2012 2:46:00 PM


Actually morale has increased. Not surprising. I wouldn't want to be in the military and have to worry about anyone I was serving with and had become close friends with being suddenly kicked out of the military over just being gay. I think you will find that that's a much bigger factor than people who might be offended because "oh noes there are gays in the military!" You may want to check the year, it's 2012 not 1952.

10/8/2012 3:09:58 PM

Oh My Dog!

You do know what they say about homophobes and their closets don't you?

I know what rocks your world. ;} ...Pun intended.

Go kiss a boy, Rabbi.

10/8/2012 4:17:12 PM

Raised by Horses

“We plead with saner heads in Congress and the Pentagon.."

Good luck finding any.

10/8/2012 4:37:22 PM


Perhaps the good rabbi would be interested to learn that the impetus to repeal DADT originally came not from Obama, but from a poll of actual soldiers that was conducted by the Pentagon. They seem to not mind working alongside gays. Huh.

You know, I'm getting sick of this pattern. People do the research, publish their results, liberals institute policies informed by their results, and conservatives brand the liberals as dangerous ideologues out of touch with "mainstream America," conveniently ignoring the original research. Happens all the fucking time in modern US politics.

Also: what the hell are you doing on a Christian news site?????

10/8/2012 6:56:41 PM


"Once a disaster is unleashed, innocents are also victims just like in Chernobyl."

- We are quite familiar with how unjust your god is.

10/8/2012 6:58:38 PM


I thought that unrestrained boobs cause earthquakes. This is known.

10/8/2012 9:59:16 PM


Well, Rabbi, you and Ms. Donnelly are a year too late for your doom and gloom predictions over the repeal of DADT. It's done and over with and there were no disasters, people are still enlisting or re-upping, and any reduction in military personnel will come from attrition due to troop drawn down in Iraq and Afghanistan--not from "teh gays."

10/9/2012 4:39:21 AM


Repressed homosexual rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance of America issued the following statement: [...]

10/9/2012 4:56:54 AM
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