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"Can you conceive of any rape situations where you don’t see the victim as at fault?"

No and if you try to present any situation as such - it means that we do not have enough information to find what this fault is.

Alpha-Centari, Ravelry BID 47 Comments [10/12/2012 5:56:38 AM]
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Surely the three-month-old baby (died) and the eighty and ninety year old women provoked those poor men to where they just couldn't control themselves.

10/12/2012 11:49:14 AM


Yes, I can.

10/12/2012 11:50:53 AM


Fuck. you.

10/12/2012 11:51:11 AM


I note it takes a password to get in. What the Hell else have they got over there?

10/12/2012 11:53:38 AM

Old Viking

A little boy trying desperately to be shocking.

10/12/2012 1:39:54 PM

I'm crawling in through your balcony tonight. Maybe I'll bring lube, maybe I won't. Either way I'm glad you know it's all your fault Alpha-Centari.

10/12/2012 2:57:04 PM

If everyone had the morals that the Christian God required then a naked 15 year old girl with a bag of gold could travel unmolested from one end of the country to the other.

a crochet site ? wtf ?

10/12/2012 3:39:16 PM


@ Reynardine:

I note it takes a password to get in. What the Hell else have they got over there?

Patterns, more than likely. You think the RIAA and the MPAA are tough on intellectual property? They got nothing on knitters and crocheters.

10/12/2012 3:54:43 PM


It must be opposite day over at Raverly BID.

10/12/2012 4:16:13 PM


You're a horrible person. Rape is always on the perpetrator. NEVER victim

10/12/2012 5:55:06 PM


There are simply no words for the type of irredeemable douchebag you are. Please die. Soon.

10/12/2012 7:06:03 PM


Jesus tap-dancing christ. Just can't get away from those assholes can we? Our culture is truly fucked up.

By the way, how did this post originally get found anyway? One wouldn't think to look for this kind of shit on a knitting forum of all places.

10/12/2012 7:06:34 PM


I knew I wasn't a fan of knitting! *SMH* This is TRULY disgusting! It is ALWAYS the rapist's fault-no exceptions! Blaming the rape on the victim is like blaming a robbery on the store, bank or house or like blaming a murder on the victim...it just doesn't work like that! *headdesk*

10/12/2012 7:15:56 PM


I'm sure there are some very contrived, never actually going to happen cases where someone could be partially blamed for it, like maybe deliberately putting themselves in an empty, secluded place with someone they know full well rapes people and proceeding to demean or cocktease them or something, but for any sort of realistic scenario... Yeah, no. Rape isn't the victim's fault.

Wonder how this guy would go about putting the blame on them in the case of, say... Woman is hit by a car driven by a drunk driver while checking the mail. She ends up in a coma, and while in a comatose state one of the doctors or attendants takes advantage. Probably say something horrible like that the woman deserved it for leaving the house or something.

10/12/2012 7:39:05 PM


Then you are scum.

10/12/2012 10:27:28 PM

Raised by Horses

"War on Women? Ain't no such thing. It's all a Librul Commie conspiramacy, I tells ya."

10/12/2012 11:33:57 PM


Well, I never expected people that bond over yarn to come up with something like this. How did this topic even come up?

10/13/2012 3:20:12 AM


This is a crochet site? What's this loser doing on a crochet site?!

MY THEORY: Trolls go to random sites where it's assumed to be troll-safe by virtue of the subject matter. Then the troll, a subhuman frat-boy with the IQ of a dump truck spews his stupidity. The sweet crocheters/crafters/cooks/budgie enthusiasts/etc. wouldn't know what hit them!


10/13/2012 6:22:14 PM


Should you and I ever meet in the flesh I promise you shall rue that day. It will scar you unto a much deserved and long-delayed death. I know much of pain, and I will gladly share it with you.

10/14/2012 8:38:55 PM

Fundies Make Me Sick

I cannot properly articulate the level of unbridled rage I feel right now. May a long, humiliating, torturous, and excruciatingly painful death befall this disgrace to the human species.

10/20/2012 7:34:02 PM


All of them?

10/20/2012 8:18:41 PM

A woman is FORCED to have sex against her will. How can it be her fault?, what extra information you need?

10/29/2012 4:33:25 AM

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