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Ever notice that no fatwa has been issued for Obama’s death since supposedly converting out of Islam? The only consequence of converting out of Islam is death according to their writings.

For me no fatwa means he’s still a Muzzie.

Jack Hydrazine, Free Republic 64 Comments [11/8/2012 4:04:46 PM]
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Yeah except most people aren't morons and don't think he is a muslim.

The only people who think this are brainwashed ultra-conservatives who regurgitate whatever they hear negative about obama without thinking about it.

11/8/2012 4:10:17 PM

The Quran says exactly dick about punishment for converting out of Islam.

11/8/2012 4:15:25 PM


Do these people really take pride in their ignorance and failings? Seriously?

11/8/2012 4:17:46 PM


Option 1 (the most likely one): He never was a Muslim, so therefore no one can issue a fatwa for converting out.

Option 2 (far less likely, but still more sane than Jack's idea): He was once Muslim, but was part of a more reform sect, one that doesn't try to kill those who stray (if Islam even calls for that, which above comments suggest is a lie). There are a ton of violent edicts in the Old Testament, but few Jews would actually advocate stoning people for a wide array of transgressions. Similarly, most Muslims are not bloodthirsty savages who want to kill everyone.

11/8/2012 4:19:15 PM

Filin De Blanc

Because obviously all Muslims can identify whether or not someone is a Muslim using the special Muslim-vision granted to them along with their adamantium skeletons.

11/8/2012 4:21:54 PM


For me no fatwa means he’s still a Muzzie.

Dear Jack Hydrazine,

I noticed there's no fatwa out on you either. So I guess you're still a muslim too.

11/8/2012 4:36:59 PM


Right, that's because Obama was never a Muslim. He was raised in a secular environment and converted to the most moderate style of Christianity he could find because in the United States it's impossible to gain office without professing belief in Jesus.

11/8/2012 4:53:43 PM


air tight reasoning there... ooph

11/8/2012 4:58:37 PM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

Well now you have four more years to ponder that.

11/8/2012 5:06:09 PM


From now on, I'm going to start asking fundies, "Are you still a muslim?" It's the new "have you stopped beating your wife?" !

11/8/2012 5:14:29 PM


For you, sucking up liquid rocks may mean food.

11/8/2012 5:16:13 PM

And for the guy who yells next to the local strip club, gnomes are trying to eat his skin.

11/8/2012 5:27:34 PM


Nor has there been a fatwa to kill me, my dog or Willie Mays. What do we have in common with Obama? WE AREN'T MUSLIMS.

11/8/2012 5:29:03 PM


Ah, checkmate beat me to it

11/8/2012 5:35:30 PM


Quit pretending that you understand anything about the Muslim people Jack. That includes the use of the term "fatwa."

11/8/2012 5:39:00 PM


Oh, FFS. This fails in so many dimensions it proves M-theory.

A Fatwa is any kind of groundbreaking ruling in Islamic Law (i.e. "landmark case"), generally non-binding to anybody and can be issued by anybody scholared in Islamic Law.
So even if there was a fatwa issued on Obama it could be "He's a nice chump. Don't hurt him!".
As Obama never was a Muslim, there's no reason a death sentence should be issued - let alone that I personally know half a dozen Deconverts from Muslim to nontheism (containing everthing from atheism to apatheism) and none of them have gotten death threats.

11/8/2012 5:45:39 PM

But he was never Muslim in the first place.

How would he deconvert from a religion he was never part of?

11/8/2012 5:51:57 PM


Not surprised: free republic thinks obama is a muslim and doesn't understand Islam in the slightest.

By the way, Jihad means holy war, so I think that's the word your looking for Jack. Though Jihad is only a pillar, possibly, of shia islam and... it also is meant to mean spiritual purification. Holy war against internal demons and stuff. It was twisted to mean physical war against infidels.

11/8/2012 5:53:26 PM


Or that he was never Muslim to begin with. By the way I looked up fatwa and this is a common misconception.

11/8/2012 6:12:46 PM


@ #1467030 : You wrote:

"The Quran says exactly dick about punishment for converting out of Islam."

Qur'an 4:89 says:

"But if they (Apostate) turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them."

The majority of Muslim scholars hold to the traditional view that apostasy is punishable by death or imprisonment until repentance, at least for adult men of sound mind.

11/8/2012 6:20:14 PM


Jihad doesn't mean "holy war", it means "struggle".

11/8/2012 6:26:28 PM


Funny enough, my uncle (born in Iran) stopped following the religion and his still-Muslim relatives didn't give a shit.

11/8/2012 6:26:47 PM


There is also the possibility there is no fatwah because he is a Christian and never was a Muslim except to fuckwitted morons who think he attended a terrorsit madras in Malaysia. (Have I got the conspiracy right? I hate when I get them mixed up.)

11/8/2012 6:51:43 PM


Leave it to an American wingnut to be more irrational and bloodthirsty than the most backward mullah in the most primitive corner of Iran.

11/8/2012 7:09:58 PM


That's like saying that since Obama (THE PRESIDENT) doesn't have wings, he must have converted from being an angel.

11/8/2012 7:24:58 PM

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