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The Bible makes clear predictions, and there has never been a case when one of its prophecies has not come to pass. The Good Book has been so successful at foretelling the future, I believe people who scoff at it are making a "Sucker's Bet." They fail to realize that 87 percent of end-time prophecy is already in an advanced state of fulfillment.

The accurate prediction of the rebirth of Israel is Bible prophecy’s most stunning achievement. The Word of God also said that China would rise to be a world power; Europe would form a single government; the world would someday have a globally integrated financial market; and that there would be a diplomatic struggle (which we’re seeing today) over who should control Jerusalem.

There is no need for blind faith in what God has said in His Holy Word. I trust in the Bible because it has proven itself through prophecy.

Todd Strandberg, rapture ready 113 Comments [10/14/2012 4:57:26 AM]
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@Filin De Blanc

'I've decided to write my own gnostic scriptures, since this seems to be the fad among liberals nowadays. Anything you want in there? Want me to make Jesus gay or make God into a woman? lol'

Not taking into account her proven long-time track record of deliberate antagonistic trolling, just the 'lol' alone is extremely telling - and not just of her insanity (I refer you to the former coach firm owner in my locale, who was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, in a previous linked thread). Nor what she's reduced to on this page, which proves she's lost it, a la the aforementioned ex-coach company owner who is still transporting Russian Jews to Israel - but only in his fundamentalist diseased imagination.

As per what she 'claims' to be doing, before I get to your stating she's been 'beaten to the punch, re. gay Jesus, she's already been beaten to the punch in terms of rewriting the Bible; The Jefferson Bible. Also, Conservapoodia's Andy Schaftafly's (in)famous Conservapoodia Bible Project*

One is kept as a priceless historical & cultural treasure at the Smithsonian Institute (but is freely accessable via their website; also printed editions are public domain), and is lauded the world over. The other is a testament to one man's insanity, and is pointed and laughed at the worlkd over.

Can you guess which is which, kiddies...?!

"In the actual Bible Jesus hangs around with twelve men all the time and washes their feet. I think you may have been beaten to the punch on the gay Jesus thing."

As I've stated - as provable fact to her - before: Jesus hung around with twelve men, two of whom were sailors. One of said twelve kissed him. He hardly - if ever - associated with women, and never married (he was referred to as 'Rabbi'; these days, it would be an outrage, if a Rabbi wasn't married!). He wore a dress. And that's before I mention his dad, who is a Gary Glitter/Jimmy Savile-esque kiddy-diddling (Mary) paedophile nonce.

In conclusion: Our resident LOLcow has lost it. Thus, as I said above, just like that ex-coach company owner, anything she says now & in perpetuity - even her insipid 'Turn or Burn' threats - have no validity whatsoever, and even less right to be acknowledged. Therefore, anything she 'threatens' us with, and 'claims' will happen, won't. She admits it herself.

Moral: Proof that you can't spell 'Fundamentalist' without the word 'Mental'. And Troll/Liar/Loony4Life is that: MENTAL. As are all her kind, as is the basis of her mental handicap; 'Religious Faith':

'A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.'

-Friedrich Nietzsche

The only possible way we Atheists (and those here in FSTDT who were fundies like you, previously, but, like Jonathan Edwards, saw the real light - of Reality - thus reversing the psychological/cultic lobotomy that 'faith' & 'belief' forces upon them) will contemplate the notion of even thinking like you - is if we had a physical Lobotomy.

*- Click on the 'Talk' tab on that linked page. Even some of Schaftafly's most loyal lickspittles question the validity of rewriting the Bible (not taking into account the dire warnings in Revelation 22:18-19; that means you, dearie!). And while it's been excised, Minitrue-style, previously someone had stated how even the established Southern Baptist (& related) Church system, and all famous preachers, amongst other hardline Conservative Christians in the US had publicly - and universally - denounced Schaftafly, and what he dared to do to even other versions of the Bible, to say nothing of their precious KJV (as most of them are KJV-onlyists, of course).

