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What color? Pink?

Pink is not a color: it doesn’t exist on the color spectrum.

Says it all about feminism, doesn’t it?

Rebel, The Spearhead 66 Comments [10/20/2012 3:28:23 AM]
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Sharon Young

Then I guess you can't condemn homosexuality, rainbows, spectra and all.

10/20/2012 3:31:41 AM


Even if pink doesn't exist as a legit wavelength, we still perceive it. Says a lot about how our own senses can trick us into believing something that's nonsense even if we think it's an absolute truth. Hint hint.

10/20/2012 3:36:05 AM

Arctic Knight

Pink is a reflective color, not a transmissive color.

Interestly, brown also does not appear in the spectrum of light waves, but, just like pink, we can see the color brown, which is how we know that Rebel is full of $#!+.

10/20/2012 4:14:25 AM


He's sort of right.

How this guy managed to tie it into feminism, I've no clue. Isn't pink more traditionally the "breast cancer awareness" colour?

10/20/2012 4:22:20 AM

"Pink is not a color: it doesn’t exist on the color spectrum."

If that were true, we wouldn't be able to see it.

10/20/2012 4:23:04 AM


Pink is not a hue; it's a tint. What the Hell has that got to do with feminism?

10/20/2012 4:32:48 AM


True, pink's not traditionally named in the spectrum of visible light but that doesn't mean it's not a colour.

Incidentally, we have seven named colours in the visible spectrum because Isaac Newton thought the number seven had religious-mystical connotations and that there was a connection between the colours, the musical notes, the known objects in the solar system, and the days of the week. So he included indigo separately when it's actually just a dark shade of blue. Which is all a bit fundie in itself, redefing reality to fit in with your existing beliefs...

10/20/2012 4:50:12 AM


At least Newton wasn't a dick about it. This guy however...

10/20/2012 4:56:21 AM

Often Partisan


10/20/2012 5:09:10 AM


No, you'll have to elaborate; you probably shouldn't, though.

10/20/2012 5:17:03 AM


10/20/2012 6:02:15 AM


If feminism doesn't exist, what are you Spearhead rabble so afraid of?

10/20/2012 6:02:24 AM

Raised by Horses

The Jackalope is not a real animal, but a cryptozoological myth made up by bored rednecks. Says it all about homeopathy, doesn't it?

10/20/2012 6:15:24 AM


Says you're not smart enough to formulate a rational argument.

10/20/2012 6:54:47 AM


Wait, what?

10/20/2012 7:18:32 AM

and yet nature is full of tints and hues that are not usually perceived in a rainbow.

10/20/2012 7:41:42 AM


"Pink is not a color: it doesn’t exist on the color spectrum.

Says it all about feminism, doesn’t it?"


10/20/2012 7:48:33 AM

Doubting Thomas

Let me guess, it's a special color that only gay people and feminists can see?

10/20/2012 7:49:30 AM


Well, that spectrum thing is true (I'm trying to remember off the top of my head, but I think its something like perceiving pink in the complete absence of green light or something) (Somebody more dedicated than I could find out and tell me how badly I remembered that). But I think that Rebel is missing something else here.

Once upon a time, pink was not seen as the feminine color. Pink is a tint of red (tint as in white+hue), and red is apparently manly as fuck. Blue was seen as softer and more feminine color. Eventually, it flip-flopped and pink became girly and blue manly.

So, hey, maybe the light spectrum isn't a judge of anything whatsoever, Rebel.

10/20/2012 7:55:50 AM

Thinking Allowed

What Rebel really needs is a binder full of women.

10/20/2012 8:12:40 AM


Sounds like something Colbert would say...

10/20/2012 8:18:04 AM


Green is my favorite color. What does that say about feminism?

10/20/2012 8:33:14 AM


Fun historical fact: Until about a century ago, pink was more associated with boys than with girls. Historians are still not 100% sure why or how it made the switch in gender identity, but that's the reality we live in. The question is, what does that say about feminism?

Perhaps that pink knows something that the rest of us don't and that it wanted to switch to the winning side?

10/20/2012 8:46:42 AM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

10/20/2012 8:57:36 AM

Lady Evil

Joke time!

These two Jews were arguing, so the Rabbi was called to settle the argument. "Black is a color!" says the first guy. "No, black is no color!" says the other. They ask Rabbi what he thinks and he says "Nu, we can see blackness, so black must be a color." Not long after, the two Jews are arguing again. "White is a color!" says the first guy. "No, white is no color!" says the other. They ask Rabbi what he thinks and he says "Nu, we can see whiteness, so white must be a color." Then the first guy says to the other "You see? I did sell you a color TV after all!"

10/20/2012 9:09:14 AM

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