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SAT, that happened because this administration is trying to decimate our military and the best way to do it is from within. They know that people will stop re-enlisting or even enlisting to begin with if they have to face sharing barracks and showers with homosexuals/lesbians. When I was in the Army, it was still illegal, but if a lesbian had come onto one of the women in the shower, she would probably have ended up missing. That's how the military takes care of that kind of thing. (Friendly fire in war zones) The entire thing demoralizes everyone involved - and that's Obama's reasoning. A demoralized military is totally incapable of protecting the country. There have already been NUMEROUS cases of troops being bullied by homosexuals! It's so disturbing that the "Commander in Chief" should be the one taken to task over this mess!

dorrie, WND 37 Comments [10/17/2012 3:45:19 AM]
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yeah I know, I know Oboma's black and you hate homosexuals because god told you to..

10/17/2012 4:21:27 AM

Leighton Buzzard

Dude, the women's branches of the services have always been chock full of lesbians. And I dare swear gay men in the military were not uncommon, either, especially when the draft was in force. Nothing has changed except now they don't have to lie about it. Deal.

10/17/2012 4:21:47 AM


Let's say all of this is true. Your answer to bullying is murder? Not even touting-it-self-defense, but outright-murder-cover-it-up? Who's disgusting, again?

Not to mention a come-on isn't bullying, if anything it's usually a compliment. Professionalism would dictate flirting be kept to a minimum, but that goes for any orientation.

10/17/2012 4:22:26 AM

Filin De Blanc

Yeah, national defense shouldn't be left to the evil lesbians, but rather to the good, upstanding citizens whose reaction to being hit on is to murder the person and cover it up. Those people are definitely trustworthy.

10/17/2012 4:24:07 AM

Doubting Thomas

Only that nothing of the sort is happening. There is no mass exodus of heterosexual soldiers leaving the military. As for the few who do refuse to reenlist, the military is better off without them. Especially ones who would murder their fellow servicemembers.

As for NUMEROUS cases of troops being bullied by homosexuals, if that were true Fox News would have harped on this for months.

10/17/2012 5:29:24 AM

Pule Thamex

Did you know that voracious hordes of homosexuals are ready to jackboot their way across the US.?

Did you know that the rabid minions of Bible God will be unable to halt the advance of the Gay Brigades?

Did you know that this is because homosexuals exist and Bible God doesn't?

10/17/2012 5:36:12 AM

Mister Spak

"that happened because this administration is trying to decimate our military and the best way to do it is from within. "

Yes that's why Obongo used the military to kill Osama bin Laden. George Bush, the Best President Ever would never let this happen.

10/17/2012 5:39:40 AM


Some questions: 1, Why would Obama, or anyone, want to destabilize the military? What would be the point?
2, Why would a lesbian suddenly try to come on to someone in the shower?
3, Why can you not conceptualise that people, gay or straight, aren't necessarily constantly thinking about sex and looking to have sex at any opportunity?

10/17/2012 5:55:48 AM


Dorrie, are you telling us you've killed a US soldier in the field and covered it up? No? So how do you know what would have happend during the olden days?

10/17/2012 5:59:47 AM


Yeah cos' these numerous cases of bullying that you allege are so much worse than murder which you support

10/17/2012 6:02:46 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Why would Obama want to decimate our military? You didn't think that one through.

And you're full of shit about being in the Army. You're also full of it when it comes to lesbians. Actually, you're just full of shit when it comes to anything.

10/17/2012 6:53:13 AM


That's how the military takes care of that kind of thing. (Friendly fire in war zones)

Then that's not a military that deserves any praise or funding. Luckily the real military doesn't function the same way as your sick sadistic fantasies. Nobody but a psychopath would intentionally kill one of their own.

10/17/2012 7:05:42 AM


What a sick fuck.

10/17/2012 7:24:27 AM

Arctic Knight

One year after the repeal of DADT, studies have shown that there is zero negative impact on the military.

10/17/2012 7:35:37 AM


Dorrie, face it, you're just not that attractive. Even in today's Army, lesbians would not hit on you. Let that fantasy go.

10/17/2012 7:53:28 AM


On the one had, you say that gays bully troops, but you also say that straight troops regularly murder gay soldiers. Well, which is it?

10/17/2012 8:27:31 AM


Sacred Band Of Thebes.

The Spartans.

Alexander The Great.


10/17/2012 8:31:41 AM

rubber chicken

"So, you want to join the army ?"

"Yes Sir"

" You know you could be shot at ?"

" Yes Sir, no problem Sir"

" You know you could be blown up ?"

"Yes Sir, no problem Sir"

" You know you could share a barrack with a gay person ?"

" ?..."

<Door slams, sound of running feet receding into distance>

10/17/2012 8:35:59 AM

Thinking Allowed

10/17/2012 9:04:20 AM


I wouldn't mind sharing a shower with lesbians. Where do I sign up?

10/17/2012 9:39:11 AM

Kat S.

First I must ask, what unit(s) were you in, dorrie?

Because I have doubts that you ever were in the military in the first place.

I'm a straight female in the Army, and I have never been hit on by any lesbian soldiers I knew because they knew I was straight. Those soldiers were very professional on the job, and they kept their love life private like everyone else.

If there were a rash of LGBT killings in the military, we the public would have been very aware of those cases such as the PFC Barry Winchell murder case.

You just wish that homosexuals were shot to death for being homosexual, don't you dorrie?

Come on. Just admit it. You weren't in the Army, you wish homosexuals got shot to death, and there really hasn't been any major problems since DADT so you came up with a vauge statement about how "NUMEROUS" troops were being harrased by homosexuals.

10/17/2012 10:13:10 AM


This must be their way to explain the very high friendly fire rate the US military tends to have.

Couldn't possibly be incompetence.

10/17/2012 10:35:05 AM


Sheer DARVO.

10/17/2012 11:36:25 AM


[Citation needed]^n

10/17/2012 11:58:05 AM

Churchy LaFemme

There are even more NUMBEROUS cases of heterosexual women soldiers being assaulted and raped by heterosexual male soldiers, but that's OK with you, right, because those women shouldn't be in the military anyway?

10/17/2012 12:32:02 PM

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