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I have an uncle in Wisconsin. He's slightly mentally handicapped and lives in subsidized housing because of his income level.

In tribute to my Grandma (who's been gone a number of years and of whom I still miss), I send my uncle a check every month. The check is only $30.00. I believe he uses it for living expenses that aren't covered by assistance. I rarely get an acknowledgement/thank you from him - unless of course, I'm late in mailing it out.

My uncle voted for Obama. Normally, I say "Live and let live" and let it go at that. But I am thinking about telling him that effective 1/01/13, that I'm cutting his monthly check from $30.00 to $15.00 because of the impending increase in taxes that I'll be paying as a result of Barack Obama's policies.

Given that my uncle is slightly mentally handicapped, I'm wavering about this. I don't wanna appear like a cad but at the same time, I don't wanna be taken for granted and want him to know that actions have consequences.

What would you do?

MplsSteve, Free Republic 69 Comments [11/12/2012 5:46:30 AM]
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Submitted By: WatermelonRat

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Wow thirty whole dollars? And you're surprised that the mentally handicapped gentleman isn't licking your boots for you?

11/12/2012 11:28:30 AM


Hmm, love or money, love or money, hmm... I guess I'll choose money. To hell with you, Unc.

11/12/2012 11:40:35 AM


I doubt that anyone's taxes will change much at all. The rich aren't worried, they know that their lil' buddies in congress will block any bill to raise taxes on the wealthy.

11/12/2012 11:49:13 AM


You know, your messiah preached about storing up treasure in heaven. I don't remember any passages about stiffing your family members because you disagreed on politics.

11/12/2012 12:08:10 PM


And yet, were the situation reversed, you know damn well he'd be bitching about how Obama's evil nasty old socialism were 'infecting' his uncle, making him withhold "my rightful money".

11/12/2012 12:37:21 PM


Cad? Did you actually use 'cad' in a sentence, douchebag?

11/12/2012 1:34:57 PM


This is disgusting...

11/12/2012 1:37:02 PM


too late, you are clearly a cad and worse. Greedy bastard.

11/12/2012 2:05:36 PM

I love this thing now of "oh Obama got re-elected, better fire people/raise prices/etc. and then blame it on him."

11/12/2012 3:07:15 PM


In tribute to my Grandma (who's been gone a number of years and of whom I still miss)

"Of whom I still miss"? Wow, there's some good English for you.

I hope you'll "still" be missing your Grandma for more than just a few years. My Grandma's been gone for much more than just a few years and I "still" miss her and will continue to.

Oh, excuse me, I "still" miss of her.

11/12/2012 3:21:29 PM


Your uncle is poor and handicapped, and you only give him $30 a month? You uncharitable basterd.

11/12/2012 3:29:05 PM


Why don't you just cut him off entirely? You said yourself you're not doing it for him, you doing it for your late grandma.

11/12/2012 4:16:41 PM

Filin De Blanc

I'm also confused as to how he knows that he'll be paying more under Obama considering that Romney refused to explain what his economic plan even was.

11/12/2012 4:19:48 PM



11/12/2012 4:22:17 PM


This and the quote above it are about the most spiteful and petty things I've ever read.

11/12/2012 4:40:42 PM


So, let's see, with the president in office, this supposed uncle can now be a bit more assured that social security, as well as other basic care, is stable. if the choices are 1) vote GOP and lose medicare and pay thousands more in taxes, or 2) Vote Democratic, pay less taxes and lose $15 a month from my inbred bitchy family member, I think it's pretty clear.

11/12/2012 5:10:32 PM


I'd stop being a complete asshole but if you insist on being one, send me your uncle's address. I'll make up the $15.

11/12/2012 6:15:40 PM

Seeker Lancer

I bet he wouldn't even be one of the people effected by the tax increases.

Also you're going to punish a MENTALLY HANDICAPPED person because of who they voted for? Real classy.

11/12/2012 9:05:13 PM

Psycho Tits

Steve doesn't understand Obama's financial plan - he seems to think the tax increase would affect him - so how could he expect his mentally disabled uncle to figure it out?

Frankly, I think Steve should keep that whole $30 himself, since he clearly needs it more than his uncle does.

11/12/2012 9:32:20 PM

Mike Litoris

11/12/2012 10:36:57 PM

Hugh G. Rection

11/12/2012 10:41:15 PM

Kevin Klawitter

Wow. At first I was surprised this douche could go any further in his quest to give Minnesotans a bad name.

Then I realized he has family in Wisconsin. Now it all makes sense, no offense to his Uncle.

11/12/2012 10:43:38 PM


I would stop sending him anything. Not having to be grateful to a piece of shit like you has to be worth $30 to your uncle.

And if it turned out that he had left a substancial fortune, but cut you out of his will because you are a worthless prick, I may even believe that there was a god. Probably not yours though.

11/12/2012 10:45:12 PM


Can't even... so angry...

What a fuckin' piece of work...

11/13/2012 1:04:44 AM


Does Obama have to drop by every single person's home and say "Hi my tax plan is to raise taxes on people making $250,000 a year. I notice you live in a trailer, have a tax break."

11/13/2012 2:27:33 AM

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