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Was Timothy McVeigh a true American patriot?
With the economic collapse of Wall St, Jewish control of Congress and the Government, is it true that Timothy McVeigh was the only true American Patriot with the balls, to try and fight the system in the only language it understands? or are the sheeple just happy to keep on watching American Idol and let the Jewish controlled media tell them how to think and live? Oh yeh, and how to die (fighting Israels enermies for them) Instead of Jewish soldiers going home in body bags its American ones. Oh, how they must be laughing at all you poor shmucks. What is it that the Talmud says about Gentiles? Cattle put on earth to serve the Jew? How very, very apt. (From a non brain washed Gentile)

Brian, Yahoo! Answers 11 Comments [11/5/2012 4:37:03 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback

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Leighton Buzzard

Unfortunately for you, the Talmud says no such thing. It's a fraudulent quote from a non-existent book (Libbre David).

11/5/2012 5:49:21 AM

Doubting Thomas

Bullshit. Timothy McVeigh was a paranoid conspiracy theorist turned terrorist mass murderer.

11/5/2012 7:19:54 AM


Brian has, most assuredly, been brainwashed. The only question is whether his brainwashing is religious, political, or both. I'm leaning towards both.

11/5/2012 9:08:06 AM


Generic anti-semitic bollocks.

11/5/2012 9:12:56 AM

Pie Man

Was Timothy McVeigh a true American patriot?

No, he was a mass-murdering terrorist.

11/5/2012 11:56:35 AM


This guy is brain dead and still talking. Miracles can happen.

11/5/2012 11:59:05 AM

Kevin Klawitter

11/5/2012 10:20:08 PM

Since none of his victims were jewish, your rant makes no sense.

11/6/2012 3:36:02 AM


It's really boring how half of all conspiracy theories boil down to "Jews r bad". Blaming the Jews is so 5th Century, show some fucking creativity!

11/7/2012 5:53:57 PM

Boy. This is one old ass theory. Didn't people in the middle ages blame jews for their issues back then and later during the rise of a certain dictator?

11/19/2012 11:19:05 AM


I think you meant to say "non brain" Gentile.

12/1/2012 1:16:01 AM

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