10/23/2012 7:30:52 AM


Oh, and Filin De Blanc? Further conclusive proof of how - via her educational inferiority - Troll/Liar/Loony4Life FAILS?:

"this seems to be the fad among liberals nowadays. Anything you want in there?"

I vote Labour. Always have, always will. The Labour party here in the UK are Left of Centre. The Conservative Party (especially with it's leader David Cameron) is Right of Centre. The Liberal Democrats are 'Middle-of-the-road'; neither right, nor left..

To further annihilate her argument... well, just annihilate her anyway, here's a few little factoids:

The Liberal Democrats in Japan are the Conservatives.

The Liberal Democrats in Russia are the hardline Nationalists.

The Liberals in Australia are as right-wing as the Repubicans/GOP in the US. And the most religiously Christian in that country, too.

Somehow, I doubt the Australian Liberals (those in Japan are Shintoists; those in Russia are Russian Orthodox) would want their KJV Bible tampered with. [/smartarse]

10/23/2012 9:26:04 AM


I was joking. I'm not rewriting the Bible. I know better. I was just playing around with channeling stuff, since I was watching a liberal new age show on TV where they were talking about gnostic gospels, Jesus is a feminist, blah blah blah.

10/23/2012 7:27:25 PM


Anonemoose, the word liberal is used differently by different groups of people. I use it in the American sense - a godless, tree-worshipping pagan who believes in slaughtering babies en masse, allowing gays to rumprape each other on park benches and bowing down to Muslim terrorists.

10/23/2012 7:29:14 PM


Ooma loompa doobedy doo. His4Life's got another riddle for you. What do you get when you deny Jesus Christ? Doesn't matter if you lied or pulled a jewel heist. Into the pits of hell you will go, where you will roast ever so slow. So be wise and heed our advice; shake hands with Jesus and make nice! Like the Oompa Loompa His4Lifes do!

10/23/2012 7:32:53 PM


I'm a little sinner, short and stout,
I'm going off the handle, listen to me spout,
When I get all steamed up,
I just shout, tip me over and pour me out.

10/23/2012 7:34:49 PM


ooooh feck... im so smashed. haha. Jesus is gonna kick my arse.

10/23/2012 7:35:40 PM


Hey anonemosse, how's that devil's buttboy gig working out for you? hgaha

10/23/2012 7:37:38 PM

Felix Wilde

His4Life, you get boring when you go nuts like this. Troll us properly or not at all, thank you.

PS - I didn't know Liberal meant that in the US. I'll have to be careful, they sound nearly as batshit as you fundies.

PPS - Gnosticism is the only vaguely believable branch of Christianity.

10/23/2012 10:45:12 PM


Ugh... sorry, it was a wild night here. My husband just got back from a business trip and we had a little to drink. He was like "go make fun of the atheists." lol. I'm so hung over today. :(

10/24/2012 6:05:42 AM


@Felix Wilde

Oh, this just couldn't get any better! Almost as good as an IP ban. And not just via her admitting she's a troll with her 'get your goat' BS (and very reminiscent of the supposed 'JW' that was Orange Witless here). Now, whenever she dares infect this place with her inferior presence again, all I have to do is link this thread - especially this page - to demonstrate that's she's purely antagonistic, and not the 'Christian' she claims to be (but then, real Christians wouldn't even think of being antagonistic, and/or behaving like trolls), then along with her being a proven loony, everyone will see that anything she says, never mind 'threatens' us with (and anything said by a proven loony - as per that quote by Nietzsche - doesn't prove anything, and is irrelevant, therefore what she 'claims' will happen to us via her 'threats wont). exposes her for what she really is, just like Orange Witless.

Thus - like he was - she'll be ignored. Starve this subhuman fucker of attention. Every time she dares appear here again, she'll just continue to prove she's a loony, and therefore admit she's inferior to the rest of us. >:D

10/24/2012 11:08:01 AM


The Bible doesn't actually make any sensible predictions, just a load of vague wishy-washy statements which can be interpreted in any way you like.

Funny also how you only notice these things after they happen. So much for prediction.

10/27/2012 4:05:44 AM


The second coming was supposed to be 2000 years ago. Fail.

8/16/2013 9:55:27 AM

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