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["How can a person conceal himself from the jinn when in the toilet?"]

The benefit of seeking refuge with Allaah is that one is turning to Allaah from evil and from the male and female devils, for this place is filthy (khabeeth) and a filthy place is the abode of those who are evil (khubatha’). So it is the abode ofthe devils. Thus it is appropriate if one wants to enter the toilet to say “A’oodhu Billaah min al-khubthi wa’l-khabaa’ith (I seek refuge with Allaah from evil and from the male and female devils)” so that he will not be harmed by evil or by the evil souls.

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, IslamQA 39 Comments [10/15/2012 3:14:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 42

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Toilet Jinn sounds like a Duel Monster.

"I sacrafice Kuribo to summon Toilet Jinn in attack mode!"

Eh... maybe.

10/15/2012 2:05:32 PM


@ louislouis:

Where do you find these jinn lamps? I would have thought they were on the store shelf next to the Tiger Whistles, but all I saw was some old Mood Rings, one Left-handed Smoke Shifter, and some Sterno.


10/15/2012 2:15:58 PM

Old Viking

I say "Hut-Sut Ralston on the Rillerah and a brawla, brawla sooit." It works every bit as well, and it's non-denominational.

10/15/2012 2:36:01 PM


WTF? Huh? Is he kidding?

10/15/2012 3:13:07 PM


@ louislois

Now that's just sad. They really think devils are going to jump them on the commode at night?

10/15/2012 11:50:14 PM


Hey, perhaps he's met the Great Cornholio while on the can. In that case, just give him some T.P. for the, you know, Bunghole.

10/16/2012 3:52:44 AM


@ Old Viking
Thanks for introducing me to that.

I imagine the Shaykh would rattle and roll if he knew how many people manage to go to the toilet without saying anything who never get molested by jinn.

10/16/2012 9:29:03 AM



10/16/2012 5:52:32 PM


What the fuck??

10/17/2012 7:47:20 AM

J. Random Lurker

No thanks, I prefer Bathtub Jinn. Toilet Jinn just tastes so...nasty.

10/20/2012 10:30:28 PM

David F Mayer

No wonder you Muslim fundies are so difficult to deal with. You are insane.

12/16/2012 8:38:43 PM


so apparently the minions of ultimate evil have nothing better to do then to stare at people when they are using the toilet. Who knew?

12/16/2012 8:55:47 PM


snarker, you leave me out of this guy's toilet demon fantasies thank you very much


6/9/2014 2:54:57 PM

Philbert McAdamia

I seek refuge from the gin & tonic.

When I was a teenager I was concerned with concealing myself from Jesus watching me whilst I was jacking off. And my mother catching me...
Now my moms and the Jeebus are both gone and I can do it any time and I've not been harmed by evil souls. Ha haaaa! Take that, you evil khubathas.

6/9/2014 5:45:56 PM

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