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Personally, I think that Obama allowed this butchery [in Benghazi] to happen in order to uphold the myth that "Muslims don't really hate us, you know. It's just that we provoke them beyond endurance." That's why his minions came up with with that "hateful video" which nobody saw. He couldn't allow his brothers, the members of the religion of peace, to be seen as the violent, ignorant, hate-filled bigots they are. Plus, Obama wants to perpetuate the other myth that he brought "peace and understanding" in the Middle East and that that's what the Arab Spring was all about. Thanks to him Muslims don't hate us anymore ... except when we provoke them.

Obama coldly ignored repeated cries for help and allowed 4 Americans to die just so that he could save face (and then, he went to Vegas to party with celebrities). It has nothing to do with incompetence or anything like that. It was icy, ruthless self-serving calculation, and don't anybody tell you any different. I'm reading Suetonious' The Twelve Casears, and believe me, where rotten politics are concerned Obama could have taught the emperors a thing or two.

In a realistic, decent world, Obama and his band of criminals would be pilloried at least, executed for treason at most. And they all deserve it.

But of course, what between the DBM's stonewalling and protection, and Joe and Jane Stupid's indifference, Obama and his minions will go scott free.

Talk about life being unfair.

Atty Tude, Where Liberty Dwells 6 Comments [11/3/2012 9:52:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Filin De Blanc

Another post that basically boils down to "ARGH! Obama is BLACK!"

11/3/2012 10:15:56 AM


Wow, you managed to insult everybody. Well done!

Do you, by any chance, have a Sacred Gourd or Sandal? May we Stupids worship you now or should we wait a while?

11/3/2012 10:29:45 AM

J. James

Amazingly, none of this has any connection to reality.

11/3/2012 1:28:22 PM


If you're making up a conspiracy theory, at least try please. Because this doesn't even make sense regardless of reality.

11/3/2012 1:52:52 PM


Hmm. I'm betting Joe and Jane Stupid are your parents, right?

11/3/2012 10:57:22 PM


In Satan's name! This shit has been so thoroughly debunked that even Rush Limpballs has given up on it. And that's just the bits that don't amount to "Argh, the president is black!".

11/3/2012 11:37:14 PM

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