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The Democratic Party and Progressives know illegitimate children are a problem. Bill Clinton is very proud he got reduced costs for birth control. New York Major Bloomberg proposed a program to pay fathers to not abandon their responsibility to their children.

Now that it has been confirmed illegitimate children are a problem, the next question is what is the solution. I believe executing the parents is a better solution than the Democratic solution of abortion and handing out condoms (birth control). Abortion represents the killing of the only innocent person associated with the adultery or fornication that has occurred. Democrats have never explained how they are going to get people to use the birth control they hand out. Why should a man use a desensitizing condom when he know his child can get on welfare. I am still looking for a realistic method from Democrats and Progressive to deal with the problem of illegitimate children.

The Democratic Party is not about to realistically deal with the illegitimate children problem because the illegitimate children will be future voters for Democrats and the parents are the present voters for the Democratic Party.

I consider the Democratic Party to be the Merchants of Misery. The policies of the Democrat Party do not eliminate misery but rather support and encourage illegal and immoral activities that leads to misery.

You might think that to be unrealistic until you realize there is big money to be made off misery.

Clifford Russell, The Progressive 43 Comments [10/11/2012 8:30:49 AM]
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J. James

Tick tock. How long before this is on the party platform? The Republicans warned us of death panels; no one would have dared to guess that it was actually psychological projection.

Tick tock.

Tick tock.

10/11/2012 3:29:57 PM


What's really funny here is that this is from Russell's rebuttal, which was printed right after the article.

He claimed that the interviewer was lying about saying he wanted to see the parents of illegitimate children executed and threatened legal action for libel--right before he reiterated that he wanted to see the parents of illegitimate children executed.

In fundieland, libel consists of actually paying attention to, and quoting verbatim, someone's exact words while paying attention to their actual meaning.

10/11/2012 3:38:06 PM

Wykked Wytch

Replace "illegitimate children" with "Jews" or "Jewish" and "Democratic Party" with "Jews." I know that's a Godwin, but it's perfectly fucking acceptable in this case because he's advocating mass murder.

10/11/2012 3:46:22 PM


Genuinely one of the most disgusting quotes I've ever seen on this site.

10/11/2012 3:55:35 PM


Fuck you, you worthless piece of shit and take your chastity belt with you.

10/11/2012 4:01:07 PM


I consider the Democratic Party to be the Merchants of Misery

... whereas snatching children from their parents, putting them in foster homes and then executing the parents makes you a merchant of joy? Christ, even the Taliban aren't this nuts.

10/11/2012 4:55:07 PM


While their parents my be unmarried, no child is "illegitimate."

10/11/2012 5:08:51 PM


A heinous creature of complete monstertude. Seriously, though.

Isn't this why we have guns? TO commit to a revolution in case of fascist mass murderers are allowed to come to power instead of decently voted in people?

Also, by the way, Democrats reduce abortions that occur when they have the majority in congress, apparently. IN addition to that, Death Penalty... is a pro life issue.

Really, it is.

Pro-Life is cradle to grave, never taking a life. For that is a mortal sin. If you kill in self defense, you have to seek repentance regardless (In Catholic Faith, since you can't self-seek it in that case.) Death Penalty is as heinous as abortion. Yet these abortion fundies never seem to realize THAT half.

10/11/2012 5:59:45 PM


As an "illegitimate" child myself, I politely (well, as politely as can reasonably be expected when dealing with this level of dipshittery) ask that he never breed...EVER!
@ Wykked Witch: Bring me Fegelein! Fegelein!! FEGELEIN!!!

10/11/2012 6:11:01 PM

Feral Dog

"Illegitimate children" are a problem? Seriously?

I won't even touch the rest of this fuckery.

10/11/2012 8:31:26 PM


Please, go choke on a rusty nail.

10/12/2012 2:58:16 AM


"Why should a man use a desensitizing condom when he know his child can get on welfare."
Hmmm... because he can gauge the consequences this would have on other people's lives (his partner's and the child's)? Because he doesn't want STDs?? Because he's not an asshole? Difficult decision.

10/12/2012 4:13:34 AM

Argle Bargle

Looks like Mr. Russel has gone full Sharia.

10/12/2012 5:49:39 AM


For the modern GOP, this is pretty normal.

10/12/2012 5:49:51 AM


You do realize that unmarried individuals engaging in consensual sexual intercourse isn't a crime, don't you?

10/12/2012 6:19:15 AM


Are you assholes even remotely human or are you pod people?

10/12/2012 7:33:09 PM


I see. Pain is better than pleasure, and more pain is better than less.

10/13/2012 12:36:53 PM

Wait, are you killing people for killing babies, or just having babies out of marriage?. So much for the "life is precious" motto.

10/29/2012 4:41:47 AM

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