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Harris not only forgets that his argument cuts both ways, but also fails to see how logic clearly dictates that the correct solution to the Extinction Equation would be to put an end to science rather than religion. The five major religions, Hinduism, Chinese folk religion, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam have collectively been around 33 times longer than modern science without ever once threatening the species, whereas in a mere 350 years, science has managed to produce multiple threats to continued human existence.

So the collected religions have been around for a combined 11 600 years and have not managed to even threaten the eradication of mankind, whereas science, as we know it, has been around for a mere 350 years, and since the 6th and 7th August, 1945, the world has been under the constant threat of annihilation.

Tyronehster, News24 40 Comments [11/28/2012 1:45:27 PM]
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Hasan Prishtina

Back to your cave, Tyronehster

11/29/2012 6:09:54 AM

Seeker Lancer

While not in its modern form, science has existed since the first human being wondered "why?"

The modern religions have only existed for a few thousand years.

Also religions are made up of people and only people can make threats. Science is a thing, it doesn't threaten, it simply tells you what it knows. How the people use that knowledge is up to them.

11/29/2012 8:27:13 AM


Three words...

1. Crusades.
2. Plague.
3. Genocide.

11/29/2012 10:53:26 AM


Science works, no matter to what end you apply it. Religion is wishful and wooly thinking, fun to masturbate to, but doesn't work in the real world.

11/29/2012 12:11:02 PM


Yes, science has produced several things that can destroy the human race: nuclear weapons, bio-weapons, chemical weapons. But it's not the scientists we have to fear unleashing these things on the world. It is the religious. I don't see a science dominated country seeking to build nuclear weapons with the expressed idea of completely destroying another nation off the planet.

11/29/2012 1:22:29 PM

Pie Man

Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater:


Without science, we wouldn't have nuclear weapons, but we also wouldn't have vaccines, communications satellites, and all other sorts of things that make everyone's lives better.

11/29/2012 1:54:59 PM


science, as we know it, has been around for a mere 350 years

The whole premise of the David and Goliath myth is that applied physics (David's sling) can beat brute human force.

I'm not saying that the sling was invented by any form of scientific methodology as we understand it today, but the outcome is the same: the principles of physics, often contradictory to so-called common sense, are undeniable and are obviously being promoted by the Bible in this myth.

11/29/2012 5:36:42 PM


Well the problem is that religion has held back the moral reasoning we need to use science properly. Science has grown, we need to grow better.

11/29/2012 8:22:20 PM


I don't know of a single war declared in the name of science, while religious wars have a long and terrible history.

11/29/2012 8:25:38 PM

Lady Evil

"Science is like a blabbermouth who ruins the movie by telling you how it ends. Well, I say there are some things we don't want to know. Important things."
--Ned Flanders

11/29/2012 9:27:26 PM


Your argument in favour of ignorance and superstition isn't too bad, but it's not an argument that any sane person would want to win.

11/30/2012 9:10:20 AM

"science has managed to produce"

Items that people use... and I think you might just notice that people are using them to kill other people and are using religion to justify what they do.

"the constant threat of annihilation."

That would be mainly due to the religious freaks who think this life doesn't mean anything except an opportunity to spread the Word via death, destruction and torture...

Science produces tools... people use them "for the greater good". (and you should be horrified when someone uses that phrase)

11/30/2012 10:21:08 AM

I need pedophiles in gold trimmed dresses telling me what to do. Don't ask, it's just better.

12/1/2012 3:14:00 AM

It's easy to attack one paragraph out of context. Log onto my blog 'Trailer Trash Tyrone' and see the entire argument, then see if you can rebut my argument so easily.

12/2/2012 6:36:54 AM


But, it's a science that made your PC possible to be built. You DO know that, right?

12/2/2012 8:23:10 AM

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