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Wake up call to the blind. Muslims - whether the murdering martyr types seeking virgins in paradise or your friendly Pakistani convenience store clerk down the street - all have one common thread of absolute belief. That Mecca is the center of the universe and the stone in the Kaaba was placed there by Allah. No non-believer can get within 50K of either Mecca of Medina. One of the main motivating factors for Al Queda is that the corrupt House of Saud controls these two holiest of sites of Islam - the full official title of the King of Saudi Arabia is "The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques". I believe that certain aspects of the Cold War strategy of mutual assured destruction be applied to our war on terror - and make no mistake this war, it isn't against rampaging Hindus or Budhists. If we could hold tens of millions of Russian residents of Moskow, Kiev, Stalingrad, or Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) hostage by the treat of nuclear weapons - why not Mecca and Medina? Just the threat might have the effect of marginalizing the radicals within the larger Muslim population. If not, and these crazies ever set off a WMD anywhere in the world, then put a 10MT thermonuclear device on top of the Kaaba in Mecca and Mohhammeds tomb in Medina. If Armageddon is the result, oh well - on one side we still have thousands of nuclear weapons with pin-point accuracy. I would then only have to worry about the Pakistani convenience store clerk down the street - but then again maybe not. I just wonder how many blind and brainwashed Muslims will "see the light" after the Kaaba is gone and Mecca and Medina are craters? And on the otherhand.... if the Kaaba still stands and those Mosques are left unscathed by a nuclear blast..... I'm gonna get a prayer rug and a prayer schedule with bearings facing Mecca from my location real fast. Hey, and if the idea of 4 wives don't go over with my current wife - well saying "I divorce you" three times is a whole lot simpler than lawyers, courts, alimony and custody settlements. Oh, and let's not forget those "perpetual" virgins in heaven. While martyrs get seventy, I'm sure there is a couple handed out for just saying Allah is great and Mohamamed was his messenger, praying five times a day, fasting for one month a year, giving alms, and doing a pilgrimage to Mecca-Medina. Yep, dust off those Minute Men missile silos - new mission in ths war on terror.

4kerry04, Strategy Page 42 Comments [11/2/2012 5:22:01 AM]
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I grow weary of repeating myself to people like you: look up the role of the al-Aqsa mosque during the second crusade.

11/2/2012 1:22:48 PM


It's like you don't care. As long as all Muslims are dead you win. So you win even if everyone on the planet is dead, because at least that includes Muslims.

I think Christians need to look to themselves before they tell us that atheists are mass murderers. I can't name a single atheist making even one apologetic argument for the sake of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot. Meanwhile, nestled deep within their own ranks, Christians are blindly unaware of their own genocide cheerleaders.

11/2/2012 1:23:36 PM


And bullshit like this is why I am continually grateful for the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and the strict controls on nuclear weapons.

>>dust off those Minute Men missile silos<<

For somebody who apparently likes the idea of nuclear holocaust, 4kerry04 is incredibly badly informed. Even with the START draw-down, there are still 450 Minutemen-III missiles sitting in silos in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minuteman_III#Current_and_future_deployment). This is a factor of two less than the peak number of US silo-based ICBMs. All of the misleading-named Peacekeeper missiles have been disarmed; the warheads shifted to storage, dismantled, or replacing other retired bombs and the rockets sold off for launching satellites.

>> 10MT thermonuclear device <<

There are no such bombs currently in existence. The US B83 bomb is 1.2 MT (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B83_nuclear_bomb); the B53s were 9 MT, but they were all dismantled 15 years ago. All such high-yield bombs are delivered by aircraft, since they're too large to be packaged into an ICBM.

>> nuclear weapons with pin-point accuracy.<<

Targeting accuracy of GPS-guided bombs is measured in tens of meters. But the blast and fireball radii are measured in kilometers. No such thing as pin-point accuracy. This is why nuclear artillery never made much sense.

>>No non-believer can get within 50K or either Mecca or Medina<<

This is not true.

Non-Muslims may entire Medina, just not the area around Nabawi Square in the center of the city. That is less than 1 km across. The area in Mecca is larger, but still less than 10 km wide.

But we should expect 4kerry04 to be poorly informed.

