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[In response to the statement, "Obviously the problem of homosexuality goes back to OT times."]

Yes, they killed them then so ill be willing to bet those who still insisted on it remained hidden or decided they weren't really that way.

Funny how the more legal it becomes, the more of them there are. I guess there would be more murderers if it were legal too.

Angel4Truth, Theology Online 33 Comments [10/28/2012 3:54:26 PM]
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Submitted By: Persephone 66

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This is a prime exemple of fallacious logics.

There are not a rise of the number of gays but a rise of their visibility because bigots like you cannot anymore send them to the scaffold or the stake.

10/28/2012 3:58:23 PM

Leighton Buzzard

Does the phrase 'safe to come out of the closet' mean anything to you?

10/28/2012 3:59:28 PM


Not only would there be more murderers, there would be more victims too, just like your biblical gays.

10/28/2012 4:21:30 PM


Not at all Fundie.
He's absolutely right; if murder were legal there'd be more murders- "I've got a little list."
Likewise, the historical oppression of gays did indeed result in many of us denying our sexuality.

10/28/2012 4:36:24 PM


@John_in_Oz: He's saying some "decided they weren't really" gay (i.e., it's a choice).

He's also saying that the number of homosexuals is greater because they aren't being "punished" for the "crime" of being gay... but that's wrong. The percentage hasn't gone up, as far as we know. It's just that fewer feel the need to pretend to be straight, so the relative number of uncloseted homosexuals has gone up.

Plus, he's equating being gay to being a murderer while advocating the murder (ironically) of gays. How is he not fundie?

10/28/2012 5:44:58 PM

Mr. Bigglesworth

Yes, Gays are really "that way". Oppression does not change that. You wanting it to be true is reprehensible.

10/28/2012 5:56:58 PM

Happy Atheist

And just like there would be fewer out gays if homosexuality were illegal, so too would there be fewer carpenters if carpentry were illegal. What's your point?

10/28/2012 6:33:08 PM

Doubting Thomas

Angel has hit on the truth without realizing it. When gay people have been persecuted throughout history, they just hid it. Unfortunately, like most fundies, they only get part of it right. Persecution doesn't mean there were fewer gays. Stop persecuting gays and there won't be more of them, but they will be able to live openly.

10/28/2012 7:06:50 PM


There's NOT more of them per-say. They're just not afraid to admit it anymore.

10/28/2012 8:45:31 PM


So...you think that gays should be put to death like they were back in the bad old days, then?

@Doubting Thomas: this is a great example of the fundie thinking that homosexuality is contagious, and that they can somehow "infect" otherwise straight people with teh ghey. Given that, the poster seems to be suggesting that they can prevent the infection rate by quarantining or eliminating known gays from the population.

10/29/2012 12:35:10 AM


("Funny how the more legal it becomes, the more of them there are")

And this is a bad thing HOW?

10/29/2012 12:52:49 AM


The more legal it becomes, the more of them you see. They were always there, but didn't dare being themselves.
(My husband has frequent back-ackes from his long spine; he still insists on being tall. If only he could decide he's not really that way.)

You do know that Christians were forced to hide in the beginning, right?

Murders actually harms someone, infringes on other peoples human rights.
Homosexuality harms no-one and IS a human right, asshole.

10/29/2012 12:57:08 AM

Persephone 66

Makes perfect sense.

10/29/2012 1:24:34 AM

Says the guy who just said he wants to commit murder legally.

As I am sure has been pointed out more times than you can count (you've only got so many fingers and I suspect your other hand is occupied when the subject is any combination of murder and gay sex) an increase of public focus on homosexuality doesn't constitute their sudden appearance out of thin air, merely an increase in the number of nosy bastards spying on their neighbours like the KGB and raising a stink about what they do in their personal lives. You don't "decide" that you're gay any more than you "decide" that you're straight or than you "decide" that getting tasered is unpleasant. You find you get a funny feeling when you're with a girl, you find guys arousing, or you might even find that both actually turn your crank.

Hell, sometimes even that taser feels good.

10/29/2012 1:45:23 AM


You are correct, there are also more openly stupid people in the US than in other countries.

No seriously now, of course the more accepted something becomes, the more people are open about it. But your basic argument is false. After soft drugs have become legal in some European countries (Netherlands, Portugal and in some variants Spain) the number of addict and users has actually gone down. If the argumenttion presented were correct 80% of Portugese and Dutch would now be drug addicts (I'm takin coffein, nikotin and alcohol out of the equation there - those were legal before).

10/29/2012 5:02:31 AM

Mister Spak

It's just like the number of christians in Rome exploded after christianity was made legal. Then Rome fell.

10/29/2012 5:24:04 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

Obviously, homosexuality goes back to before the dawn of humans, but there are some good examples of it in the OT. David and Jonathan, obviously. Ruth and Naomi, possibly.

However, it's only a "problem" when some haters like Angel4Truth choose to make it a problem.

10/29/2012 5:51:42 AM


"Funny how the more legal it becomes, the more of them there are."

- Funny how no matter how many of them there are, your lot can't come up with a legitimate reason for abusing them the way you do.

"I guess there would be more murderers if it were legal too."

- I rest my case.

10/29/2012 5:55:21 AM


Even if that's true (it's not; people are gay whether it's legal or not, they just hide it when it's illegal), we have laws against murderers because murder takes away another person's inalienable right to live. Homosexuality harms nobody's rights. Oh, and you having a heart attack because you hate gays so much is not considered an assault on your life.

10/29/2012 6:02:21 AM

Thinking Allowed

They killed rebellious children too.

10/29/2012 8:28:42 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

Homosexuals have been around as long as humans have and laws don't make them go away. It's not that there are more homosexuals since the legal protections have been added, it's that they're more open about their sexuality now.

10/29/2012 8:38:30 AM


"...those who still insisted on it remained hidden or decided they weren't really that way."

Uh, if they "still insisted on it," how could they have "decided they weren't really that way?"

"Funny how the more legal it becomes, the more of them there are."

No, the "more legal it becomes" the more they allow the world to see them as who they are.

10/29/2012 9:54:27 AM


"Funny how the more legal it becomes, the more of them there are willing to admit they are"

There. Fixed. No heterosexual just up and decides "I think I'll turn gay because it's legal now".

10/29/2012 10:18:44 AM


Arguments made say the same thing I would have said, sooo...

Angel4Truth, stop cherry picking from the bloody Leviticus book. It makes you look dumb.

I've never gotten a very good, serious theological argument against gay marriage (Standing on their own grounds) except that one passage, which is pretty much cherry picking, aka bad theology. I've gotten good ones against fornication, but not gay marriage. I tend not to judge people's personal lives, that said.

10/29/2012 10:30:14 AM

So, if they're in the closet, there are still homosexuals. That they don't make it public doesn't mean that they don't exist. By the way, how did they decide that they were not that way?, or that they were, to begin with?

10/29/2012 10:53:00 AM

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