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I really really thought Romney was in. I thought Big Hebery was backing him. No matter. Genociding Whitey is more important than anything, I guess.

Every-one I knew voted for Romney. They did. I got Gibs Me Dat White Yankees to change their votes. To no avail.

The Southerners here rightfully hate Yankees – but they still do not understand that the VAST majority of the Yankees have re-nigged BECAUSE Diversity is still largely ideological. Most Whites do not think there wil ANY problems with a Brown America.

They’ll find out. ‘Cause now we are Brazil.

At least ostensible White people are now openly discussing Race – but it’s OVER. It’s too late.

The West is gonna go down the hard way. It’s like the West – Whitey World – decided to slit it;s collective White Wrist, in a huge Drama Queen Mea Culpa – and then realized that, “Hey – that’s an awful lot of blood, and I’m starting to feel cold, and faint, and that nice diverse Spanish speakng person that answered my 9/11 call – well – didn’t seem to understand me too well…they’re not here yet…”

That’s what it’s like.

The White GOP pundits are pre-grovelling to the Diverse.


Why have I even bothered?

Denise, Occidental Dissent 20 Comments [11/12/2012 4:39:03 AM]
Fundie Index: 17
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Mike Litoris

11/12/2012 4:47:53 AM


Why have I even bothered?

That's a very good question.

11/12/2012 5:26:07 AM

D Laurier

This is the third or fourth rcist to refere to smething called a "gibs me dat".
What the hell is a "gibs me dat"?

11/12/2012 5:29:20 AM

Leighton Buzzard

There, there. There'll a white man back in the White House in 4 years. He might even be a Republican. And then won't this wail of yours sound silly?

11/12/2012 5:50:44 AM


Wait, we've turned into a vacation spot with a rapidly growing economy?


11/12/2012 7:29:33 AM


I love them tears! Cry more! Tastes like Mountain Dew! Love it!

11/12/2012 8:00:32 AM

Doubting Thomas

Every-one I knew voted for Romney.

So guessing from your racist diatribe you don't associate with nonwhites and probably anyone who's not conservative and surround yourself with AM talk radio and Fox News who told you that a Romney victory was certain, so you're genuinely surprised that Obama won instead. Just like all conservatives I know.

Why have I even bothered?

Please cry more. Your tears sustain me.

11/12/2012 8:51:46 AM


Brazil? Really, we're Brazil now? Wow, is that...is that really the worst you've got? I mean, come on, surely you meant to be waxing prose about pure-as-snow Scandinavians being stained brown, or Great Britain's Great Identity being lost to the seas of immigrants?

Wow, a racist who not only acknowledges South America exists, but even implies there's ethnic mixing there other than Hispanics coming to the US! It's amazing! Denise is fresh, Denise is original, and Denise is still a lying arsehole!

11/12/2012 10:42:08 AM

"Whitey World"

Now starring Yul Brynner...

11/12/2012 11:42:33 AM

The Knight of Piñata

Of course you're not Brazil.

You don't have half the awesome it takes to be us.

11/12/2012 11:58:36 AM


Every-one I knew voted for Romney. They did.

Too bad the voices in your head don't get a vote.

11/12/2012 12:15:09 PM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

@D Laurier

They're simply writing "give me that" in the supposed dialect of black Americans in order to paint them as uneducated and greedy. White supremacists use the phrase to signify their belief that non-whites (or even poor whites) are actively looking for a handout.

11/12/2012 2:18:29 PM

We're now a tropical nation with beautiful beaches? COOL!

11/12/2012 6:25:24 PM


"‘Cause now we are Brazil."
Mh, your economy is growing, social canyons are closing, implementing actual social security, decresing crime rates, good at soccer, wonderful culture and what seems to be some of the greatest people in the world. You could do worse. Oh, and tits in children's TV.

11/13/2012 4:03:18 AM


"Oh, and tits in children's TV."

Do go on..

11/13/2012 9:18:11 AM

Petroleum Jerry

Where hearts were entertaining June
We stood beneath an amber moon
And softly murmured someday soon...

11/15/2012 12:13:52 AM


Who's this "Big Hebery" guy?

11/16/2012 6:07:20 AM

Seeker Lancer

Maybe because "Everyone you know" is an idiotic racist like yourself and Obama won the election because the majority of people, people who don't associate with you, are not.

11/16/2012 8:24:04 PM

Seeker Lancer

Maybe because "Everyone you know" is an idiotic racist like yourself and Obama won the election because the majority of people, people who don't associate with you, are not.

11/16/2012 8:25:16 PM





11/20/2012 9:51:56 PM

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