11/2/2012 1:29:05 PM


Let me get this straight, you advocate the biggest act of genocide and terrorism in the history of this planet and you think the rest of the world would let you get away with it?
No one can be that fucking delusional.

11/2/2012 6:16:42 PM


Now now everyone. He wasn't suggesting pre emptive strikes with nukes.

"If not, and these crazies ever set off a WMD anywhere in the world, then put a 10MT thermonuclear device on top of the Kaaba in Mecca and Mohhammeds tomb in Medina."

See, the nukes would just be retaliation to other nukes. That isn't so bad!

Ahem. Except, of course, that generalizing the enemy to "Muslims" kinda doesn't work... at all. And killing a bunch of innocent people with a nuclear retaliation? Brilliant idea, really.

11/2/2012 10:59:19 PM


Wasn't Al'Qaeda founded by a member of the bin Laden family? A "wealthy family intimately connected with the innermost circles of the Saudi royal family" and buddies with GWB.

The Russians also held tens of millions of American residents in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans and Duluth hostage by the threat of nuclear weapons, ya know.

The second after nuclear weapons are spotted on their way to Mecca and/or Medina, war-heads in Iran will start their journey towards New York.

11/3/2012 1:22:38 AM


And yet homicidal lunatics like this are allowed to vote. That's a scary thought.

P.S. Paragraphs, fucker. Have you heard of them?

11/3/2012 1:47:59 AM



11/3/2012 2:16:29 AM


It wasn't until I got to Swede's entry that I realized: in case some whack job like the foregoing ever has influence in any administration, yeah, Iran had *better* have The Bomb.

11/3/2012 5:04:42 AM


Iran does not have nuclear warheads. Iran is nowhere near 85% enrichment required for nuclear weapons. Besides, they don't have a delivery system capable of hitting New York.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the idea that they could even possibly enrich uranium near weapons grade, but that isn't happening right now. I don't really think that they should be permitted nuclear power until the theocratic fascist regime is overthrown.

11/3/2012 5:41:42 AM


I'm surprised no one's noted that last bit at the end, where 4Kerry04 says that if the mosques survive, he'll immediately shift to Islam. He certainly seems determined to be on the winning side...

11/3/2012 9:07:10 AM


The total lack of ethics in killing innocent people aside, do you really think the rest of the world would sit idly by once the nuking started? If we just nuked them out of the blue the rest of the world will hate us again, and this time won't hesitate to use full force. We're not the only ones with nukes, you know. But then again, you are religious, and therefore don't care about anything other than your stupid pissing contest involving other religions, so I do not expect you to understand the ramifications of a nuclear war.

11/3/2012 9:11:22 AM


Ummmmm...I am a newbie here on fstdt, but I'm gonna call this a Poe. The OP's username is 4kerry04 - For Kerry '04? As in John Kerry for President, 2004 presidential election? In this (to me) likely scenario, the post is worth a second read - for a good laugh, really. Now, I'm off to read the responses to OP's rant :)

11/3/2012 10:29:37 AM


What is this Christian fundie obsession with nuking Mecca and Medina and millions of Muslims?!! Almost every anti-Muslim or "critic" of Islam and Muslims has p-layed this card at one time or another.

Can anyone explain?

I think these anti-Islam idiots think geopolitics works like a game of Stratego: capture the flag and you win! So if you nuke Mecca and Medina, all Muslims everywhere will give up, become Christians and acknowledge U.S. hegemony.

11/3/2012 5:32:58 PM

Doubting Thomas

How is that any worse than Christian fundies who think that America is God's chosen country and non-believers should be kicked out?

And again with the "nuke Mecca" mentality... nothing like pissing off the entire Muslim world, and most of the non-Muslim world.

11/4/2012 10:46:32 AM


I agree mellenORL with a username like 4kerry04 this looks like Poe to me.

11/4/2012 7:40:21 PM


I just wonder how many blind and brainwashed Muslims will "see the light" after the Kaaba is gone and Mecca and Medina are craters?

Some number between "zero" and "none at all". It doesn't work. It never worked. You would only succeed to attract the eternal enmity of one-third of the world, and a giant "WHAT THE FUCK" from most of the rest.

Your masturbatory fantasies are ridiculous and you're stupid.

11/14/2012 1:06:21 PM

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