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so sad for your state's results~ :**( these days RIGHT is WRONG and wrong is RIGHT. it's just unbelievable sometimes.... most of my anger these days is righteous anger.

anger because people jaywalk in the middle of the road and don't look up with their i-phone
anger because people sue others to take advantage
anger because illegals walk over the border and demand rights that our ancestors worked hard for
anger because the entire country wants to approve marriage b/w a man and man and woman and woman
anger because people in general do the wrong and are praised and US that wants the right upheld are laughed at and rebuked.

i'm really tired of living in this world and i'm in one of the worst places (los angeles, CA). but i still can't BELIEVE actually (in a good way) that we haven't voted in gay marriage yet even though the liberal judges want to overturn that prop we passed. so discouraging at times! and it's so hard to curb that anger....

AWillow, Rapture Ready 38 Comments [11/11/2012 4:53:56 AM]
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it's so hard to curb that anger....

Just let go of being a religious control freak and live your own life.

Or try the various anti-depressants on the market. They work wonders.

11/11/2012 7:12:10 PM

"i'm really tired of living in this world"

The true nature of Rapture Ready is revealed. Their religion won't let them think about suicide.

11/11/2012 10:44:28 PM

Mister Spak

Anger that you can have an abortion even though it's against my religion.
Anger that my choice is between an atheist muslim nigger and a devil worshipping cultist.
anger because more people are getting married.
anger because the president is the one who got more votes, not the one Faux news endorsed.

11/12/2012 6:43:38 AM


Uhmm...that prop you passed? It violated the US Constitution's guaranteed right to sutantive due process of law (and btw it was a conservative (not liberal) justice, appointed by a Republican, that wrote the opinion regarding it's constitutionality.

11/12/2012 11:06:20 AM

No, those illegals just want to work for money. As in, money to feed their families.

11/13/2012 10:09:06 PM


You could move to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. That would take care of most of your problems, though I have no idea whether the i-phone thing applies there as well.

Or you can shut the fuck up and stop whining like a three-year-old whose mommy won't give him a sweetie.

11/13/2012 11:04:50 PM

Fundies Make Me Sick

Stay mad. I like it when you're mad.

11/14/2012 8:34:16 AM


You won't like AWillow when he's angry.

11/16/2012 9:59:38 AM


You should go to David J. Stewart's site and commiserate with him. He's as impotently angry as you are.

One thing though, if Stewart asks you to send him a picture of yourself, just say no.

11/16/2012 10:06:05 AM


"anger because the entire country wants to approve marriage b/w a man and man and woman and woman"


11/20/2012 8:57:37 AM


"RIGHT is WRONG and wrong is RIGHT"

...and Evil is Sexy.


11/20/2012 10:52:40 AM

Well you're right about LA.

3/28/2013 10:44:57 PM

Yeah how dare people demand rights that will cost you nothing, and that you haven't worked for. Especially since they are willing to leave their home, risk their lives, and work a crappy job that doesn't pay enough for it. Really what makes them think that they earned those rights, I did, by being born (well born again, cause you know people that don't agree with my standpoints don't deserve those rights either)

3/29/2013 1:55:57 AM

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