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Yes, let’s take back the rainbow for God. Let the homosexual community find a different religious symbol to commandeer. If they were feeling congenial, perhaps the Muslims would let them borrow their crescent moon. In these desperate economic times, maybe the Wiccans would rent the pentagram to them. I don’t really care. What I want is for the Christian community to wake up, wipe the sleep from their eyes, and realize that they are in a spiritual battle that isn’t going away and has no demilitarized zones. The rainbow is a symbol, but it’s meaning points to the very character of God. So Christians …use this God-given symbol for His glory. Using it won’t make you a homosexual. It won’t make you a New Ager. It won’t make leprechauns real. But it might allow you to get into conversations with people who need to meet the very One Who gave us His promise in the first place.

Ken Hutcherson, World Net Daily 64 Comments [10/31/2012 5:10:44 AM]
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Individual symbols don't belong to religions or groups. The use of the most common symbols usualy predates their use by any one group by centuries, this is the case with the rainbow and the crescent moon, and the pentagram. Christianity has no monopoly on the use of the rainbow as a symbol. All these symbols are the inheritance of all mankind and anyone can use them as they see fit.

10/31/2012 11:11:43 PM


Yes, it would so make you homosexual. Catch the rainbow, catch teh ghey!

10/31/2012 11:53:48 PM


I think the thing that bugs me the most is that this guy thinks that the rainbow is a symbol used exclusively by gays. The rainbow as a symbol represents diversity standing and working together to make something great and beautiful. Gays use it to promote tolerance and diversity with regards to sexual orientation, but it has also been used to represent tolerance and diversity between race relations.

TO be fair you can use the rainbow too, but I doubt you will be using it for its most commonly accepted meaning of tolerance and diversity. Christians can use the rainbow because they can also stand beside people of other faiths. To be tolerant and accepting and working together with one another despite differences is what the rainbow is all about.

11/1/2012 12:41:03 AM


I'd be really too if the symbol of my God being a forgetful genocidal maniac was taken away

11/1/2012 12:42:35 AM

Often Partisan

@ Anon e moose: "Gay sex. It does not make you go blind. It does not make hair grow on your palms. It does not stunt your growth. It does not make you vote Conservative."

As a gay woman I am very relieved that gay sex doesn't make you vote Tory XD.

11/1/2012 3:26:17 AM

"The rainbow is a symbol, but it’s meaning points to the very character of God. "

Because they are both illusions?

11/1/2012 3:43:29 AM


Christianity does not own rainbows.

11/1/2012 10:23:12 AM


" the rainbow is a symbol that points to the very nature of God'

Okay, so your god is a murderous tyrant?

11/1/2012 11:52:58 AM


@ Ebon

When Christians decided that they owned marriage, owning the rainbow was just a small extra step.

11/1/2012 1:49:38 PM

pretty puppy

I know some LGB people who make it rain.

11/1/2012 5:16:23 PM


Actually, pentacle is a five-sided object. A pentagram is an inscription that has five sides. Think of it like receptacle and telegram and you should keep 'em straight.

11/2/2012 9:29:15 AM



The symbol for we straight people is the Laser:

Yet, a Laser can make fabulous patterns in all the colours of the rainbow, and more besides.

Kenny-boy & his 'hetero' ilk never got that memo, though. Kinda difficult to receive notes through the door of a closet, eh Ken?

11/2/2012 11:15:49 AM


No, the rainbow is a symbol of light being refracted when passing by water.

11/4/2012 9:15:04 PM


Great idea, they give you back the rainbow, and you give them the cross. Then everybody's happy.

11/8/2012 10:31:30 PM

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